Super Brain Telekinesis Chapter 356: Surge in strength



Although in prehistoric giants, it is possible to connect to the earth’s network, this is a right that can only be used by insiders, and they are not able to convey information about this planet to the earth.

Because Wu Hao does not intend to interfere too much in the development of earth’s civilization.

The level gap between the technology he masters and the current technological civilization of the earth is too big, and there are a large number of clones under his control. In addition, the human race on earth has not yet fully reached a unified consciousness.

In order to prevent the future development of human civilization on earth from turning into a deformed civilization, he naturally will not interfere too much.

Getting some immigrants from the earth will not have a big impact on the human race on the earth. There are more than 7 billion human beings in total. Even if there are 100 million fewer people, it is not a big deal.

The immigrants Wu Hao selected were all Chinese, and he did not select people from other countries, at least that was his plan in the short term.

After handling the first batch of immigrants, Wu Hao took the Explorer again and returned to the prehistoric giant with another new spacecraft full of immigrants.

Because Wu Hao currently has nothing to do on Earth. The only inheritance base that he covets is one he cannot break now. Going to the Prehistoric Superstar can help him quickly practice and improve his strength.

Only after improving your strength can you return to Earth to crack this inheritance base.

This time, his sisters did not continue to be with him. They were a little tired of being with Prehistoric Superstar for a year, so they wanted to play on earth for a while longer.

Wu Hao has no objection to this. Anyway, with the speed of the spaceship, it can reach the earth in 10 days. When they want to go, they can just send the spaceship to pick them up.

Not only them, Wu Hao also told his family and some people close to him, such as Hong Lei and others, about his discovery of alien planets, and promised them that they could call their family members if they wanted. Get together.

However, several people did not make up their minds.

Because they have already established their own families on earth, and their status and status have also increased along with Wu Hao, and they have both wealth and status. Let them give up these things all at once and go to a planet with not many people. They were still a little hesitant.

In this regard, Wu Hao didn’t say much, but just told them to think about it. Anyway, the immigration could not be done in one or two times. Just the first batch of 200,000 immigrants would require several round trips by airship.

And this is only the first city Wu Hao built on the prehistoric planet. He will build several more cities later, which will also require a large population.

After returning to the prehistoric superstar, Wu Hao’s life has become monotonous. He is either absorbing crystals to practice, or continuing to search for new crystal mineral veins across the planet.

As his strength continued to improve, the crystal veins that were originally buried deep underground and were difficult to find due to the influence of special magnetic fields were discovered and excavated by Wu Hao.

Thus, although his crystals are consumed quickly, there are more purple crystals on this planet. According to Wu Hao’s estimation, it will take at least several years for him to absorb all the crystals on this planet. time.

So he has already planned for the next few years, which is to practice to improve his strength, and then crack the inheritance base.

Only by obtaining the more powerful technological inheritance of the Yanshen Clan can he start a new journey.

In this way, in the next five years, Wu Hao stayed in the Prehistoric Superstar, and his strength also increased from millions of tons of power to hundreds of millions of tons today.

The range of mental perception is also terrifyingly large, almost covering the entire prehistoric superstar.

As for the earth, Wu Hao can now see everything on the earth with just one thought.

In Wu Hao’s fourth year of cultivation, his parents and family all came to this brand new planet. This was the ideological work his sister did for his parents. It was said that living on this planet was better than living on the earth. more comfortable.

Now the number of immigrants from prehistoric superstars has increased from 200,000 in the early days to 5 million.

These five million people were arranged to live in two super cities. After several years of development, although Wu Hao has not announced the establishment of any country, he has established the desired official organization in the name of the company.

Now the two super cities are basically on the right track. In the third year, Wu Hao opened the conditions for residents to leave the city. In the next two years, many residents formed teams to go to the wild to hunt and capture various species. Planting organisms and then selling them in the city can be regarded as a kind of business.

He did not interfere too much in the life and development of the entire city’s residents. He just built the city’s corresponding infrastructure and left all the rest to the immigrants themselves.

Because in the short term, these people can’t help Wu Hao at all, and they can’t participate in various high-tech research.

This requires a long period of study to cultivate a group of real high-tech personnel. Currently, several of Wu Hao’s scientific research bases are full of clones and robots, and there are no normal humans at all.

“It shouldn’t be a problem for me to use my power to crack the inheritance base now, right?” After completing five years of training, Wu Hao once again came up with the idea of ​​building an earth inheritance base.

Although the technology he has mastered now is very powerful, in the past few years, under the arrangement of Zhi Nao Zero, he has not only expanded several bases of the prehistoric giant, but also built many bases in nearby space. A sub-base dedicated to resource extraction.

And a brand new spacecraft planned to be built a few years ago has also been built. This spacecraft is 2.5 kilometers long, 1 kilometer wide, and 500 meters high.

It is the largest and most advanced new spaceship.

Due to its more advanced space jumping technology, it only takes about 3 days for this spacecraft to reach the earth from the prehistoric giant star, which is three times faster than previous spacecraft. The next day, Wu Hao returned to Earth on this new spacecraft. His purpose of returning to Earth this time was also very simple, which was to crack the inheritance base.

Wu Hao did not drive the spacecraft to the earth, but stopped in space outside the earth, and then he flew to the earth by his own ability.

After several years of development, Wu Hao’s industry on earth has become a well-deserved giant, an organization that is completely superior to any other country.

And it also inherited Wu Hao’s original bases on the earth, the moon and Mars. Although human beings still exist in various countries, they also formed a brand new federal government a few years ago.

It is a government organization similar to the United Nations composed of personnel dispatched from 20 countries around the world.

However, this federal government is completely different from the original ineffective United Nations. The federal government has some full power.


(To be continued~^~)


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