Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class Chapter 599: Level 1 combat readiness



“Your Excellency Rhodes, the reconnaissance team has reached the vicinity of the planet.” Peel contacted the senior management and reported the situation.


In Lockyard’s giant ship, the higher-ups are closely monitoring this reconnaissance operation.


“Your Excellency Rhodes, according to the detection, the inner and outer atmosphere of this planet is covered with a strong magnetic field.


Judging from the fluctuating data, I preliminarily speculate that the magnetic field on the planet’s surface should be an enchantment in the cultivation of immortals. ‘ said Peel.


“Activate the anti-enchantment device.” Rhode ordered.


The so-called anti-enchantment device is to avoid the enchantment and make the enchantment ineffective.


As we all know, Immortal Domain, as the top force in the universe, the biggest reliance is to master the cultivation of immortals.


In order to fight against the Immortal Realm, all the higher civilizations in the universe have thought of all means.


From the ancient times to the present, various advanced civilizations have conducted in-depth research on the cultivation of human beings, and the anti-immortal technology was born.


The Rockyal people are a fourth-level civilization, and they also master the anti-immortal technology.


Peel obeyed the order and immediately activated the anti-enchantment device, and the surface of the spacecraft was immediately covered with an unobservable energy shield.


Scout ships can easily pass through enchantments.


Peel looked around nervously, afraid of being discovered by the cultivators here.


The higher-ups in the giant spaceship were equally nervous.


Everyone held their breath.


Time flies by.


The spaceship falls rapidly at the speed of free fall.


It didn’t take long for the spacecraft to enter the interior of the blue star, and the appearance of the earth could be clearly seen.


Peel in the reconnaissance spacecraft breathed a sigh of relief, but did not let his guard down, and carefully observed the surrounding situation as always.


Because the reconnaissance spacecraft was disguised as a piece of space debris and fell to the Blue Star, it was naturally considered a meteorite.


So, it didn’t attract the attention of people on Blue Star


After all, meteorites are often dropped.


Finally, the spaceship lands in a desert.




Peel activates the stealth function of the ship, blending in with the underground environment.


He also activated the anti-spiritual function.


This makes it harder to find.


“Your Excellency Rhodes, we have successfully entered the interior of the planet, and we haven’t found anything abnormal for the time being.” Peel contacted the top management again and uploaded some pictures.


Seeing the beautiful sight of Blue Star, Rhodes and other high-level executives were both excited and excited.


“Peel, you did a good job, but you can’t let your guard down.” Rhodes affirmed.


“Yes!” Peel said, “Your Excellency Rhodes, according to the data analysis obtained so far, the level of immortal cultivation civilization on this planet should not be very high.


Next, I plan to send some nanoflying insects for further reconnaissance. “


“Yes! But you have to remember that it is best not to use force with them until you have obtained the power of immortality on this planet.” Rhode emphasized.


“Got it!”




On the other side,


Qin Chuan was still preaching, and he didn’t find any foreigners in Blue Star.


After all, the Rockyar people possess anti-cultivation technology, and they are very careful, so it is really difficult to find out.


A few days later, the picture of Qin Chuan preaching reached the eyes of high-level officials such as Rhodes.


After many days of investigation, the exploration has grasped the stage of the human immortal civilization on the Blue Star.


The Lockyar high-level meeting is held.


Plan to invade Bluestar.


At the meeting, the senior management carefully read Qin Chuan’s information many times.


“According to the information, this human is called Qin Chuan, and he is the strongest cultivator on this planet.


But he is only equivalent to our six-star warrior, and he will be destroyed at the touch of a finger.


For us, looting Blue Star is easy. “The speaker is the commander-in-chief of this giant spaceship, Nora Insido, a nine-star warrior.


The eight-star warriors of the Rockyal people are equivalent to the golden immortals in the immortals, and their strength is very terrifying.


“Do you have any questions about the invasion of Blue Star?” Nora Incido asked.


The senior management discussed with each other.


One of the high-level officials said: “According to the collected information, Blue Star was invaded by the Royal Beast Legion because it took in the Lomé people.


And the invading Beast Royale Legion is just a small team, and Blue Star can drive them out.


But as we all know, the Imperial Beast Legion never does anything wrong.


If we neglected the Blue Star, would we offend the Imperial Beast Legion? “


As soon as these words came out, many high-level executives had such concerns.


Nora Incidor said, “The word fear is never in our Lokiar dictionary.


What can I do if I offend the Beast-Fighting Legion? Does this frighten you? “


“Elder Nora Insido, you misunderstood what I meant. We Lokjar are born warriors and have never been afraid of any race. But…” the senior said just now, “The universe is not very peaceful today. , I think in this situation, it’s best not to have a bad relationship with the Imperial Beast Legion.”


Nora Yinsido said: “Elder Yin Lai, because the universe is not peaceful, we need resources even more. With resources, we will be stronger.


Only strong will not sink in the torrent of history.


We Rockyal will stand on the top of the universe in the future, and let all the races of the universe kneel at our feet. “


Nora Insidor’s voice was very infectious, instantly igniting the fighting spirit of all the executives.


For a while, the giant spaceship was busy.


The young Lokjars, clad in battle armor, gathered together.


Meanwhile, Peel and the others received a summons from Rhodes.


The large force will arrive in an hour, so they don’t have to hide any longer.


Peel is very excited.


“I haven’t tasted the blood of immortals for a long time. I don’t know if the taste is different here.”


He is very aggressive.


No, to be precise, every Lokiar is extremely warlike.


The warlike gene is etched in the marrow of every Lokiar.


Peel immediately drove the spaceship and quickly rushed out of the ground.


At this moment, Qin Chuan, who was preaching, found them.


“Sect Master, what’s the matter?” Wang Zhixing, who accompanied him, noticed the change in Qin Chuan’s Just now, an alien appeared in Blue Star. “Qin Chuan said solemnly.


Wang Zhixing couldn’t help but be surprised.


“Notify all mankind that Blue Star has entered a state of first-level combat readiness.” Qin Chuan disappeared instantly after speaking.


The people who heard the sermon were immediately stunned.


I don’t understand why Qin Chuan left suddenly.


Wang Zhixing flew into the air and said loudly, “Blue Star has encountered a foreign invasion. Everyone please take refuge in an orderly manner according to the action guidelines of the first-level combat readiness.”


“Any alien invasion?”


Everyone was amazed.


Soon, the news spread all over the world, and the world immediately entered a state of first-level combat readiness.


Because Bluestar has experienced the crisis of monsters and the invasion of the Imperial Beast Legion successively, there is no panic and fear of the current foreign invasion.


They believe that Qin Chuan will still be the same as before, defeating the powerful enemy and letting mankind through the crisis.


After Qin Chuan left, he immediately sent an order to everyone in the sect to stop all work and meet the strong enemy.


The sect disciples flew all over the world under the arrangement of the elders.


“Sect Master Qin, is the Imperial Beast Legion here?” Dan Yangzi came to hear the news and found Qin Chuan immediately.


With the help of Qin Chuan over the past few years, Dan Yangzi’s cultivation has recovered and he has returned to his peak.


In terms of cultivation, he is a golden immortal, and it can be said that he is the number one person in Blue Star.


But he knows that although his cultivation is high, he is definitely not Qin Chuan’s opponent.


Because Qinchuan’s clone has the power to fight against Jinxian, the main body is definitely more powerful.


“It’s not the Imperial Beast Legion, but the aura of this foreign race is very powerful, it should be said that it is very powerful.” Qin Chuan said solemnly.


At this moment, a spaceship flew in the distance.


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