Star Odyssey Chapter 5005: The method of bone erosion

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It is not easy to simply eliminate the world of crime, unless a world is completely bloodbathed.

How many realms do the inner and outer heavens, cause and effect control together? How many creatures are there who practice the path of cause and effect in each realm?

The same is true for cause and effect, and the same is true for eliminating death in the first place.

For a cultivator of the power of death like Li, those years were truly dark, and hiding here and there is not enough to describe them.

Lu Yin couldn’t even imagine how it had been hidden until now.

Give up the power of death completely? But it didn’t give up.

He believed that during that period, many practitioners of the power of death must have completely given up on this power, but even if they gave up, it would not be completely without traces.

After such a long time, all the cultivators of the dead power of that period must have died. Otherwise, they can only survive by breaking through the realm of immortality. But how can the cultivators of the dead power break through the realm of immortality in the seventy-two realms?

Li and Lu Yin looked at each other: “I have been cultivating the power of death.”

“In the past seventy-two realms, the power of death was everywhere, and there were countless dead seas, large and small. These dead seas are also being cleared by the Lord.”

“However, some Dead Seas are hidden in inconspicuous corners like undercurrents. Due to their extremely small scope, they are not easily detected. Only those who practice the power of death can find them.”

“It just so happened that during that period, all practitioners of the power of death were being slaughtered until they disappeared completely. Although the undercurrent of the Dead Sea hidden in the seventy-two realms was small in scope, it was enough for me to practice alone.”

“I climbed step by step with the undercurrent of the Dead Sea, gradually breaking through the realm of immortality, and surviving until now.” “I am not the only lucky cultivator of the power of death. Some cultivators of the power of death are unable to break through the realm of immortality in that situation. , but because of the insistence on death, guarding the undercurrents of the Dead Sea, it has been passed down from generation to generation. In

Before the return of the Lord of Death, those existences were inconspicuous, but with the return of death, they have recently experienced an explosion. ”

“I know these and have protected them secretly.”

“You have ordered the attack on the criminal world this time, and they are also among them, but their overall strength is generally not in your eyes, so you have never paid attention to it.”

Lu Yin interrupted: “Continue to explain your situation.”

Zhen nodded and continued: “With the help of the undercurrent of the Dead Sea, I broke through the realm of immortality, and I encountered more and more frequent pursuits.”

“Maybe it’s my luck that no powerful character is chasing me, but I also know that that day will come sooner or later.”

“Watching the death of countless cultivators of the Dead Silence Power with my own eyes, that scene kept flashing through my mind, making me determined to practice the Dead Silence Power to protect myself and avoid being chased.” “If I give up practicing the Dead Silence Power, I don’t even have a trump card to protect myself. Some cultivators of the power of death dissipate the power of death in front of other masters, thinking that they can escape the killing. It is simply ridiculous. The master is not chasing one

It is not strength but identity. ”

“As long as you practice the power of death, you will never be recognized again. You will either remain in the stream camp or die.”

“Under this situation, I created a way to completely hide the power of death. Even if you are face to face with other masters and powerful people of the same level, you cannot be discovered. That is the method of bone erosion.”

Is it Lu Yin’s way of completely hiding the power of death as he stares at him?

There are too many talented geniuses in the universe. They can create power, just as they can. There is nothing surprising about this.

“The method of bone erosion?” “Continuously polish the power of death. Cultivation, the cognition of all living beings is to continuously strengthen the power, and my approach is conversely, weakening the same power. For example, this power once could To exert a hundred combat power, then this is the way to go

I weakened this power, and kept weakening it in my body, so that the combat power that this power could exert was less than fifty, or even lower, until it could no longer exert its combat power. “Because the outside world perceives the power of your cultivation based on intensity and characteristics, then as long as the power itself is weakened, the external perception can be deceived. Of course, it is only the perception of the same level. If you encounter two laws or even three laws during that period

Those with strong discipline cannot hide themselves. ”

Lu Yin was surprised: “In turn, weakening one’s own strength? That’s an idea.” He said helplessly: “This idea created the method of bone erosion. I will continue to weaken the power of death in the body, using the bones as the chopping board and the will. As a blade, the power of death and silence is constantly polished and dispersed. In the end, the power of death and silence becomes more and more powerful.

Small, getting thinner and thinner, and eventually integrated into the bones in the body, completely hidden. ”

“This is the method of bone erosion.”

Lu Yin always sounds familiar, getting smaller and smaller? By the way, I remembered, “Weiyun world? Weiyun civilization?” Wei nodded: “Yes, this method is inspired by Weiyun civilization. The absolute method this civilization has is infinite shrinkage. I encountered it at that time, This civilization alone controls the Weiyun Realm, one of the nine realms, and is extremely powerful, so this

The law must be unique. ”

“I can’t use their absolute means, but the principle is the same, so I keep polishing it.”

“When the power of death is polished to a certain extent, it can be directly integrated into the bones.” “With this method, I can walk in the seventy-two realms in the light, without fear in the presence of the Lord, and with the help of the Dead Sea Undercurrent continues to practice. Every time he practices, he has to polish it for a long time after absorbing the power of death. This is a comic book

The long and boring years are also a training of will. Every time I come out, I feel like the outside has changed. ”

“Just like this, practicing again and again, polishing again and again, time really means nothing to me.”

“I don’t know what’s going on in the outside world.”

“Perhaps it is precisely because of this boredom that I conform to my second law of the universe.” At this point, Zhen was silent for a moment: “It is precisely because of breaking through the two levels of laws that my nightmare came.” It I closed my eyes, and the wings hidden under the black robe were shaking slightly: “Pain. Pain that goes deep into the bone marrow. The dead power that has been integrated into my bones seems to be constantly tearing apart my bones, torturing from the marrow, from the deepest part of the body.” Me,

Tear me to pieces. ”

The tone became lower and lower, “I consider myself to be strong-willed, but this kind of pain is like knocking me down into an ordinary creature, being trampled into pieces and tortured. It’s just a kind of torture, a feeling, but it’s not harmful in itself.”

“I can’t bear it.” It gritted its teeth, its black robe trembling: “This is simply not a pain that a living being can bear.”

“The transformation of the body in the immortal realm can numb oneself and prevent me from feeling pain. But I don’t know where this pain comes from. It’s like there is another world, dragging me in and torturing me from another level.”

“It’s like the power of death is life. It was polished by me, weakened and died, and turned into an abyss of revenge to drag me to death. I can’t bear it.”

It suddenly raised its head and stared at Lu Yin: “Your Excellency, please pull out the power of death and silence from my body. I can’t do it anymore. These powers of death and silence are integrated into my bones. Even if I dissipate the power of death and silence, the pain will still be with me. Hold me.”

“I have no choice but to ask for your help.”

Lu Yin was puzzled that the pain in his bones could actually torture this creature that had been hunted by the Lord for endless years and whose will had been tempered by the method of bone erosion. How painful must that be?

The bone-eroding method of Li made Lu Yin see the possibility of merging with divine power.

They have been wrong about power all this time.

Power itself is a macroscopic quality, a real thing that can be seen and cultivated.

Since it is a thing, it has size. The size that is invisible to the naked eye does not mean that it does not exist. Divine power and deathly silence cannot be fused because they are too big. Even if they only try to fuse a little bit, they are still very big in the world of these two forces. Then if we polish and weaken these two forces, and then try to merge them

How about the union?

While Lu was talking about the method of bone erosion, Lu Yin thought of it.

“Your Excellency Chen, could you please see that I have helped you a little and relieve my pain? I came to you because I really had no other choice.”

“Then what does this have to do with your inability to meet death?”

Shen said in a deep voice: “Endless pain tortures me. This is the power from death. In this case, if there is an opposite power in the body, can this pain be resolved? Even if it hurts me. ”

“So I thought of vitality.” “However, vitality is not completely opposite to the power of death, but it can also resolve some pain. So in the following years, I specialize in killing the strong ones of life, and force them to kill them before they die. Life force pours into me when I am in pain

In my body. ”

“Every time I pour it into my body, my pain will decrease, so.”

Lu Yin understood: “It seems that you have killed many powerful people in recent years.”

灁 breathed out: “Dark Crow is the nickname given to me by Life, and I have always existed in the trial mission of the Life Master Clan.”

“But because I have to continue to polish the power of death, no one can catch my travel patterns.”

“Usually, I grab a few life-strength ones and take them away. When I feel pain when polishing the power of death, I ask them to help. Later, I even force them to practice and become a tool to continuously increase their vitality.”

“I know that I am being stared at by all beings, so I try not to show up as much as possible. Of course, the reason why I can hide may also be related to the fact that I do not kill the creatures of the life master family. Although I am being watched, it is not that important. .”

“But even if I have never killed a creature of the Life Dominator clan, I still have become a being that must be killed by the Life Path. After all, in these long years, I have killed quite a few powerful Life Paths.”

“Then why don’t you cultivate the power of life yourself?” Lu Yin asked.

He was helpless: “I can’t practice it. I have cultivated the power of death itself, and the power of death is integrated into the bones, and the vitality cannot enter the body at all.”

“Based on what you have done before, death can definitely protect you. What else have you done to dare not join forces with death?” Lu Yin asked.

灁 was silent for a moment: “Your Excellency Chen, do you think the bone erosion method hurts the bones, or does the pain lie in the strength itself?”

Lu Yin did not answer.

灁 said in a deep voice: “If the power you have always believed in and cultivated brought you pain like an abyss of hell, would you still believe in it?” Lu Yin understood, Wei, and had already given up on it from the bottom of his heart. Death together.


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