Super Brain Telekinesis Chapter 359: An irresistible crisis



After half a year of interstellar flight, Wu Hao returned to the prehistoric giant star and began to use various resources obtained to practice. It took Wu Hao another two years. During this time, he also successfully used the various training resources obtained this time to upgrade his strength to the level of the Force Martial King.

At this level, Wu Hao’s force is activated and he can destroy the civilization existing on a planet in an instant.

Although it will not directly explode the entire planet, the entire planet will instantly turn into a doomsday with landslides, magma eruptions, and all life will be destroyed.

With this level of power, Wu Hao can now be regarded as a god-like existence to some extent.

Because, not only is his power level extremely powerful, but his life level has also exceeded human limits many times.

His current lifespan has reached ten thousand years. Of course, he is still far from true immortality.

After using up his training resources, Wu Hao also planned to continue on the journey of exploration. However, when Wu Hao was about 10,000 light years away from the prehistoric giant, he discovered something in the starry sky that made him feel disgusted. .

This is a huge black hole. If the light was just a black hole, there would be nothing surprising, but at this moment, a huge number of creatures are pouring into this black hole.

After these creatures emerged from the black hole, they did not run around, but circled the starry sky near the black hole, as if waiting for something.

“Insects? And it’s still a Level 3 insect nest!” Wu Hao passed the spacecraft’s detector and looked at the swarm of insects that occupied one side of the starry sky from a distance and was composed of countless powerful insects of various shapes. He couldn’t help but wonder I also feel some scalp numbness.

The situation of these creatures is also recorded in the inheritance materials of the Yanshen Clan. It is known that this kind of bug is a kind of life that also lives in a higher universe.

Furthermore, these guys are extremely aggressive. It can be said that the meaning of their existence is to devour various resource planets and civilizations, and then continue to strengthen themselves.

The insect swarm Wu Hao saw now was a level 3 insect swarm.

What the insect swarms surrounding the starry sky near the black hole are waiting for is definitely the mother nest of this group of insects. It is also the most powerful life form in the entire insect swarm, controlling and producing countless insects.

“This is going to be troublesome. With my current strength, I cannot deal with the level 3 insect swarm directly. Moreover, the brood is about to come out of the wormhole. Once it gathers the entire insect swarm, it will It will begin to devour the surrounding resource planets and civilizations.”

Wu Hao looked at the scene in the distance and couldn’t help but feel a little anxious, because with his current strength, if he directly faced this group of insects that together were larger than the earth, his fate would definitely be countless. The insects surrounded and devoured him.

After all, there are too many of these bugs, and they are all very strong individually.

Almost every insect is a powerful monster, and the number is so huge that even killing it for Wu Hao is a laborious task.

Let alone face these insects directly.

And the black hole surrounded by these bugs is actually not a real black hole.

It is the space-time channel opened by these bugs from a certain alien universe. There is no doubt that these guys can strengthen themselves by devouring invasions.

In addition to their strength and quantity, they also have the ability to open cosmic wormholes that travel through space.

According to the power levels of the Yanshen Clan, the strength of level 3 insect nests is equivalent to the strength of the Force Martial God. And due to the huge number of insects, it must be destroyed by multiple Force Martial Gods or someone. Only a super powerful force **** can deal with it.

Wu Hao’s current strength has only just become the Force Martial King, and he is still far away from becoming the Force Martial God.

Therefore, this insect nest is naturally not something he can deal with at this stage.

“Without further delay, since these bugs cannot be resisted, the only way now is to move all humans on the earth and the prehistoric giant to a safe place.” Thinking of this, Wu Hao kept thinking about what to do as he returned. Migrate all humans.

Because if they do not migrate, then after the swarms of insects gather, the prehistoric giant stars and the earth, which are tens of thousands of light years away from the starry sky, will be visited by these swarms in up to three years.

In fact, after understanding the civilization of this starry sky, the mother nests of these insects may not wait for several years to go to the area where the earth is.

Instead, a method of seed dissemination is directly used to spread the seeds of the destruction of earth civilization to the earth through some means.

Then all living things on the earth will become parasites of these seeds, slowly evolving until all living things on the entire planet are extinct.

Now that he knows the dire consequences and Wu Hao has no way to completely deal with this insect nest, there can be no delay in relocating humans.

So while Wu Hao was returning to the prehistoric giant, he issued an emergency order to ask the humans who were existing in the starry sky near the earth and the prehistoric giant to abandon their current missions and return to their respective planets immediately.

The new humans on the two planets and the billions of people living on the earth were stunned by Wu Hao’s orders and news.

In fact, Wu Hao now has a way to quickly relocate all humans, which is to directly absorb the prehistoric giant star and the earth into the space inside the spacecraft through the inheritance of the huge space inside the spacecraft.

After all, the space inside the spacecraft is the size of a star system, and there are living planets inside the spacecraft itself. Ingesting two more living planets will have some impact on the spacecraft itself.

But it also consumes part of the energy to create artificial stars.

“Okay, you guys stay in the spaceship. I’m going to go out and put the entire planet into the spaceship.” An hour later, after Wu Hao arranged all the things for the prehistoric superstar, he arranged for his relatives to enter first. Then he controlled the spacecraft to fly to the outer space of the prehistoric giant star, preparing to absorb the entire planet.

And humans on Earth, those on Mars and the have also begun to return to Earth one after another.

Because they know that there is no need for Wu Hao to lie to them. Since Wu Hao now says that a huge crisis is coming and he cannot stop it, he can only find a way to relocate the entire human population on the earth. So what they have to do now is follow Wu Hao’s instructions. Act as ordered.

On the other side, after Wu Hao controlled the inheritance spacecraft to fly away from the outer space of the prehistoric giant, he immediately launched the inheritance base spacecraft.

I saw that the heritage spacecraft, which was originally in the form of a flying saucer, quickly turned into a metal ball, and then projected a huge beam of light at the prehistoric superstar in the distance, covering the entire star.

Then the entire planet began to slowly shrink. This process lasted for half an hour. The originally huge primitive giant star turned into a star as big as a football, and was then sucked in directly along the beam. inside the spacecraft.

In the void inside the spacecraft, a huge planet immediately appeared. This planet was the original giant star that had just been taken into the spacecraft.


(To be continued~^~)


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