Star Odyssey Chapter 4992: Control the Shadow Realm

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In the shadow world, Lu Yin kept teleporting, getting the heart of the world, urging it, changing his method, and looking up in the direction of Zhang Ting and Zuo Ting from time to time.

The change in Zhang Ting was beyond his expectation. The old blind man and the others seemed eager to take action, but based on Lu Yin’s understanding of them, they would not do so without any preparation. It’s better to say decisive than eager.

As for Zuo Ting, it seems that all his tricks are foolproof and he should be able to bring out the executioners. However, the executioners attacked the camp last time. The major leaders will not be unprepared. It should not be easy.

Moreover, I will not let the executioners come out so easily.

Before this, he had asked Wang Chenchen to contact the Wang family and use the power of the Wang family as much as possible to suppress the executioners. Of course, the premise is that you already control the shadow world.

If the executioner clan was brought out this time, he would indeed have made a contribution, but it would not be that big.

Furthermore, the appearance of the executioners has enhanced the power of death, which is not good for mankind.

Lu Yin even hoped to lock the executioners in the camp, preferably exterminate them. Just like he wanted to exterminate the sin sect.

The Overlord itself is extremely powerful, and the Overlord clan under its command is equally powerful. In addition to the Overlord clan, there are also dependent races. If you want to fight against the Lord, you have to do it step by step.

Withdrawing his gaze, Lu Yin concentrated on searching for the heart of the world.

Some boundaries are gone.

After all, too much time has passed. Although the heart of the world is not easy to find, sometimes it happens by chance and no one can explain it clearly. Of course, even if the world heart is gone, there is still no way to control the parties without stimulating methods. It can only be said that some parties have completely become ownerless parties.

Teleporting away and then reappearing under the collapsing starry sky, Lu Yin was surprised, what is this?

Overhead, a huge shadow shrouded.

Lu Yin was shrouded in a black robe. Although he was not afraid of being seen clearly by the outside world, it was best to hide him.


The torrent of falling stars is like turning the forest into mud, filling the universe with green.

Lu Yin teleported away, moved away from where he was before, and looked again. I saw a huge tree-shaped monster appearing and disappearing from time to time, as if blending into the starry sky.

He is staring at that tree-shaped monster, two strong men of law?

In the Shadow Realm, since death left together, this entire world has become ownerless. Many creatures from the seventy-two realms have come to the Shadow Realm to establish themselves. Here, they don’t have to worry about being attacked, let alone having a dominant clan in front of them. Come and **** Fang.

Because no one can get it.

So the Shadow Realm can also be regarded as one of the most chaotic realms among the seventy-two realms.

However, with the return of Death, in order to prevent Death from taking back the Shadow Realm, the surrounding realms continue to launch world wars to bombard the Shadow Realm. Each battle will cause heavy casualties in the Shadow Realm. Gradually, many people who originally had a foothold in the Shadow Realm The creatures fled.

Only some creatures who cannot gain a foothold in the outside world remain in the Shadow Realm.

These creatures either have sensitive identities or have enemies, but they all have one thing in common. They have the ability to survive the bombardment of world wars. Of course, they all avoid world wars. If they resist hard, it will be Fang Xingzhe. , there is no need to hide like this.

But it is not easy to avoid a world war. After all, the bombardment range of a world war is very large, so there are some powerful creatures hidden in the shadow world.

This big tree has a way of disappearing from time to time, which can avoid the bombardment of boundary wars.

“Get out, this is my territory.” The big tree roared, shaking the universe.

Lu Yin frowned. He had always had a good impression of the big tree. The mother tree helped humans in the Tianyuan Universe resist the Eternals. Later, it absorbed green light points again and again and became a means to resist the master, so he saw the tree inexplicably kind.

But this big tree is a bit unethical.

A teleportation appeared in front of the big tree, and he kicked out directly. The terrifying and boundless power broke the big tree into pieces.

The tree was horrified and turned around to run away without hesitation.

Lu Yin didn’t chase him, he just got the world heart and left.

In the distance, the big tree was frightened. What a terrifying strong man. That blow was not only able to break his own body, but also stripped away the void, leaving him with nowhere to hide. How could such a terrifying strong man come to the Shadow Realm?

Still can’t stay, I must leave the shadow world.

During the process of searching for the heart of the world, Lu Yin met many living beings, among them he even saw a strong person with three laws, but the one with three laws did not stop him, and even gave way, unwilling to have a dispute.

Lu Yin will not cause trouble for it.

Soon after, Lu Yin stopped and ended.

He got all the realm hearts of the shadow realm that he got from Qianji Guiyan.

The original deity was sleeping, and the clone stepped out, activating the world heart, and descended into deathly silence.

The beautiful universe of color has had darkness since the return of Death, but this darkness cannot change the color, it just adds an extra color.

That color should be the original color of the universe.

As Lu Yin stimulates the heart of the world.

The shadow world is shaken.

Above the seventy-two realms, in the beautiful universe, a darkness flows like a waterfall, heading towards the shadow realm.

Countless creatures saw it, their pupils flickered, it was the power of attraction.

Someone has channeled the power of death. No, it is impossible for one party to attract so many dead forces, that is, the world.

In Zhang Ting, the old blind man looked solemn. Standing next to him was Xingzui, while staring at a figure in front of him without fighting.

“I didn’t expect Shi Bu Zhan Zai to be in the mood to stop us.”

Shi Buzhan stared at the old blind man and the others coldly: “I have been following you for a long time. Your shadows are everywhere in the distance, and now there are traces of you both inside and outside the sky. I would like to know who gave you the courage to keep provoking me. Together with the Lord.”

There is fear deep in Xing Zhui’s eyes, and he will not fight at all. This is the strongest fighting force in the existence of the Time Lord Clan, a monster that clearly advises you not to fight.

Wherever it goes, it has the final say.

I didn’t expect that this monster would be blocking the way.

The old blind man had no choice but to say, “I’m sorry to disappoint you. No one gave us the courage. We are all cheap people who escaped from the camp. Death is not a pity. But if I die here, it won’t be a pity.” Great.”

In the camp, Qu Weili was fighting with the strong man of three laws guarding Gu.

Shi Buzhan glanced at Liu Ying and said, “Let me die to see if you are qualified.”

The old blind man looked serious: “Go up.”

Suddenly, both sides stopped and looked back in the direction of the seventy-two realms, seeing a large black flow, as if washing away the inner and outer sky.

Shi Buzhan’s pupils shrank sharply, and he was in the shadow world.

Death finally took control of the shadow world, that morning. But why so fast? Even if you find the world heart, it won’t be that fast. Could it be that there are a lot of world hearts in several directions?

In Zuoting, two figures appeared in front of Qianji Guiyan and Daohe. One was Mingfan, an old guy from the life-dominating clan, and the other was a creature from the luck-dominating clan. If they could appear at the same time as Mingfan, they must be one level.

Qianji Jiyan looked at the two figures blocking the front: “Can you stop me?”

Closing the knife and taking a step forward: “Now that our executioners have come out, we will never go back again.”

Mingfan has a headache, why is this happening?

I thought they were watching a show. They even sent many life practitioners into the sin world to distract the sin sect and fish in troubled waters to help the death alliance weaken the strength of the cause and effect, but it turned out that they had all been exploited.

That morning, or in other words, the real purpose of the Death Lord was the Shadow Realm and the Executioners. By the time they realized it, it was already too late.

Although it was just a step too late, this step was fatal.

It’s okay that the executioners didn’t come out, just hold off Qianji Guiyan.

But now that the executioner clan has come out, the old guy Daohe is not weak either. If he wants to defeat him again, he must cooperate with the boundary battle.

But something happened in Zhang Ting. When Shi Bu Zhan didn’t come, he probably went to Zhang Ting. Cause and effect couldn’t help at all. The Lord of Death chose the right time.

When there is a play, all the people watching the play are forced to come on stage, so who is watching the play now?

“Qianji Guiyan, you broke the rules by doing this. If anyone wants to take away the creatures in the camp in the future, can they directly bombard the barrier? In this case, where is the majesty of the master?” Mingfan said.

Qianji Guiyan was disdainful: “Isn’t the majesty of the Lord of Death not majestic? In one sentence of the Lord of Death, which race in the camp must not be handed over obediently, but you control the executioner clan.”

“Now that the Qiluo civilization is extinct, I have brought out the executioners. The cause and effect are half useless. I will see if you have any ability before sending the executioners in.”

“By the way, I have not reached my limit by resisting the bombardment of ten realms.”

Fate is shocking and impossible.

Whoever can master nine realms dares to touch the master. If there are more than ten realms, the master will have to discuss matters with you.

This legend is exaggerated, but it is not unreasonable.

Once the power of the nine realms is mastered, no one in the inner and outer heavens can suppress it except the master. It can be regarded as the most powerful existence under the master.

Even at the same level, it cannot be suppressed.

If you want to suppress such powerful people, you need a master to come forward.

Qian Ji Guiyan can resist the bombardment of ten realms, which represents its strength. Only the master can suppress it.

This is also the reason why the strong man Mingfan and Qiyun appeared together. They planned to join forces to hold back Qianji Guiyan. But now that Daohe has come out, there is no point in delaying Qian Ji Guiyan, let alone whether he can really delay it?

No one knows where the limit of scheming is.

At this time, in the distance, darkness flows towards the shadow world.

Qianji Guiyan saw it and was surprised, so fast? According to its calculations, even if Chen wants to control the shadow world, it won’t be that fast.

But now the shadow world is controlled by him.

Mingfan and the powerful Qiyun also saw it and were quite helpless.

The Shadow Realm has returned to the Death Alliance, and the executioner clan has also emerged. There have been unprecedented changes in the inner and outer world. Could it be that the Death Alliance is really going to return completely? Take back everything you once had?

In the shadow world, Lu Yin no longer cares about the outside world. At this moment, he wants to practice the method of evil.

Since he mastered the art of poisoning in the Dead Sea until now, Lu Yin’s skeleton clone has not practiced much.

I cultivated twenty-seven evil spirits at the beginning, which was somewhat useful, but not very useful. I felt it after the battle with Lian Cheng and Tang.

There are one hundred and eight evil spirits in total, and perhaps only the Lord of Death has mastered all the evil spirits.

Lu Yin does not need to master all of them, as long as he has mastered more than fifty, it will be enough to play an important role in the three-path battle.

Looking up, looking at the power of death sinking like stars in the sky, the body slowly rose and disappeared into the darkness.

“The abnormal qi of the body, the terminal illness and the disordered body consume the spirit and separate the body to consume the qi…”


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