Sword Spirit Chapter 324: Riding the wind and showing strength



“Thank you, Junior Brother Lu, for the explanation. I just had a hard time accepting it for a while.” This Senior Brother He was slightly relieved.


Lu Xuan nodded and said no more, and the test, of course, would not stop because a disciple was out, and it was still going on in an orderly manner.


Unsurprisingly, the disciples surnamed He were not the only disciples who were eliminated. One after another began to be eliminated. Most of the potential values ​​were more than 20, less than 30.


It has been going on until the last wave, and the total number of disciples who have been eliminated has reached as many as four. Three of them, Lu Xuan, have met at the reception banquet, and the other is a friend of Sun Yingshuai. Catch the wind.


As the disciples were eliminated one by one, the originally elated potential test, the atmosphere gradually became a little sad. Most of these eliminated disciples stayed in Yunxiao Mountain for several years, and they had a lot of friendship with the disciples.


However, when the potential test came to the end, the spirits of the disciples finally cheered up, because Lu Xuan had never played, and in the last round, he naturally had to play. Last time, Lu Xuan was able to get more than 600 potential points. , this time, do not know how much can be achieved.


There were fewer than ten disciples in the final round, and there were only seven in total. Except for Lu Xuan, all of them were basically on the verge of elimination.


“I heard that Junior Brother Lu has successfully comprehended the artistic conception of the wind, and he has mastered the most difficult technique of riding the wind. This time it is even more powerful, and I am afraid that the potential value will be able to break through again.”


“I can’t say for sure. Junior Brother Lu’s realm is also mentioned in the middle tenth level of Body Refinement. The difficulty is also higher.”


Under the whispered discussions of the disciples, after Xia Chenxi and others encouraged each other, Lu Xuan stepped into the formation without hesitation. To a strong enemy, you don’t have to fight hard.


The formation was activated quickly, and the first martial artist who transformed into him had already appeared in front of Lu Xuan, after reaching the middle stage of the tenth level of Body Refinement. The enemies he needs to face are naturally stronger. The first martial artist to appear was the yellow-level middle-grade martial skill.


But of course this is not enough, Lu Xuan started his instant killing journey again.


First place, instant kill. Second place. Spike. The third place, spike…


The disciples appeared one after another, but they still couldn’t hold on to Lu Xuan’s hand. Even the disciples who had already expected this result couldn’t help but get a little excited. They wished they had this level of strength and killed them all the way, where they still needed to be careful of being eliminated.


Compared to Lu Xuan’s killing speed, the six disciples who played with him didn’t seem so easy. The first two warriors were fine.


But they also know that this is a critical moment. Once they do not perform well, they will face the danger of being eliminated, so they all insist on it. Even if they want to take risks, they have to do it. No one wants to be deprived of their core. The status of a disciple, whether it is for face or for the treatment enjoyed by core disciples.


But everyone’s strength has an end. As Lu Xuan continued to kill, disciples continued to end the test, and the results came out one after another.


In the last round, one disciple was eliminated again, and the other five were close. All of their potential points were more than 30 points. The next elimination is probably inevitable.


Everyone comforted the eliminated disciple, and their eyes turned to Lu Xuan again. The martial artist who appeared at this moment was already the tenth.


But from the previous experience, they knew that this was just an appetizer. Last time, Lu Xuan killed the 20th warrior.


As the strength of facing warriors continued to rise, Lu Xuan no longer pursued the speed of killing the enemy, but began to use the wind art. Except when he just realized the artistic conception of the wind, he used the wind art since the battle with Kong Wenbin. , This is the first time that Lu Xuan has used Chengfeng Art in actual combat.


The artistic conception is indeed a very wonderful thing. As soon as the Riding Wind Art was released, Lu Xuan immediately felt as if all the surroundings were under his control. As long as the wind moved, he could flash at will, and he couldn’t catch him at all. trace.


More importantly, the effect of the artistic conception of the wind is not only the function of the current Chengfeng Jue, and the Chengfeng Jue needs to understand the artistic conception of the wind in order to cultivate, but the artistic conception of the wind is not only for the service of the wind-riding art.


If Lu Xuan cultivates a wind-type martial art, the power of the martial art will definitely increase greatly. Even if it is not a pure wind-type martial art, it can greatly increase his strength.


Now his blinking swordsmanship, although only a yellow-level high-grade martial arts, is extremely fast in terms of speed, especially Lu Xuan’s fusion of swordsmanship into the wind greatly reduces resistance, and the speed is three points faster. It can be said that the limit of blinking swordsmanship has been broken.


The one with greater power enhancement is the Jingfeng Sword. Among the Jingyun swordsmanship, the Jingfeng Sword is the weakest move, but as he comprehends the artistic conception of the wind, its power is already comparable to that of a thunderbolt. A sword is even more powerful than Jinglei, second only to Jingyun.


In the formation, Lu Xuan’s figure is erratic, flickering left, right, front and back, and the hostile warrior is completely clueless. Lu Xuan’s current strength is definitely called the God of Refinement. Invincible, even the genius disciples of those large sects couldn’t compare to Lu Xuan during the training period.


Lu Xuan’s marvelous movement made all the disciples fascinated and inexplicably excited. It turns out that this wind-riding art is so powerful!


They have heard the name of Chengfeng Jue, they have read the description of Chengfeng Jue, and they know the difficulty of cultivating Chengfeng Jue, but they have never seen anyone use Chengfeng Jue in person.


Now Lu Xuan has undoubtedly opened their eyes to them. Compared with the description above, the real power is almost unabated.


“I didn’t expect that this style of riding the wind would be so powerful. This kind of movement technique is simply unimaginable. If I can learn this style of riding the wind, I don’t need to worry about being out of the game, even with this movement technique, I was also able to kill the seventh or eighth warriors to appear.” A disciple with a potential value of only over forty couldn’t help but sigh.


It is easy to kill the enemy. If a sword hits the key point, the enemy is dead, but it is extremely difficult to break through the enemy’s defense and avoid the enemy’s attack. It’s easy to dodge the enemy’s attack, and you can easily kill the enemy with one move.


“Haha, you’re thinking too much. If you can really understand the mood of the wind, you don’t need to rely on Riding the Wind to win. With your strength, you can reach a potential value of more than 100 points.” Another disciple laughed. .


“That’s true.” The previous disciple smiled embarrassedly. Those who can comprehend the artistic conception will not be inferior in talent. Like Lu Xuan, even if he does not have the art of riding the wind, he is equally strong. For him, the trick is just the icing on the cake.


Although the opponent is getting stronger and stronger, Lu Xuan is playing more and more easily when he is running the Riding Wind Art. He easily avoided the enemy’s attack, and shot his sword skill in the blink of an eye, without warning. The long sword is sent into the opponent’s body.


Eleventh, Twelfth, Thirteenth…


I kept fighting until the fourteenth warrior appeared, and Lu Xuan’s easy battle finally came to an end.


The fourteenth warrior is a warrior in the divine realm!


Last time, Lu Xuan reached the seventeenth level before he appeared as a martial artist in the God Refinement Realm, but this time his strength has jumped from the first tenth level of body refinement to the middle stage of the tenth level of body refinement. The strength of the martial artist is natural It was strengthened with it, and it was precisely because of this that the stronger the disciple who participated in the assessment, the lower the potential value that could be obtained.


The disciples who can enter the core of Fengjian Sect can be called the second genius. For them, they can easily leapfrog battles when the level is low, but due to their different talents, with the improvement of strength , There are fewer and fewer people who can fight beyond the ranks. When it reaches a certain level, it will disappear from everyone. At this time, it is called the potential exhaustion.


Those who can keep leapfrogging all the time are true geniuses, with endless potential!


Although I don’t know when Lu Xuan’s potential will be exhausted, at least for now, he definitely deserves the word “infinite potential”.


As soon as the god-refining warrior came out, the pressure was obviously greater than that of the body-refining warrior. Seeing that Lu Xuan used Chengfeng Art again, the warrior immediately mobilized his powerful Yuan force and instantly blocked the surroundings.


The powerful Heaven and Earth Yuan Forces swarmed in and quickly suppressed Lu Xuan. The Body Refinement Realm warriors could not resist the Riding Wind Art. , they can use a great amount of Yuan force, can directly oppress Lu Xuan, reduce the effect of the wind art.


Yes, it can only be lowered. A mere God-refining first-level martial artist wants to press Lu Xuan to the point of being unable to move. How is it possible that it can only affect Lu Xuan’s speed to a certain extent.


Feeling that the speed of Chengfeng Jue was affected, Lu Xuan snorted coldly, the mid-term peak sword intent burst out!


The powerful and sharp sword intent instantly shattered the pressure around him, and Lu Xuan’s oppressed body was once again freed, and the Riding Wind Art was working! The speed is not affected at all!


The sword of the martial artist on the opposite side suddenly swung over, and Lu Xuan, who melted into the wind, quietly flashed past.




The strong wind rolled back and went straight to the fourteenth warrior. The shocking sword, which combines the artistic conception of the wind and the sword, is more powerful than before, not only more powerful , It also added a three-point sharpness, and the wind blew up, as if a knife had been cut.


Following this wind, Lu Xuan’s speed increased to the limit, almost following the shocking sword, and the blink of an eye swordsmanship also shot.


With a flash of sword light, the blade of the Shattered Star Sword has been wiped from the neck of the warrior, and there is no bloodshot. What follows is that the warrior’s body dissipates. The fourteenth warrior has been killed. . (To be continued, please search Piao astronomy, the novel is better and faster!


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