Star Odyssey Chapter 4817: Eradication mission

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The key point of Lu Yin’s move against Bai Agnostic is that he took action, which meant that Lu Yin’s causal constraints were gone.

If you want to reduce the constraints of cause and effect, all living beings must join the Lord’s path and be erased by the power of the Lord’s path.

Base’s voice was calm: “There are still unknowable rules, and I hope you abide by them.”

“The previous rules?”

“Not bad.”

Lu Yin nodded: “Okay, we can’t take action against each other, right.”

“So, what about Wang Wen? Where is Wang Wen?”

“I have left a long time ago and have not returned yet.”

“Is he still considered an agnostic member?”

“Same as you, he thought, forget it.”

“Then let me change the question. I don’t know, do you still dare to accept him?” Lu Yin asked.

Zhizong fell into silence.

Base paused and said, “His identity has never changed.” Lu Yin understood. It seemed that when Wang Wen joined Anonymous, he used his identity as the ancestor of the Wang family. It’s strange that the master actually has no objection to what he did? Everyone knows that Wang Wen has his own selfish motives for doing this, and it is more likely

Take the unknown astray.

Since the main alliance has been established to deal with the nine bases of human beings, why is it still willing to let Wang Wen get involved?

Is it because Wang Wen participated in the war against Ninth Base?

“By the way, what’s your strength?” Lu Yin suddenly asked.

Base no longer answered, but said: “Lu Yin, since you are unknown, please accept the mission.”

“Got a mission?”

“Please choose a mission. Due to the special situation, there are only mandatory missions.” After a pause, Lu Yin heard the mission that shocked him – kill, main sequence.

That’s right, the mandatory mission released by Anonymous is actually the main sequence of killing the master.

Lu Yin thought he heard wrongly: “Base, are you right? The mission is to kill the main sequence?”

“Yes, please choose which task to accept.”

“Each task represents a master sequence?”


Lu Yin looked at the much smaller sacred tree in front of him. The colorful light shone on his face, reflecting his extremely uneasy mood.

“Why do you do this? Aren’t you afraid of being destroyed by the master?”

Base’s tone was terrifyingly calm: “If you want to be useful, you can’t wait for others to think you are useful, but make yourself an indispensable part.”

Lu Yin exclaimed: “Who does this mandatory mission come from? Wang Wen?”

“It’s Agnostic.” “You want to destroy all the main sequences under the master’s command and let Agnostic replace the main sequence?” Before Ba Se could answer, Lu Yin said in a deep voice: “You are playing with fire, the master will not Let you fool me, if I were the master, I would destroy it myself

For you, even if all the dominant clan is thrown out of the trunk to replace the main sequence and each sequence, you will not be able to take the initiative. ”

“I don’t want to participate in this kind of thing, I will die.”

Base said in an extremely calm voice: “Kill all the orders, and you will be in the unknown, and no one will take action against your human civilization.”

Lu Yin took a deep breath. No matter how you looked at it, this looked like Wang Wen’s handiwork.

I wonder how bold the color can be?

“Do you know that some time ago, the long river of time came, bending the branches and warning the entire square inch?”


“The bottom line of the main line is getting closer and closer.”

“In our eyes there is no bottom line, only substitution.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows: “Are you Ba Se or Wang Wen?” “Ba Se is Ba Se, not anyone else. Lu Yin, accept the mission. No matter what your identity is, as long as you can prove the main sequence, The evidence of death at your hands means that the mission has been completed, but your identity is the person who deserves to die.

It’s hard to hear, but it’s true.

People in the three universes are all descendants of Ninth Base. Once traces are exposed, a devastating blow will surely follow. Now Calm can only say that it has not been discovered yet.

The Lord may have sent someone to look for them long ago.

What Wu Zhi is doing now is extremely arrogant and bold. Once it starts, the main group will definitely be shaken. It will have a greater impact than the giant city and the residual sea. No one knows how the main group will react. Lu Yin didn’t have to participate, but if he didn’t participate, he could stay out of it? For the Lord, no matter what he does, even if he is willing to surrender, there is a reason to die. On the contrary, if you participate, you can get the fastest through agnostic

‘s intelligence is safer for the entire human civilization.

In particular, his existence has been known to Ba Color.

Once the Eight Colors and the others suffer disaster, human civilization will not be able to escape, and will definitely be hunted to death.

In fact, regardless of whether you participate in this mission, the position of human civilization itself will not be exposed. No matter how you look at it, participating is much more cost-effective than not participating.

The sky is about to be pierced, is it useful to be far away?

Lu Yin found that he was still not as bold as Anonymous. He had wanted to take action against Lord Suiui, but was frightened, while Anonymous wanted to make a desperate move.

But one thing Lu Yin was sure of was that Ba Color and the others would have a way to protect themselves after Wu Zhi completed all their tasks. What exactly is this method? Lu Yin wanted to know.

So he asked.

But Bashi didn’t answer.

“I can only promise you that unless you die in the mission, you will not lose anything.”

“That’s what you told the old guys? Did they agree?”

“There is no reason to disagree. Hanging on the unknown identity, no matter whether the unknown mission is completed or not, when the mission starts, they will not be able to escape, so it is better to give it a try. Although the universe is big, there is no place for them.”

“Moreover.” Base paused and then slowly said: “They all want to see what is inside the mother tree.”

Lu Yin’s eyes were sharp: “What exists?”

“You want to see it? I’ll take you there.”

“Can you go in?”


“Do you know what’s inside the mother tree?”

“No comment.”

“What was the force that bent the branches before?”

“You want to know a lot, so you have to pay more, Lu Yin, do you accept the mandatory task?”

“There is another question.” Lu Yin’s eyes flashed with strange color: “Unknowable, is it possible to completely destroy the main sequence?”

I don’t know how many members there are in total? Why wipe out the main sequence? Those are all strong ones who conform to the laws of the three universes.

Base’s answer is as always: “No comment. You just need to answer whether you accept the task.”

Lu Yin no longer hesitated: “Yes, accept.”

“Please select a mission target.”

“Don’t tell me you even know where the mission target is.”

“Please choose the mission target.” If Lu Yin can represent the unknown and has to attack the main team, the target he chooses will not be all the main team, but a certain main team. In this way, success can be ensured Sex, without offending everyone


He couldn’t figure out where he got the confidence to attack all the subordinates of the master. Even if he had the ability, why would he do it?

No matter how you look at it, something doesn’t look right. This kind of behavior of treating the Lord as a whole is foolish. But no one is stupid, not even ignorant. It is impossible for them not to think of this, but they still do it. There is obviously a reason to do it. This reason, eight

Se had no intention of telling Lu Yin.

I don’t know how to ensure that I won’t be liquidated after dealing with the master?

How can we deal with those main sequences?

Why treat the main line as a whole?

These three questions are what he wants to know now, but it is impossible to know. Then he can only follow the footsteps of the unknown for the time being and see what the unknown is going to do.

The universe is getting more and more lively.

There are currently seven target tasks before Lu Yin.

He didn’t know who these seven represented.

“I would like to know the specifics of the mission objective.”

Base agreed and presented the target to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened suddenly. The seven targets were basically the main sequence, except for the main sequence.

There are five masters in the main sequence of the years. Buqing is always in the trunk of the mother tree. The other four are Zhongyi who betrayed, Ci Zhu and Chi Yu who disappeared, and there is only one Snow Queen.

Agnostic did not target Snow Queen.

In fact, if the unknowable goal is really the total annihilation sequence, then the Snow Queen should be the target instead of the unknowable one.

The main life path, the main sequence, Fu Shen, Forging Miao.

The main cause and effect, the main sequence, the bamboo sea, the sky. Cause and effect are two fixed natal charts. Could it be that these two are together?

Maintains luck, main sequence, and mining.

The main consciousness is one, the main sequence, the outer sect king. This name made Lu Yin take another look.

Lord death together, cum. Lu Yin’s eyes changed, cum? Why is there him? He is not the main sequence at all, but one of the abyss allowed by the Lord of Death to establish the Sea of ​​Death. The seven abyss did not represent the seven main sequences, and more than half of them did not comply with the laws of the three universes


He really wanted to ask Bose. But I still held back.

Bai Bai guessed that he was related to Chen’s clone, but he didn’t know what the connection between Jie and them was. Once he asked, he might be alerted.

Lu Yin took a deep breath: “You can only choose one target? Is there a time limit?”

“Time limit, one year.”

It seems that there really is a portal leading directly to those main sequences, otherwise it would be too late to even make the journey in a year.

“You can select multiple mission targets.” Bashi said.

Lu Yin glanced at the name “Ji” and said, “I want to choose seven.”

Base’s rare surprise: “All?”

“Yes. It should be possible. There will be no punishment if you fail to complete it.” “No, seven of them will die, regardless of whether you take action or not.” Ba Color said something that made Lu Yin afraid, and he thought about it. There is a circle of Anonymous members, and it seems that apart from White Agnostic, Wang Wen, and Ba Color himself, there is only one Black

It is possible for Se Agnostic to participate in this kind of battlefield.

Others like the Immortal Lord and Toad Six are unable to duel the main sequence.

Haha, the old guy is reluctant.

Where does it get its confidence?

Will Wang Wen take action personally?

If Wang Wen took action himself, these seven might not be enough for him to kill alone.

Wait a minute, what if you happen to encounter Wang Wen when you take action?

Lu Yin spoke up about this problem.

Base said: “The balancer will not participate.”

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows: “Really?”

Base was silent for a moment and said: “If he participates, the nature will change.” This is a rare explanation from Base, but it hits the nail on the head. Yes, if Wang Wen takes action, it will be the end of the Wang family, and the outcome is not unpredictable and controllable.


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