Super Brain Telekinesis Chapter 358: Heritage spaceship



Just like that, after about a few minutes of hesitation, Wu Hao felt hard and felt that he should put some pressure on himself. Then he decided to choose this most awesome technique without thinking too much.

Although this technique has harsh training conditions, it is undoubtedly the strongest. According to the above description, as long as Wu Hao practices from the first level to the later stage, his strength will be stable at the middle level of the Force Warrior.

The strength of the intermediate level is about 5 times higher than that of the primary level. As for the high level, it is dozens of times stronger than the primary level.

If you break through to the stage of Force Martial King, your strength will undergo a qualitative change.

Even ten high-level Force Warriors will be tortured against a junior Force Martial King.

In the following time, after Wu Hao received the powerful inheritance from the Yanshen Clan, he only stayed on earth for one day before returning to the prehistoric superstar.

Because he has no nostalgia for the earth now. Whether it is resources or other things, the solar system where the earth is located is far inferior to the galaxy where the prehistoric giants were.

What’s more, Wu Hao also plans to leave some resources for the future development of mankind on earth, so he has no intention of touching some resources in the solar system.

The outside world is so big, why should he focus on this small solar system.

Now his family, relatives and friends, except for some who are unwilling, have basically gone to Prehistoric Superstar.

After returning to the prehistoric superstar, Wu Hao compiled some exercises for his family and a few beauties to practice. If he wanted to become a force practitioner, the first thing he had to do was to test where his own potential belonged. a type.

After all, the number of mental control Force cultivators like Wu Hao is very rare, and most of them are Force warrior cultivators.

After passing the test, his sister, several beauties, and some of his family members, without exception, all had the talent to practice in the Force Warrior category.

There was not a single spiritual cultivator of the Force, and a few days later, after he tested all the millions of people on the planet, he also found no one with the talent to cultivate the spiritual system.

Then he released a basic training method for Force Warriors, which became a training method that everyone on the planet can master.

This kind of basic technique can only allow people to barely get started. As long as someone can get started, they are qualified to obtain more advanced techniques.

If you don’t get started, there is nothing you can do.

Because having the talent to practice the Force and being able to become a true Force warrior are completely different things.

It can only be said that everyone is qualified, but without hard work, talent alone will have no effect, right?

Now Wu Hao only plans to pass on the cultivation methods to millions of people in the prehistoric superstars. As for the human beings on the earth, it depends on the future situation.

He will only consider it if the level of human integration on earth improves, otherwise he will leave it alone for the time being.

Because, the growth of a civilization takes time to grow, and it is not a good way to encourage growth.

Time flies, and two years have passed in the blink of an eye. In the past two years, Wu Hao has been practicing at Prehistoric Superstar. After nearly two years of practice, he has finally managed to get started with the Yanshen Art and has begun to practice. Second floor.

And he was able to successfully break through the first layer of barriers mainly because he obtained a large number of purple crystals on this primitive planet.

After absorbing a large amount of information from the Yanshen Clan, he knew that this purple crystal was an energy crystal formed by heaven and earth.

It is a kind of energy crystal that can speed up cultivation. It is precisely because of these crystals that his strength can grow so fast.

However, when he started to practice at the second level, these crystal stones had little effect on him.

Obviously, when practicing at the second level, the energy required is even greater.

In this case, Wu Hao also lost his intention to stay on this planet.

Therefore, after making all arrangements, Wu Hao took the inheritance base spaceship alone and left the prehistoric superstar.

When he left this time, he was completely alone. He didn’t even take Zhi Nao Ling with him.

Because Wu Hao now has more advanced abilities than Zhi Nao Zero, and he has already integrated the inheritance base spaceship with his mind, and the super technology possessed by this inheritance base spaceship.

Even though Wu Hao has obtained various technological information from the Yanshen Clan, it is still impossible for him to build a spaceship that can compete with this inheritance base.

And this inheritance base is not a fixed shape. The spherical shape is just a form when it is used as a base.

In addition to this form, there is also a second flight form, which is a spaceship that can transform into a flying saucer.

Furthermore, the defensive power of this heritage base spacecraft is also extremely strong. Even if it directly collides with a huge star, it will be safe and sound, and the star that is hit will explode directly.

Since the flying state of this inheritance base is so amazing in terms of speed and defense, what reason does Wu Hao have to develop a separate spaceship?

So, Wu Hao took the Yanshen Clan’s spaceship and began to explore the stars farther into the Milky Way.

After half a year of exploration, Wu Hao has almost completed exploring the entire galaxy. During this period, he also found a lot of cultivation resources on many living planets. Some of these planets have alien life, and some do not.

By exploring the entire Milky Way galaxy, Wu Hao has also learned about the civilization of the entire Milky Way galaxy. There are several civilizations that conduct interstellar flight in the entire Milky Way galaxy. It’s just that most of these civilizations can only operate in the starry sky thousands of light-years away from their home star, and their technological capabilities are far inferior to what Wu Hao currently has.

The life forms of these alien civilizations are very different from humans. Just like those in Hollywood science fiction movies, they are grotesque and have no sense of beauty to humans.

So far, Wu Hao has not discovered any alien civilization similar to humans. Maybe it exists in galaxies outside the Milky Way, or there may be something similar to humans in a certain area of ​​the Milky Way that Wu Hao has not yet discovered. It is also not expanded. Interstellar travel civilizations exist.

Although Wu Hao explored the entire galaxy, he did not go to every area, but only explored a general area.

His exploration direction is also very simple, that is, through the detector of the inheritance spacecraft, he specifically explores those galaxies that may have resources that are helpful to his cultivation. Some galaxies and planets without cultivation resources have been ignored by himself. .




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