Star Odyssey Chapter 4993: Counterattack

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Every scourge is a point that blocks the movement of power in the cultivator’s body. It can also be said to be a disease of the cultivator’s power.

The universe is mutually reinforcing and interfering with each other. All living things will get sick, and the forces will also get sick.

The Lord of Death created a method to make the power of cultivation sick. This idea was unprecedented, and it also made Lu Yin more and more afraid of the Lord of Death.

Sometimes the most terrifying thing is not the power, but the thought. When a person’s cognition and thinking reach a certain level, it is very simple to do anything, because no matter what, it is the operation between living things. When you can transcend all living things and master the laws of this universe, then nothing can.

Stumping you.

The master must have mastered the laws of the cultivation world of the universe and suppressed all living beings.

They see through life and death, see through time, see through cause and effect, see through everything.

To surpass them, strength alone is far from enough.

The bone language, the evil spirit, and the power of death are all pointing in one direction, and that is death.

Death is also rebirth.

From this point of view, death is actually the enemy of all living things.

Lu Yin is immersed in the power of death and silence. These powers of death and silence are endless, coming from the Dead Sea and even from the Lord of Death.

He thought a lot, and the two words that were fixed in his mind were death.

He has experienced death more than once.

When you get started with the method of cultivating evil spirit, all you need is time.

Just like the Qian and Kun qi of cause and effect, the cyclone of luck, the hundred moons of life, etc., once you get started, it only takes time to strengthen.

But in the end no one can reach the height of dominance.

Does it mean that the master has not only blocked the upward ladder for other living beings, but also blocked the ladder for his own race…


The white color penetrated the darkness and flashed before Lu Yin’s eyes.

Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes. Although the skeleton had no eyes, it only represented that he had woken up at this moment.

The power of life is a battle between boundaries.

He turned his head suddenly, and the spiral of cause and effect penetrated, tearing open the darkness.

In the distance, rays of light continued to penetrate the shadow world, turning the shadow world into a sieve.

The Lord has begun to attack the Shadow Realm. Does that mean that the incident between Zhang Ting and Zuo Ting is over? Lu Yin took a deep breath. He had been cultivating within the power of death for a short time, but it seemed that some time had passed, and the malaise in his body had actually increased a lot. Did it increase so fast? No, let’s just say, I can increase it

How fast? Is this malady particularly suitable for you?

He remembered what he had vaguely thought of before.

Since the evil energy, Qian and Kun Qi, Baiyue, etc. can all increase through time, even if it is slow, those old guys who are the same age as the Overlord should be able to reach the height of the Overlord.

But no matter how you look at it, the Lord is unique.

That means that what I guessed before was right. The master not only blocked the possibility of other creatures surpassing them, but also blocked the possibility of fellow creatures.

Whether it is the evil spirit, the hundred moon energy, the two energies of heaven and earth, etc., if it increases to a certain level and wants to increase or transform, only the master can do it and know how to do it.

Purple light comes towards you, this is the power of luck.

Lu Yin avoided it and immediately activated his world heart. He also wanted to try the feeling of this world battle.

Outside the barrier of the seventy-two realms, many creatures looked into the distance, watching each realm explode with power, all attacking the shadow realm.

“This morning is ruthless enough, using the guise of attacking the criminal world to deceive all parties. If not, how could the executioners break out of the camp?”

“Now that the executioner clan has come out, the facts cannot be changed. The pattern of the upper nine realms is about to change. The executioner clan will definitely take back the executioner realm, and the shadow realm has also been taken away by this morning. Death is constantly taking back what once belonged to Everything about them.”

“But Zhang Ting was suppressed by Shi Buzhan, and Gu was unable to escape.”

“But the old blind human who attacked Zhang Ting also ran away.”

“I didn’t expect that even if I didn’t fight, I wouldn’t be able to keep them.”

“So Zaixia is not in a good mood right now.”

“Nowadays, it is meaningless for all parties to besiege the shadow world. It is better to say it is to vent.”

“I feel it is not Chen Chen’s handiwork. If the master of death is not behind the plan, this Chen’s move is tantamount to playing tricks on the master of death.”

“Of course not him. How could he have the courage to challenge the cause and effect and play tricks on the owner.”

“Look, the Shadow Realm strikes back.”

The darkness turns into a beam of light and attacks the world of sin.

Every creature that saw this scene was speechless.

This is completely targeting the criminal world.

Just now, the Sin Realm did not attack the Shadow Realm. This morning, it was too targeted at the Sin Realm.

In the shadow world, Lu Yin kept dodging. His position seemed to have been touched. The range of the bombardment of the world war was already very large. Even with the speed of the skeleton clone, it was difficult to dodge at once, especially when there were more and more bombardments from the world war. .

He had experienced the feeling of a world war.

When the world of crime also blasted the spiral of cause and effect towards the shadow world, Lu Yin stopped playing.

Using the Shadow Realm to resist the bombardment of many realms is only an idiot’s doing this. It would be unlucky to be hit by the bombardment of other realms.

Next, it’s time to go to the realm of sin. The shadow world no longer resists and is constantly penetrated by various beams of light, and the creatures inside are unlucky. Originally, many creatures were confident that they could avoid the bombardment of some realms, but this time the other masters were obviously angry, and the executioners’ escape made them express their anger

It was leaked to the bombardment of the Shadow Realm, so much so that even the strong man of the Three Laws was seriously injured by the battle in the world and had to find a way to escape.

Other creatures are either lucky or dead.

The shadow world was bombarded with chaos.

In this case, a piece of news spread.

Morning, apply to enter the criminal realm.

This news must come from the Great Realm Palace, and it is the Great Realm Palace of the Sin Realm.

Only the Great Realm Palace can know who has applied for entry immediately.

The outside world was in an uproar. That morning actually went to the sin world. Could it be that the attack on the sin world was not a pretense of rescuing the executioners? Is he really going to take action against the Sin Sect?

All creatures who heard the news were stunned.

The Sin Sect and all living beings were also shaken.

“News came from Dajie Palace that Chen had already come in.”

“He really dared to come in.”

“Where do you have the courage to fight against my Sin Sect?”

The crime dealer was surprised: “This plan is amazing.” “First, under the guise of attacking our crime world, we plan to rescue the executioners and cause chaos inside and outside the world. After the executioners are rescued, we will come to our crime world to take action. There was an explanation when he started to attack the Sin Realm. Apart from gaining the Shadow Realm, he had nothing to lose from the beginning to the end.

Nothing is lost. ”

“If this morning’s layout is his from beginning to end, he does have some ability.”

The old voice came out: “Sin Merchant, are you saying that entering my sin world this morning is just a show?”

Sui Shang is confident: “Of course, now he has got what he wants, and there is no point in fighting my Sin Sect again. Do you really want to destroy my Sin Sect? Everyone knows it is impossible, even if the sect leader is not here Impossible.”

“This is also a pretense.”

“Now that you are here, don’t even think about leaving. You must keep him.” Sin Shang said: “Same as the Dead Sea Mingyao and Zhongyi, if you leave Chen, you will inevitably face the supreme sequence of Chen. Order, I, the Sin Sect, will fight to the death with my own strength against this power that already exists in the Sin World. Everyone can afford the loss

? “Life, luck, and time all hope that we will fight to the death with this power to keep Chen, Death and many other powerful people in the sinful world.” They have nothing to lose, and once we do this, they can even make up for the executioners being taken away

The sin of wandering camp. ”

“But how can we explain to the Lord?”

“It means that we are being used.”

The Guilty Sect was unwilling to accept it: “What should we do? Just watch this person walk around in the morning and leave?”

“He took advantage of us, made us suffer losses, and got what he wanted, but we couldn’t do anything to him.”

Sui Shang said calmly: “Just like facing the Dead Sea and Zhongyi, it is normal to make profits and losses in business.”

“The most important thing now is that my sinner will not suffer any more losses.”

“Otherwise, we cannot explain to the master.”

The Sin Sect creatures were silent. They had not been this aggrieved for too long.

The last time I felt so aggrieved was when Mie Xing led the Four Extremes of Sin out of the camp, but this time, it was just because of one morning.

At this time, a creature from the Sin clan asked to see him: “I would like to report to you, Mr. Zong, there is a creature from the Yu clan asking to see you.”

A group of creatures from the Sin Clan were surprised: “The Zan Clan?”

“Is it the sunset?” the old voice asked.


“Xi Luo, is that strong man from the Xi clan who had a battle with Zhong Yi before and wants to clean up the family for the years? Why does it want to see us?”

“Could it be that you want us to help it deal with Zhongyi?” “Zhongyi is the main sequence of the years, but he is greedy for life and fears death and joins the Death Alliance. All the creatures of the years and years want to kill it. Maybe there are very few people who kill Zhongyi, Don’t look at it, Xiluo is from the Xi tribe, he is a master of the three laws of the inner and outer heaven, but the inner and outer heaven

The master who is far away may not be able to stabilize the master who is just an inch away. ”

“It will fight Zhongyi to no avail. If it wants to kill Zhongyi, only we can help it.”

Sui Shang said: “There is another possibility. It brings the words of the Years and Ones, and even other Lords.”

“I hope we will leave behind practitioners of Death Path.” An old voice came out.

“This is an attempt to take advantage of us.”

“Can also put forward conditions.”

The old voice spoke slowly: “Let it go, disappear.”

“Yes.” Although the sin merchants and other beings are aggrieved, the most important thing to do is to recognize what should be done and what should not be done. They believe that other masters must pay a huge price to make the sin world a graveyard for cultivators of the death path, but this

The price can never make up for the loss of the criminal world and the inability to explain to the master of cause and effect.

This gap needs to be filled by other masters with the grievance and anger of their sin sects.

If they met Xiluo, they would most likely be persuaded to make the Sin Sect become cannon fodder for other masters to die in a decisive battle with the so-called compensation on the surface. This is definitely not what they want.

The most decisive thing is to disappear.

No matter what Xiluo wanted to say, he didn’t give it a chance to say it.

The old voice spread throughout Sin City: “Everyone, my Sin Sect has never had such a helpless moment. Please remember this moment.”

“This moment is brought to us by death. But it is also brought to us by ourselves.”

“When the sect leader returns, this battle will be repaid.”

“Now let the little guy finish the play by himself.” Countless voices sounded from the Sin Sect: “We will obey the order of the elder.”


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