Star Odyssey Chapter 5004: 灁

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The name Chen spread throughout the world, making it more sensational than the original camp where the name was written in black and white.

Leaving a name camp is just an honor given by the Lord to the non-lord clan, but most of the time it is the creatures of the dominant clan who leave their names.

Fang Xingzhe represents combat power and invincibility.

Thousands of tricks and tricks can resist the bombardment of ten realms alone, and no one in the inner and outer world dares to provoke him.

Now, although Lu Yin is not as shocked as Qianji Juyan, he dares to order an attack on the criminal world and vows to force the Karma Master clan to apologize. These actions are much crazier than Qianji Juyan.

It has impressed countless living beings that it is better to mess with a thousand tricks than a humanoid skeleton.

The most uncomfortable thing now is those civilized races belonging to the causal master clan, who are afraid that Lu Yin will order an attack.

Although it was finally reported that Chen Hui had to fight the wrath of the Sin Sect leader on his own when he returned, with the strength of the Sin Sect leader, even if Fang Xingzhe was this Chen, it would be difficult for him to escape death, but it was not known how long it would be before his return.

This is enough time to do a lot of things.

For a time, those realms belonging to the path of cause and effect were in turmoil. They became vigilant when they saw the creatures of the path of death passing by, lest they become targets of attack.

The criminal world has been reduced to rubble, and they have no confidence that they can withstand it.

There are far fewer gambling games in Yunting.

The number of creatures from the Karma Master clan entering Yunting has increased, and they all want to bring out some powerful creatures from Yunting to protect themselves.

Chen didn’t die immediately, which really set a very bad start for the Dominator clan. It seems that someone can really step on the Dominator clan’s face without damaging it. This kind of thing can be one or two.

The dominant clan must use thunderous means to completely eliminate this possibility.

No one can do much this morning under the protection of Qianji Guiyan, but there will always be a day of killing.

The dominant clan is majestic and cannot be challenged.

Many creatures find that every time this morning appears, something happens.

The giant city appeared for the first time, and the Lord of Death set an example by killing the creatures of the Lord’s clan in the giant city to show off his power.

The second appearance was Can Hai, which caused the death of a large number of masters of the Lord, including the creatures of the Lord clan, and gave the Death Lord a way to resolve grievances with other Lords.

The third appearance was a battle between the inner and outer Tianliu camp, killing the saint and killing the saint, which is simply unbelievable.

And this fourth time he appeared, he directly provoked the Karma Master Clan, attacked the Sin Realm, and took back the Shadow Realm.

Four occurrences, four major events.

The fifth time must be the return of the leader of the Sin Sect, which means that either he dies or the Sin Sect is completely destroyed. There is no third way.

The demise of the Sin Sect is likely to be accompanied by the struggle for the Upper Nine Realms.

Although the possibility of the death of the leader of the Sin Sect is extremely small and almost impossible, as long as the incident has not begun, the outcome is unknown. This is the fifth major event.

In the eyes of many creatures, if a creature appears five times and brings five major events, even death is worth it.

Chen must die in the fifth major event.

They wait to see that day.

In the world of sin, the Dead Sea has left. It taught Lu Yin the method of condensing the Dead Sea, and he didn’t want to stay for a moment longer. Just as Zhongyi thought, far away from this morning, there was always a feeling that this guy would still cause trouble.

And Lu Yin is condensing the Dead Sea.

It is not easy to condense the Dead Sea. It is not just about gathering the power of death. …. .

The Dead Sea is inclusive with the power of death. It’s like the rain falling from the sky is gathered into a river, and it drips to the ground. It can be gathered along the height of the terrain, but how can it be gathered in the air?

Lu Yin is now like a mortal trying to gather the rain in the sky into a river.

The way to suppress the Dead Sea is to make a huge spoon to catch all the falling rain.

The only difficulty with this method is the scope of the rain.

Dead Sea Dark Pressure is confident that the power of death and silence it possesses is majestic enough. If it can do it, Lu Yin can do it too. But it underestimated Lu Yin, whose majestic power of death far surpassed it.

It takes time to unite the Dead Sea.

Lu Yin wants to improve the method of dead sea pressure.

Maybe one day I see Qianji Guiyan again and ask how it does it?

Looking across the ruins of Sin City, Lu Yin had been waiting for the creature who had told him about the condition of Sin Chi’s causal silk-tangled hands to appear.

That creature must be in the realm of sin.

But it was actually hidden to the point where he couldn’t find it, including the Dead Sea and Zhongyi, they couldn’t find it.

He believed that Qianji Guiyan and the others were not aware of the existence of such a creature. It was not that the creature was so powerful, but that they did not know that such a creature existed, otherwise they would surely have found it.

“灁, please see Your Excellency Chen Supreme Sequence.”

Lu Yin slowly turned his head, where is it?

As far as the eye can see, a figure slowly walks out. Under the shadow, the first thing he saw was a tall black hat. Under the hat, there was a crow-like creature, wrapped in a black robe, approaching him step by step.

Lu Yin looked at the creature.

Three Laws are strong, and the aura is deep and restrained. Even when you see him, you feel as if this creature does not exist.

What a powerful way to hold your breath. Far better than the stealth method of Providence Civilization.

Invisibility means you can’t see it, but you can detect it.

But this is something you can see but not notice.

Many cultivators trust their own feelings more. The more powerful the cultivator, the more so. The sight is not important.

There must be a unique way for this person to be able to do this.

“灁, I have met Your Excellency the Supreme Sequence.” This creature was extremely polite and even saluted Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked at it: “Identity.”

“One of the Nine Realms in the Middle Kingdom, he was born in the Miluo Realm. He once joined the Death Group. However, he was expelled from the Death Group and has been hiding until today.”

Lu Yin was shocked: “Were you born in a period when death was still in the inner and outer heavens?”

“Yes, Your Excellency.”

Lu Yin looked at it, it was an old monster, its seniority was definitely the same as Sheng Qing and the others.

“Then what is your identity now? It seems that you have not merged with death.”

灁 respectfully said: “Due to various reasons, I can’t come into contact with death for the time being.”

“Then why do you see me? I represent the Death Alliance.” “Your Excellency represents yourself, otherwise you would not have made that oath. I have been in the inner and outer heavens for too long, and I existed before the Death Alliance was expelled. I know the rules of war between the Lord and the Lord too well. The Lord of Death will not allow you to make such a decision

Oath. ”

Lu Yin did not refute and listened quietly.

“If this were not the case, I would not dare to appear in front of you.”

“What do you mean? Are you guarding against death?”…. .

“The dominant clan is the real master, and I am just a **** of the master. I have been hiding in the inner and outer world for so long, and I don’t want to fall short.”

“But for a strong person like you, you should cherish it even if you die. There are too few masters under the Death Lord now.”

“It depends on the situation. I have been chased by life.”


“This is why I came to see you.” He looked at Lu Yin, as if he wanted to see through him.

But after looking at it for a while, he shook his head. How could a creature who dared to make that kind of oath be seen through? This is a lawless creature. “In the past, the inner and outer heavens were divided into six parts of the universe, namely time, cause and effect, consciousness, luck, life and death. A long time ago, human civilization rose up, and with its nine bases of power, it ignored the power of the Lord to cover the universe

The framework caused the Lord’s war of extermination against the ninth base of humanity. ”

“That battle was not easy to fight. Although I have not experienced it personally, judging from the various signs after the war and the deliberate smearing of human history by the Lord, it was a powerful force that the Lord has never encountered before. Opponent.”

“It’s so powerful that the other masters can use this opponent to drive away the death group.” “Why the death group personally participated in the Nine Bases War, I don’t know this either. But it was that battle that caused the death group to suffer heavy losses, and the rest The Lord has been prepared for a long time to support the fleece civilization and deal with the severely hit death.

Take action. Since then, there has been no more death in the inner and outer heavens, and the power of death has been excluded in the seventy-two realms. “”At that time, the creatures belonging to the Death Path met a miserable fate. Those who did not practice the power of death were restricted and could never practice again. They were not even allowed to join other Lord Paths. Those creatures were blocked from cultivating for so many years.

They have long been reduced to ordinary living beings. Even if they die together, it is impossible to bring them back. It will take a long time and cost, and the Lord of Death will never do that. ”

“The other type is those who have already practiced the power of death and silence. Kill.” He said calmly. Although he had personally experienced the massacre of cultivators of the power of death and silence in the inner and outer heavens, because too much time had passed, He has long been numb: “Seventy-two realms, including Yunting, have ushered in a purge.

All practitioners of the power of death are being slaughtered. ”

“The years of searching, the covering of consciousness, the expulsion of life, and the collision of luck have left the dead silence cultivators with nowhere to escape.” “From the beginning, after the strongest cultivator of the dead silence power in the inner and outer world was killed, The rest was just like a game that ended with the Lord personally, and the pursuit continued for a long time, until finally they thought that there was no one left who could practice the power of death

Just let go. “At that time, if the cultivators of the power of death and silence were not found, they either hid deep enough, were lucky enough, or completely exhausted the power of death and stopped cultivating. The countless powers of death and silence in the inner and outer world that were not found were relatively unknown. Practice

In terms of number, there are actually many. But compared to the huge base of the main line, it can be regarded as gone. ”

“And the remaining ones were basically regarded as the task of dominating the trial of the clan. In the long years to come, they were searched for, hunted down, and eliminated again and again, until later, they were really gone.” Zhen looked at the starry sky: “The inner and outer heavens, the seventy-two realms, have been searching for a long time, but no one can be found. The master clan gradually tore off the task of searching for cultivators of the power of death. From then on, the word death was gradually forgotten

Forgot. ”

Lu Yin looked at Zhen and said it simply. However, it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to eliminate all cultivators of the power of death and silence within and outside the world. It’s as if we want to completely eliminate the practitioners of Karma and Karma. If you think about it, you have no clue. There are practitioners of Karma and Karma in any of the seventy-two realms, and there are countless more in the Sin realm. Sheng Qing just took away Sin. It can’t take away the countless other living beings in the world of sin, and how many of them are cultivating the path of cause and effect? 39314868. .


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