Super Brain Telekinesis Chapter 360: New universe [finale, complete book]



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When the original giant star was taken into the interior of the spacecraft, the human beings and creatures living on the entire planet had generally no impact.

But we experienced a brief global darkness. This kind of darkness was not like the usual night, but a real darkness.

Fortunately, this silent darkness did not last long, and the entire planet saw light again, but this light was much smaller than before.

After taking care of the original giant star, Wu Hao did not delay and returned directly to the solar system. In the same way, he also absorbed the earth, the human base, into the void inside the spacecraft.

With no worries, Wu Hao planned to rely on the ability of the inheritance spacecraft to clear out all the insect nests that had descended on this space.

As the inheritance seed of the Yanshen Clan’s continuation of racial civilization, this heritage spaceship is naturally very powerful.

However, the heritage spaceship is only powerful in terms of defense and flight speed. It is not a battleship and its weapon system is not strong.

If the heritage spacecraft had a powerful weapon system, Wu Hao would not have to go to such trouble to move humans into the space inside the spacecraft, and just kill the insect nest with one shot.

When Wu Hao came to this void again, in addition to the group of bugs that were as big as a planet, there was also a mother nest hundreds of kilometers in size. This mother nest was oval in shape and was guarded and protected by countless bugs. .

Seeing this, Wu Hao first used the weapons of the spacecraft to conduct a tentative attack on the group of insects, and then successfully angered the group of insects without any exception.

However, although the spaceship’s weapons were not weak in power, they only killed a very small number of insects. This number was not worth mentioning for such a huge insect swarm.

After chasing for a while, these insects found that they could not catch up with Wu Hao, but were killed by Wu Hao.

Then, these bugs must have been ordered by the mother nest to stop chasing Wu Hao.

After stopping the pursuit, these insect nests headed to the nearest living planet under the leadership of the mother nest.

Seeing this situation, Wu Hao also knew that these bugs knew that they could not catch up with him and did not intend to pay attention to him. Instead, they went to devour all kinds of life on other living planets.

“It seems that there is nothing we can do for the time being. With the strength of this group of insect hives, it won’t take long to swallow up all life in the entire galaxy.” After understanding this, Wu Hao gave up continuing to harass The idea of ​​this hive.

Because with his current strength, he can only play a little role in harassing this insect nest. If he wants to solve it, he must advance to a higher level.

In this case, Wu Hao did not continue to stay in this starry sky, and controlled the Heritage spacecraft to escape into space and head towards galaxies outside the Milky Way.

Although the strength of this insect nest is not weak, their speed is definitely not comparable to that of the Heritage spacecraft.

Although these bugs can break through cosmic barriers and travel through space, this is not without cost. On the contrary, the cost is very high. Therefore, these bugs cannot create wormholes at will to travel through space quickly.

With the encroaching speed of this insect hive, it would take at least ten or twenty years to devour all life on the living planets in the entire galaxy.

As long as Wu Hao can improve his strength as soon as possible, he will be able to deal with the threat of these insects earlier.

In this way, Wu Hao left the area where the Milky Way is located after probably more than a month of flight.

Although this cosmic space is only a low-level cosmic space according to the classification of the Yanshen Clan, it is definitely impossible for Wu Hao to explore it all.

There are countless galaxies like the Milky Way in this universe. Wu Hao spent a lot of time exploring the entire Milky Way before this. The entire universe is still full of countless mysteries and unknowns for Wu Hao.

Time flies. When Wu Hao controlled the Heritage spacecraft and explored more than a dozen galaxies around the Milky Way for nearly ten years, he finally achieved a breakthrough in strength.

After his breakthrough in strength, Wu Hao naturally did not forget the group of bugs that might still be raging everywhere in the galaxy at this moment. With a thought, he controlled the Heritage spacecraft to return to the galaxy.

After some searching, Wu Hao did not spend much time finding the area where the insects were located.

Seeing this group of insects again, the entire insect nest has changed a lot compared to the original. First of all, the scale of the insect swarm is larger, and the insect nest itself is tightly wrapped by a thick layer of black objects. , and there are a huge number of insects protecting it all around.

“It seems that the strength of this insect nest has grown a lot over the years!” Despite this, Wu Hao is still very confident in dealing with this insect nest.

Because he knows that these bugs are very slow to increase their strength. The only enhancement to this bug nest now is that the number of bugs has doubled, and the nest has a strong defense.

Although the number of these bugs has doubled, the strength of the bugs themselves has not improved. When the power level exceeds too many, the advantage of quantity will naturally not be so obvious.

This is the current relationship between Wu Hao and this insect nest.

At this moment, Wu Hao was seen leaving the spaceship and was completely wrapped in a pair of golden armor. A silver giant sword also passed by his feet, and then the giant sword instantly transformed into tens of thousands of silver lights. Shooting towards countless insect swarms in the distance.

The two weapons Wu Hao is using now are two force weapons he obtained from the inheritance spaceship. These two weapons are naturally much more powerful than the ones he used before.

It is no exaggeration to say that Wu Hao can completely destroy a planet with one full blow now.

As a result, the next battle was a one-sided massacre. These huge numbers of insects were chopped down one after another by the silver light in the sky. In less than a quarter of an hour, there were only less than a quarter of the entire insect swarm left. one third of the quantity.

At this time, the mother nest protected in the center seemed to know that it could not deal with Wu Hao, so it had the idea of ​​​​escape. While letting the remaining bugs continue to attack, it planned to open a space shuttle at a huge cost. Escape through the wormhole in space.

“It’s not that easy to escape.” Wu Hao saw this and immediately increased his attack power. In less than two minutes, he cleared all the obstacles and arrived in front of the nest.

At this time, the wormhole created by the Brood has been completed. Seeing that the Brood has stepped into the wormhole and is about to disappear, Wu Hao didn’t have time to think too much and instantly summoned the Heritage spacecraft in the distance through his mind. , then quickly entered the spacecraft and flew into the wormhole.

The reason why Wu Hao dared to follow the mother nest into the wormhole was because he owned the Heritage spacecraft.

The Heritage spacecraft itself has the ability to travel through the universe, but to activate it independently, a special energy crystal is required.

The possibility of this kind of energy crystal existing in lower space is very low, so although Wu Hao has the ability, he does not have the energy crystal to start the spacecraft.

After exiting the wormhole, Wu Hao, who was piloting the Heritage spacecraft, arrived at a strange starry sky one after another with the hastily escaping brood.

“Look where you are escaping now!” With a thought in his mind, Wu Hao directly used his most powerful attack method, instantly killing the brood that had lost protection and suffered heavy damage.

At this time, Wu Hao began to observe the void where he was.

“This universe should also be an inferior universe. Although I have now come to a brand new universe, fortunately, my relatives and all humans on earth are inside the spacecraft. The original universe There’s nothing worth remembering.”

After understanding the general situation of the area he was currently in, Wu Hao felt relieved.

Because, he is really a little afraid of the wormhole that was opened in a hurry to escape from the brood. If something unexpected happens, it will lead to a certain advanced universe. If that happens, with his current strength, it will be very dangerous in such an advanced universe. of.

In fact, Wu Hao Channel information understands that although these brood nests come from higher cosmic spaces, they must achieve corresponding strength if they want to return.

Otherwise can only try their luck when opening the wormhole. Only with good luck will it be possible to return to their original higher universe space.

However, this possibility is very low, because these guys rely on devouring all kinds of life to grow.

This nature dictates that they cannot all stay in their original cosmic space. They are destined to invade various cosmic planes.

At that time, if Wu Hao had not decisively entered the wormhole and continued the pursuit, I am afraid that this cosmic space would also become a new living environment for this mother nest.

Wu Hao now enters the wormhole and comes to this universe, which can be regarded as solving a crisis in this universe.

The next time, Wu Hao only stayed in this void for a while, then started a new journey on the Heritage spacecraft… [End of the book]

[Okay, this is the end of this book! Work hard to finish the new book and write it completely! 】

(To be continued~^~)


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