Star Odyssey Chapter 4818: Time Dam

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Lu Yin deliberately selected all the targets, and for a year, he chose a certain target at a certain time. Even if Wang Wen knew how to take action, he would not encounter it by chance, and the possibility of taking action was indeed low.

“Base, ask a question.”

“No comment.”

“I haven’t asked yet.”

“I have answered enough.”

Lu Yin asked directly: “Does Wang Wen have the ability to break the shackles of cause and effect?” At the beginning of the three-dimensional disaster in the universe, Wang Wen was forced to leave by Master Qingcao. He relied on the second needle of the Gate of Hell to kill everyone. It was on his head, and he was so forced that he couldn’t take action. At that time, everyone thought it was reasonable, but looking back now, Wang Wen

As the ancestor of the Wang family, any master sequence can release the constraints of cause and effect, but he can’t do it?

If the shackles of cause and effect can be released, then there will be something wrong with the three cosmic disasters.

If the shackles of cause and effect cannot be lifted, then the relationship between the Wang family and the Lord must be re-examined.

It’s like the walking awl cannot be released from the constraints of cause and effect because it belongs to the main consciousness. The disappearance of the main consciousness caused them to lose this ability.

A definite answer will make Lu Yin see many problems.

But Base still didn’t say, “This is the balance’s own business. Ignorance will not participate.”

Before Lu Yin could speak, Ba Se continued: “Lu Yin, you are sure to accept the mission target, seven, please confirm again, do you admit it?”

“Admit it.”

“Given a portal that leads directly to the target, the time dam.”

Lu Yin was confused: “What time dam?” Base said: “Even with unknown abilities, it is impossible to kill all the main sequences in free time. However, there is an unknown treasure, the time dam. You can use this Zhuobao to intercept the seven targets in the long river of time.

Fix the time. During this fixed time, the seven of them cannot leave, avoid, or call for help until the end of the period. ”

Lu Yin was shocked, there was such a turbid treasure?

Can so many main sequences be intercepted at the same time? It reminded him of the blind man’s false eternal consciousness.

To cultivate a certain force to a certain level, and then trap the other strong ones in a certain way, if you want to pry it out, you need ten times the strength.

The false eternal consciousness cannot be pried.

At this time, the dam cannot be pried.

No wonder they didn’t take action against the Snow Queen, because the Snow Queen belongs to the Lord of Time, and the dam may not be able to trap her at this time.

The reason why the blind man was able to trap so many masters in the first place was because Xing Zui joined forces with him. Otherwise, with Xing Zui’s consciousness, the blind man might not be able to succeed.

“So the dam can only trap it for one year at this time?” Lu Yin asked.

Base said: “Yes, one year later, the river of time will overwhelm the dam of time, and the treasure of the town will be destroyed. So you only have one year to take action, and within one year, you can take action at any time.”

Lu Yin’s scalp numbness, just like Canhai’s dilemma, can affect the life or death of the trapped strong man. The difference is that Can Hai is easy to kill. At this time, even if Diba wants to kill the main sequence, it will be difficult. The main sequence can attack with all its strength.

For them, it is about killing the main sequence, but for the main sequence, it is enough to hold on for one year.

The existence that conforms to the laws of the three universes can last for a year, and the problem does not seem to be too big.

This depends on the unknown strength.

The price of the false eternal consciousness is that the blind man’s consciousness is completely destroyed, and the price of the time dam is the destruction of the treasure. There are costs, and they are not light.

It can be said that this time dam is one of the rare destroyed treasures known to Lu Yin.

Once death occurs in this mission, the unpayable price will be considerable.

I have lost a lot because I didn’t know it.

I don’t know that if there is a time dam, there will be other tools and treasures. Lu Yin was secretly vigilant, what if one day he was trapped in a similar predicament?

Teleportation is not a panacea.

Shan Laozu can be targeted to death, so can he.

“Lu Yin, please collect the portal, and at the same time grant a divine power, the ability to kill.”

“Given a divine power?”


Lu Yin did not hesitate, pushed open the hanging coffin, and went directly to the new location through the white unknowable portal. Of course, with confusion.

Is he afraid? Really not afraid.

Breakthrough conforms to the two laws of the universe and sees the horror of chaos. Unless you are surrounded by the Lord and face the Lord directly, you will still have confidence.

This new trace is indeed not as impressive as before.

It would be great if we could go back to the small distance before and absorb the green light spots of the sacred tree. There should be many, many, and they would be accompanied by endless divine power.

Lu Yin stood in Zhizong, raised his head and looked around. There was still a coffin hanging on the cliff and vines hanging down.

“Base, I’m here in person, want to meet?”

“Given the ultimate divine power and portal.” The eight colors did not appear. On the big tree not far away, the seven-colored divine power surged, and a red divine power went towards Lu Yin, and then disappeared into Lu Yin’s body.

Lu Yin habitually kept it in the starry sky in his heart.

Although the three-color divine power is separated due to the clone, the original deity can still absorb the divine power because the divine power belongs to the original deity.

And this so-called ultimate divine power is indeed very powerful, almost comparable to the divine power obtained by Chen’s clone through the Heaven-Bearing Technique, but it is too unstable and may overflow at any time. It’s probably the red line that’s missing.

The three color divine power lines are all in the divine power clone body.

After gaining divine power and portal, Ba Color never spoke again.

Whether it was a new trace or the previous one, Lu Yin had the confidence to pass it by.

It’s a pity that my old friend is not here. It would be better if I could quarrel with Da Mao for a few more words, the old guy is disgusting and disgusting, and whet his unknowable appetite for black.

Returning to Xiangcheng, Lu Yin still teleported away from the place with Xiangcheng first, then took out the mission target portal, and with Hunji, waited for the opportunity to go to the location.

The time dam has not been activated yet.

“Time Dam? Isn’t that the treasure of Mu Taidou? Why is it in the hands of this unknown person?” Hun Ji was surprised.

After leaving Zizong, Lu Yin told it what to do next, because it needed Hunji to protect itself, otherwise it would be in big trouble if it encountered Wang Wen, although the possibility was very low.

Hunji was very surprised when he heard the words “time dam”.

Lu Yin was also surprised: “Is this the treasure of Mu Tai Dou?” Hun Ji nodded: “The leader of the ninth barrier, Mu Tai Dou, is good at time. He has tried his own combat skills for countless years and mastered the combat skills abruptly. I have become something like a Zhuo Bao, but I remember that Time Dam is just an ordinary Zhuo Bao. How is that possible?

Is it a powerful treasure? It can’t be the same name. ”

Lu Yin shook his head: “It shouldn’t be the same name. By the way, senior, do you still remember what combat skills Master Mutai used to develop the time dam?”

Hunji said he didn’t know. He wasn’t very familiar with Mu Taidou and had only heard some things.

Lu Yin thought of tracing back to the past.

At the beginning, Mr. Mu fixed the tributary of the long river of time in the mirage by tracing the origins of the past, and let the tributary of the long river of time only exist in the Tianyuan universe, thus fixing the mirage.

This is how fate came about. Weinu and the others used the tributaries of the long river of time as a platform to plot against each other.

Mr. Kemu said that his tracing of ancient times was his own creation.

Mr. Wood, Master Wood. Could it be a descendant?

Thinking of this, he specifically asked Mr. Mu. Mr. Mu said: “The self-creation of some powers can be regarded as temporary inspiration. It is difficult to explain the creation process clearly, but if you go by your guess, I may really be a descendant of Mu Taidou. Although the ancestors of the family have not left behind Talent,

But the instinct of cultivation was left behind. ”

This is the only explanation.

The ancestors of the Lu family left behind a general station, and Mr. Mu’s ancestors left him the talent of understanding time together.

“It’s normal. Although humans are one race, some people are naturally good at cultivation, and some people are good at reading. Otherwise, why would many cultivators have offspring when they feel that they have succeeded in cultivation? That’s the reason.” “Little Guy, if you have descendants now, I can guarantee that they will definitely have extraordinary talents, and they will unconsciously get the inspiration you gave them in various power cultivations, just like your master. How about it? Not moved? In fact, I

I have an immature suggestion, give birth to a batch of children. For the sake of you humans, in a few decades, humans will have a group of people with extraordinary talents. After a few thousand years, humans will have a group of people… ”

The word “batch” scared Lu Yin to the point where he didn’t dare to speak.

A few years later, Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes, the time had come. This is the time agreed with the unknowable.

At this moment, the time dam is officially activated.

At the same time, the same scene appeared in seven different corners of the universe.

The gray freezes the void, and the tributaries of the Long River of Time are directly frozen. If you look at the Long River of Time, you will find that a stream of light has turned into seven rock-solid dams, frozen at seven points, without affecting the flow of the entire Long River of Time.

That is the treasure of town and the dam of time.

“Who?” The creature yelled, and powerful force tried to break the gray void, but it was difficult to do so, and time had been frozen.

“The law of time?”

“I am a god, who dares to take action?”

“Looking for death.”

“You actually used time to trap me? My luck has indeed been exhausted. I avoided the battle in Canhai and it indeed consumed too much good luck. But can this time alone trap me?”

Lu Yin looked at the door in front of him, “Senior, let’s go.”

Hunji entered Lu Yin’s Supreme Mountain.

Lu Yin walked out, stepped through the door, and saw a world of black and gray.

The gray time freezes in the void, while the black represents the power of death.

The Dead Sea is framed in gray, and beyond the Dead Sea is a starry sky. This is the scene on the other side of the portal.

Just after crossing the portal, the power of death swept across his eyes. Lu Yin teleported to avoid it, and looked again, waiting for it. They looked at each other with surprise in their eyes.

They knew it as soon as they were trapped by the time dam and wanted to break it. But it can’t be broken no matter what.

The moment the portal appeared, others did not know who did it, but they knew that it came from unknown means. He never thought about destroying the portal. Even if he destroyed it, he would not be able to get out. He could only leave through this portal.

But he never expected that the person coming through the portal would be Lu Yin.

“Senior, I have no time to say more, just follow me first.” Lu Yin urged. He was afraid that other unknown people would come at the same time. No matter which one they were, it would not be easy for them to dare to participate in this mission. He glanced at the portal: “Unknown means? They want to kill me? Do they know my identity?”


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