Sword Spirit Chapter 297: Not good at understanding?



Hearing that Senior Brother Wen actually took over, Sun Yingshuai could not help but snorted coldly in his heart. He really didn’t know whether to live or die. He knew that Mo Shen could outperform him, Sun Yingshuai, but he dared to take the stage. Could it be that his surnamed Wen thought he could outperform him. Can’t do it?


Sun Yingshuai felt unhappy. Now he doesn’t like anyone, but when he saw that others were about to lose face, there was a flash of happiness in his heart. If he was the only one who was defeated by Mo Chenchen, it would be too ugly. More, naturally better.


“Senior Brother Wen please give me some advice.” Mo Dechen salutes with a gun, the two of them’s lucky heads have been placed in the disc beside them.


“Senior brother is humble, I’ll throw a brick at the door.” This brother Wen returned a salute, and the two of them distanced themselves and prepared to fight.


Mo depression is the eighth major achievement of body refining, and this senior brother Wen is only at the peak of the eighth level of body refining. The strength difference between the two is limited. The title of Mo depression is not for nothing. Above all, the use of spears is also extremely high.


After a battle, Mo Dechen didn’t even use his spear intent, so he defeated this senior brother Wen, which once again surprised all the core disciples. This time, the new disciples seemed to be quite powerful. Ah, one by one is a leapfrog victory.


After Senior Brother Wen’s defeat, a disciple in the ninth stage of body refining suddenly came to power. They had heard before that even Sun Yingshuai was defeated. If they wanted to win, their strength naturally couldn’t be lower than Sun Yingshuai.


The strength of this middle-stage disciple of the ninth-level body training who came to power was not much different from that of Sun Yingshuai. It actually caught him off guard, so don’t get depressed and win two games in a row!


This time, the faces of the core disciples suddenly changed. With the previous reminder, they even let a new disciple win two games in a row. This is really unreasonable. Mo Depression won three games in a row.


“I’ll come.” A disciple under the stage said. It was the previous disciple with the surname Yu. He wanted to discuss martial arts with the new junior brother, but he never had the opportunity to appear. Now don’t lose your streak twice. Even the disciples in the ninth stage of body refinement were defeated, and it was almost time for him to take action.


“My name is Yu Feng, Junior Brother Mo’s strength is really good, with the strength of the eighth level of body refining. He was able to beat the mid-stage of the ninth level of body refinement. However, I am the master of the ninth level of body refinement, junior brother should be careful.” Yu Fengyi When he came to power, he reported his own strength. But also bright.


“Senior Brother Yu, please enlighten me.” Mo Desan tightened the spear in his hand. He could feel that Yu Feng was a formidable enemy. After all, he only had the eighth level of body refinement, and he defeated the mid-level ninth level body refiner before. Disciple, has almost reached the limit, facing the wind, the hope of winning is slim.


However, Mo Depressed didn’t take victory or defeat too seriously. What he paid more attention to was the gains in martial arts. In every battle, he could get a little bit of improvement.


At the beginning of the battle, Mo Decheng fell into an absolute disadvantage. The strength of the two was a small gap, and Yu Feng’s foundation was also extremely solid.


Mo Dangshen suddenly let out a low roar, no longer hesitate, gun intent burst out!


“Finally here!” Yu Feng’s eyes lit up, the long sword in his hand trembled, and a sword intent suddenly appeared. He also understood the sword intent, but Mo Shen didn’t use the spear intent before, and he was not good either. Be the first to use Sword Intent.


As soon as the two of them showed their intentions, Mo Decheng lost even faster. Although his spear intention was stronger than Yu Feng’s, the gap in strength could not be filled. No matter how powerful his spear intention was, he couldn’t unbelievable.


“I lost, Senior Brother Yu is really good.” Mo Dechen put up his gun and stood up.


“Haha, Junior Brother Mo is not bad. I can feel that you still have the strength to use it. If you do your best, you may be able to compete with me.” Yu Feng also praised, this time The new disciples are indeed extraordinary.


Mo Deshen shook his head and said, “My move is a fighting move. I can’t control it, so naturally I can’t use it.”


What he said was that when he fought against Zhang Qing of Tiandaomen, he used that move, the flying dragon was in the sky, the spear was thrown out of his hand, and a mere battle of martial arts, if you lose, you will lose, naturally not It takes hard work, not to mention that he is very indifferent to the outcome.


As Mo Deshen stepped off the stage, everyone’s eyes turned to Lu Xuan, the only one who hadn’t shot yet, who was also the most powerful one.


“Lu Xuan, it’s your turn.” Lin Tian urged with a smile. He couldn’t wait to see Lu Xuan show his strength, which shocked the audience, especially Kong Wenbin, the core leader, this time. Wu, it was he who started it and rushed to Lu Xuan.


Lu Xuan smiled slightly without any hesitation. Under everyone’s attention, Shi Shiran stepped onto the Lunwu Platform.


“In Xia Lu Xuan, I have seen all the brothers, please enlighten me.” Lu Xuan rushed to the crowd and said with a fist.


Some of the disciples in the audience shook their heads and smiled bitterly. Lu Xuan was at the tenth level of body training, and most of the disciples present were not qualified to teach him.


“Senior Brother Yu, the two newly promoted junior brothers just showed their ability to leapfrog battles. If you want me to tell you, you also fought with this junior brother Lu last time.” Some disciples roared.


Hearing this, Yu Feng was stunned for a while. Lu Xuan is the strength of the tenth level of body refinement. Logically, it should be taken by the senior brother of the tenth level of body refinement. However, none of the disciples of the tenth level of body refinement were present. Movement, obviously do not want to take the lead, winning is fine, if lost, then the face will not look good, as the disciples of the tenth level of body training, they are also well-known figures in Yunxiao Mountain.


Then Yu Feng smiled, shook his head and said, “If that’s the case, then I’ll give it a try.”


After that, he boarded the martial arts platform again and said to Lu Xuan: “Junior Brother Lu’s strength is really extraordinary, I am afraid that he is the only one in history who has become a new disciple with the strength of the tenth level of body training. Realm, I also have to lose more than one step, naturally dare not say victory, so I ask Junior Brother Lu to enlighten me and explore Junior Brother Lu’s strength.”


“Senior brother Yu is serious. Being able to fight with many senior brothers is something that junior brother can’t ask for.” Lu Xuan smiled slightly, without the slightest arrogance.


Hmph, what kind of pretence is there? Maybe even Yu Feng can’t beat Yu Feng. He is just an empty frame with ten-level body training. Sun Yingshuai under the stage viciously speculates. He can’t wait to see Lu Xuan’s disastrous defeat. Impossible to mock.


“Junior brother please!”


“Senior brother please!”


After the two people’s greetings, the sword light flashed, and the broken star sword of the lower rank appeared in Lu Xuan’s hand. With Lu Xuan’s current strength, he can also do it with a single sword, just relying on the sword intent. To defeat this Yu Feng, you must know that the profound meaning of the sword intent in the mid-term is that everything in the world is a sword, and picking flowers and flying leaves can hurt people. However, this time, it is not the people of Tiandaomen who are fighting, but the same sect master. Brother, Lu Xuan naturally wants to save face for the other party.


“It turns out that Junior Brother Lu is also a swordsman, so I have to ask for advice.” Seeing the long sword in Lu Xuan’s hand, Yu Feng smiled and said with a smile, and then the Yuan force was running, and the long sword stabbed straight at it. Lu Xuan.


Under the stage, Xia Chenxi and Lin Tian stood together, watching Lu Xuan who was about to fight.


“What is Lu Xuan’s strength? It should be possible to defeat Senior Brother Yu, right?” Xia Chenxi couldn’t help but turn her head and asked, she was also concerned and confused, Yu Feng’s level was lower than Lu Xuan’s, how could he possibly win .


Hearing this, Lin Tian smiled and said, “Senior Sister Xia, don’t worry, Lu Xuan’s strength is much stronger than ours. With so many people present, none of them will be Lu Xuan’s opponent, just wait and see. He’s a blockbuster.”


“Oh? Is that so?” Xia Chenxi was a little surprised. Lu Xuan was only a minor body refiner. Among the disciples present, there were many middle-level and high-level body refiners. Could Lu Xuan be able to do it? win?


“That’s natural.” Lin Tian was also a little proud, not to mention that he had a very good personal relationship with Lu Xuan, just because he was a new disciple, Lu Xuan won, and his face was bright.


“Then I’ll wait and see.” Xia Chenxi chuckled and looked at the battle on stage. She believed 70% of Lin Tian’s words in her heart. However, if Lu Xuan could defeat everyone present, she would I still don’t believe it very much. You must know that Kong Wenbin is also present. He is in the realm of refining spirits. Could it be that Lu Xuan can still beat him?


When the two of them were talking, the battle had already started, and Yu Feng was sharp, and the sword winds kept flashing past Lu Xuan, but they were unable to attack Lu Xuan.


“Junior Brother Lu, you can’t just make concessions.” Yu Feng hurriedly said, Lu Xuan didn’t strike a single sword, which made him feel a little unhappy, but Lu Xuan’s movement still made him quite admire.


“I’ll be here soon, brother be careful!” Lu Xuan said, and then waved his long sword in his hand. All of a sudden, everyone looked at Lu Xuan’s moves, wanting to see what kind of martial arts Lu Xuan was using.


“This is… Lightning Sword?”


“It seems that, if I remember correctly, Thunder Light Swordsmanship seems to be a low-grade Huang-level martial arts? How could this junior brother Lu produce a set of low-level yellow-level martial arts?”


After seeing the martial skill Lu Xuan used, all the disciples were stunned. Even if Lu Xuan used a high-grade yellow-level martial skill, they would not be surprised, but it was a low-grade yellow-rank martial skill.


“Could it be… Junior Brother Lu’s cultivation talent is good, but his understanding is only average. He only learned this lightning sword technique?” a disciple couldn’t help but guess.


Several people nodded in succession at a time. This is probably the only explanation. Otherwise, how could there be only one set of low-level yellow-level martial arts?


This is no wonder they misunderstood. Generally, when discussing martial arts, new disciples are eager to take out everything. How can they suppress their strength like Lu Xuan.


“Haha, I knew he must be a straw bag, an embroidered pillow, and the courage to take out a low-level Huang-level martial arts skill. It’s a shame!” Sun Yingshuai, who was beside him, laughed wildly in his heart, and was very proud of his words. , For the core disciples, high-grade Huang-level martial arts are not uncommon. This kind of swordsmanship of low-grade yellow-level is really too low. (To be continued, please search Piao astronomy, the novel is better and faster!


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