Super Brain Telekinesis Chapter 357: Crack the inheritance base




[Apologies: It is with some regret that I tell my friends who are still following this book that the book will be finished soon. At first, due to discontinued updates and insufficient settings, it completely collapsed and became useless. There was no point in continuing to write. However, in order to make up for the regret, the author plans to write another book about telekinesis, so that the new book will not be interrupted or collapse. It is time to take it seriously. 】

Because many of the meeting members of the Federal Government are senior executives of Wu Hao’s companies, that is to say, the personnel of Wu Hao’s companies are the most important element in promoting the establishment of the Federal Government.

And, in the first year after the establishment of the federal government, the biggest thing it did was to exempt many small countries from national qualifications. Currently, there are only 20 formal national organizations in the world.

Those small countries that were originally backward were either merged and attached to some big countries. If they were not willing, they were completely abandoned by the international community.

That is to say, they do not recognize the qualifications of their countries, and there are quite a few such countries. There are more than a dozen small countries that are unwilling to merge and join. The policy for these countries is also very simple, that is, to cut off from them. All international trade.

And through various other methods, propaganda is carried out in these countries to make those citizens voluntarily leave the country.

Then use force to warn the governments of these countries not to block the free choices of their citizens.

In fact, the main reason why these countries are stubborn is that all of them are controlled by one person, such as North Korea.

As for Wu Hao, he did not pay attention to these things happening on the earth. His attention is no longer on this small planet.

For the earth and all mankind, Wu Hao is now the **** of the earth.

Even with just one thought, his spiritual perception covers the entire earth, and he can destroy all humans on the earth through mental oppression.

And the powerful power of his Force is even more so. With hundreds of millions of tons of power, a city and a region can be completely destroyed in just one move.

However, Wu Hao will definitely not have nothing to do when he is full, and will destroy the earth when he is free.

Because the earth is his home planet no matter what, otherwise he would not directly destroy nuclear weapons, which are a huge threat to the earth.

Coming to the underground of Poyang Lake again, when Wu Hao arrived at the location of the inheritance base this time, he just explored it through mental perception and found a way to crack the inheritance base.

Then, he directly opened a door in the base without using any brute force.

The main reason why he was able to discover the method to crack the inheritance base so quickly was because he integrated the intelligent life of the original main control program of the base.

With this relationship, combined with his current strength, he was able to find a way to enter this inheritance base so easily, and then Wu Hao occupied this inheritance base.

Now his thoughts have completely entered the internal core of the inheritance base, and after this integration, Wu Hao immediately understood all the situations inside the entire inheritance base.

It turns out that this inheritance base that looks like a metal ball is itself a spaceship with advanced technology.

And inside it, it is also divided into many different spaces, which are compressed into the base through dimensional space technology.

The total size of all spaces is really comparable to the entire solar system.

On the outside, it is just such a small inheritance base, but inside it has such a huge space as the solar system. Just thinking about it is incredible.

But this is the fact, and Wu Hao now understands what kind of powerful race the Yanshen Clan is.

The area they are in is not in the universe where Wu Hao is, but from a universe that is more advanced than the universe where Wu Hao is, and this race is the most powerful super civilization in that universe.

Not only did their civilization possess advanced technology, but their individual strength was also extremely powerful, no different from the legendary gods.

After cultivating to the highest level, not only will one’s life be immortal, one can also destroy a star system with a single blow.

However, even powerful civilizations will one day decline, and the Yan Shen clan and the higher universe where their race is located encountered a powerful attack from another universe thousands of years ago.

In order to prevent the civilization of our own race from leaving any spark of hope, inheritance bases like this have been exiled to countless large and small universes and spaces.

The difficulties encountered in trying to pass through the barrier between universes are not ordinary. Therefore, in the end, how many of these inheritance bases, which number more than hundreds, can pass through the barrier safely and cannot go there. statistics.

As for whether the current super civilization of the Yanshen Clan and its universe and space have defeated that powerful enemy from another universe, it is impossible to know.

Because the current Wu Hao is still far behind the kind of strong man who can destroy a galaxy at any time. This is not a problem that he can consider and explore at the moment.

However, in addition to this information, this inheritance base also carries almost all the scientific and technological information of the entire Yanshen Clan and their cultivation method called the Force.

“This Yanshen clan is really powerful and actually comes from another high-level universe. Doesn’t that mean that the universe where the earth is located is just a low-level universe?”

“And the low-level universe is so vast, how big should the high-level universe be?”

This is indeed an immeasurable big problem. However, after Wu Hao sighed a little, he stopped thinking about it and quickly selected a cultivation method that suited him from the massive cultivation methods of the Yanshen Clan. .

This force cultivation technique is called “Yanshen Jue”. It is said to be one of the most powerful cultivation techniques of the Yanshen Clan. It is a kind of force that mainly controls the force and contains some auxiliary types. There is always a set of exercises required.

Since Wu Hao is now equivalent to a super intelligent being, with his computing power and memory, he can memorize these exercises in less than a moment.

In addition to information related to the inheritance of skills and technology, the inheritance base also has a dedicated space where a large number of treasures are stored.

However, this space for storing treasures must have corresponding strength to open it.

Even now that Wu Hao has completely mastered the operation of the inheritance base, he cannot forcefully break through this space.

According to the strength levels of the Yanshen Clan, from low to high, each is divided into 6 levels.

These levels are: Force Warrior, Force Warrior, Force Martial King, Force Martial God, Force Martial Saint, and Force Martial Lord. And now, according to the above-mentioned level, Wu Hao’s strength has just reached the stage of Force Warrior.

As for the gods, saints, and deities in the back, they are still thousands of miles away from Wu Hao!

“This Yanshen is by no means the most powerful skill of the Yanshen clan. However, although it is powerful, it is also the most difficult to practice. It not only requires good talent, but also requires a large amount of heavenly materials and earthly treasures. Break through the barriers at each stage, otherwise you will not be able to enter the next realm simply by relying on cultivation.”

After reading all the training methods of Yan Shen Jue, Wu Hao couldn’t help but hesitate a little, wondering if his choice was correct.

Because, if he had not found these heavenly materials and earthly treasures in the records, wouldn’t he be unable to make further progress in his life?

Moreover, once you practice this technique, you cannot practice other similar techniques, otherwise you will be in danger of exploding your body and dying.


(To be continued.)


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