Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training Class Chapter 530: Copy and authentic


Qin Chuan found out.

The reason why Chen Gu is so fast all comes from the shuttle-shaped magic weapon under his feet.

Chen Gu said with a pitiful smile: “I advise you not to waste your efforts, you have no chance of escaping.”

Qinchuan said disdainfully: “It’s not just relying on the magic weapon, without it, you can only eat farts behind me.”

Chen Gu was not angry, but the more Qin Chuan said that, the happier he felt.

This shows that Qin Chuan has no other choice but to play tricks.

In order to make Qin Chuan give up, Chen Gu introduced the magic weapon under his feet.

“I am very curious about this magic weapon under your feet. Before you die, let’s satisfy your curiosity.

My magic weapon is called Cloud Traversing Shuttle, which imitates Immortal Emperor Yinyue’s Xuan Ting Aurora Shuttle and has the effect of space jumping.

I paid almost all my savings to get it. “

Qin Chuan was stunned.

Isn’t Immortal Emperor Yinyue his third senior sister?

Her Xuan Ting Aurora Shuttle is in her hands, but it’s in her body.

The clone came to Xianyu with only one fairy weapon.

After all, the experts in the Immortal Realm are like clouds. If someone finds out that they have an immortal weapon on their body, and they are still of the highest kind, they will definitely lead to death.

Xuan Ting Aurora Shuttle is known as Dongfeng Express. It ignores time and space, and can reach anywhere in the universe at will.

Originally, Qin Chuan hadn’t thought that he had this magic weapon, but when Chen Gu said this, he immediately came up with a solution.

He looked at Chen Gu and laughed, “I thought it was some kind of magic weapon, but it turned out to be just a copycat.”

Chen Gu was unmoved and said, “Even if it is a fake, do you think you can escape?”

Qin Chuan chuckled: “I’m not running anymore.

I’m curious now, how much difference is there between your fake product and the genuine product. “

Chen Gudao: “Chun Yun Shuo is just a magic weapon that has been imitated by borrowing the Xuan Ting Aurora Shuttle. No matter which aspect is compared, it is naturally far inferior to the Xuan Ting Aurora Shuttle.”

“Oh! That’s right.” Qin Chuan nodded solemnly.

Chen Gu said: “I said so, I can send you on the road.”

“Uh! Wait a minute.” Qin Chuan immediately shook his hand.

Chen Gu frowned: “What do you want, kid?”

Qin Chuan said: “Dare to ask Senior Brother Chen if he has seen Xuanting Aurora Shuttle?”

Chen Gu’s eyes narrowed: “Why do you ask this, I have seen it or not, what does it have to do with you?”

Qin Chuan sneered: “I’m not curious!”

Chen Gu was a little impatient, but seeing Qin Chuan, the dying man, still satisfied his curiosity.

He said: “I once came to my Taiyou Palace as a guest of Immortal Emperor Yinyue, and I was fortunate enough to see Immortal Emperor Yinyue’s true appearance.

The supreme immortal weapon, the Xuan Ting Aurora Shuttle, was used as a hairpin and was worn on the thousands of silver threads of Immortal Emperor Yinyue. “

“Oh!” Qin Chuan nodded, “Is that so?”

I don’t know when, Qin Chuan had a simple hairpin made of ebony in his hand.

Chen Gu glanced at it and didn’t care at first, but he glanced at it again, as if his body was struck by lightning, and the whole person was stunned.

“Xuan…Xuanting Aurora Shuttle!!!” Chen Gu couldn’t believe that Qin Chuan was holding the Xuanting Aurora Shuttle.

He has seen it with his own eyes.

Although the distance is very long, Xuanting Aurora Shuttle, a supreme fairy, has its own unique rhyme, which cannot be imitated by other magic weapons.

After being absent for a while, Chen Gu calmed down his inner emotions and tried his best to remain calm.

“Xuan… How come Xuan Ting Aurora Shuttle is in your hands?” Chen Gu stammered.

Qin Chuan played with the Xuanting Aurora Shuttle in his hand and said casually, “Of course it was given to me by Immortal Emperor Yinyue! Could it be that I still stole it or robbed it?”

“Do you have that ability?” Chen Gu carefully observed the simple hairpin in Qin Chuan’s hand again.

But no matter how you look at it, it is indeed genuine.

But he just couldn’t accept it, how could Immortal Emperor Yinyue’s magic weapon be in his hands.

Could it be that he was a direct disciple secretly cultivated by Immortal Emperor Yinyue?

Chen Gu thought hard, and felt more and more that there was such a possibility.

Ever since Qin Chuan was known to the public, his identity has been a mystery.

“It seems that only a powerful person like Immortal Emperor Yinyue can be buried with him!” Chen Gu’s face couldn’t help showing a wry smile.

If Qin Chuan was really a direct disciple of Immortal Emperor Yinyue, let alone the Chen family, even a top power like Taiyou Palace would not dare to offend him.

For a time, a sense of powerlessness and despair surged out of my heart.

The revenge of killing my brother is inexorable and must be avenged.

Chen Gu had a hard time deciding.

He is not afraid of death.

If he killed Qin Chuan and used his life to kill him, he would never blink.

But is it possible?

Perhaps the entire Chen family will be buried with him.

Qin Chuan glanced at Chen Gu and knew what he was thinking at this time.

I have heard a lot about Chen Gu from Fang Tian.

Although he and Chen Ao were both born to the same mother and lived in the same environment, their personalities were completely different.

Chen Ao is arrogant and domineering, while Chen Gu is humble and polite.

Chen Ao has caused a lot of trouble over the years, and it is basically Chen Gu who helps wipe his ass.

He often preached to Chen Ao, but Chen Ao did not change after repeated teachings, and did not learn his lesson at all.

Chen Ao’s accident is also a matter of time.

In fact, Chen Gu is also responsible for causing Chen Ao to be like this.

If he had been ruthless and spent more time, it wouldn’t be like this.

“Senior Brother Chen Gu, although I’m not familiar with you, I know from Brother Fang Tian that I still recognize your character quite well.

You are a good brother, but you also need to be reasonable.

I killed Chen Ao, and it was his own fault.

Even if I didn’t kill it, sooner or later I would die in the hands of others. “Qin Chuan said seriously.

“I know what you said, but he is my younger brother after all.” Chen Gu’s eyes were slightly red and his expression was lonely.

He looked at Qin Chuan and asked, “If it were you, what would you do?”

Qin Chuan said without any hesitation, “It must be revenge!”

He is telling the truth, after all, blood is thicker than water, and it is difficult to look away or forgive the murderer.

So he can understand Chen Gu’s mood.

However, the person Chen Gu wants to kill is himself, so he must not be killed.

“Senior Brother Chen Gu, now you have seen it too.

I have the Xuanting Aurora Shuttle, you shouldn’t be able to kill me. ” said Qin Chuan.

Looking at the Xuan Ting Aurora Shuttle in Qin Chuan’s hand, Chen Gu looked particularly desperate.

He took a deep breath and said seriously: “Is the Yinyue Immortal Emperor your master!”

Qin Chuan did not answer.

What master, that’s my senior sister.

When Chen Gu saw that Qin Chuan did not speak, he regarded it as a default.

He was very unwilling.

Xuan Ting Aurora Shuttle is in his hand, and the iron nail is a direct How to kill this.

Chen Gu didn’t want to implicate the family, but at the level of Immortal Emperor Yinyue, he would definitely be able to find out it was him.

The beloved disciple was killed, touching the Immortal Emperor’s Reverse Scale.

At that time, the entire Chen family will disappear from the fairyland.

Just when Chen Gu was struggling, a figure suddenly cut through the space.

Chen Gu didn’t have time to react, and a hand was pierced through his chest.

That hand grabbed Chen Gu’s still beating heart, and blood kept flowing.

Chen Gu’s eyes widened.

“Useless guy.” Behind him is an old man in a black robe.

“Elder Chen Feng!” Qin Chuan was shocked when he saw the old man.

This black-robed old man is the Immortal King Chen Feng who quit Luo Dingzong.

“Boy, I didn’t expect you to recognize the old man.”

Chen Feng smiled coldly, then squeezed Chen Gu’s heart and kicked it flying.

Qin Chuan waved his hand, immediately caught Chen Gu and brought him to his side.

At this time, Chen Gu was extremely weak, but not life-threatening.

After all, he is a silver immortal, and it is not very deadly to lose his heart. Give it some time, and it will grow back on its own like a bone.

As for Chen Feng’s sudden appearance, Qin Chuan figured out some things recently.


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