Star Odyssey Chapter 4782: Found

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Without directly taking Xiangcheng away, it is impossible for the human universe to leave in a short time. Even if there is a way to leave, it will not be able to escape the pursuit of Su Xin Sect.

Lu Yin had a headache: “The most terrifying thing about Su Xin Sect is luck. Even if Xiangcheng can escape, unless it escapes from the limit of its tracking, it will definitely be found again with good luck.”

“This is the terrible thing about luck.”

Master Qingcao said solemnly: “It’s difficult to move Xiangcheng. Even if you run away, you can’t escape. The only way is to fight.”

Qinglian Shangyu nodded: “Our human civilization has been through many desperate situations, and we have come through them all, not least this time.”

Mr. Mu asked: “Xiaoqi, when can you come back?”

Lu Yin is helpless. If he can rush back to the three universes, he is not afraid of the Su Xin Sect. With the strength of him and Hun Ji, the Su Xin Sect can’t really do anything to them. The problem is that it will be difficult for them to rush back in a short time. .

How long can the invisible civilization last?

Master Qingcao said: “Although the enemy is strong, we are not weak. You should come back as soon as possible. If you really find us and rely on Xiangcheng to defend us, we will not be without the strength to fight. Don’t worry, our human civilization Not weak.”

Mr. Mu also said: “Xiangcheng is known as the strongest defensive treasure. As long as You Che doesn’t want to die, he will try his best to rely on Xiangcheng to help us resist.”

Lu Yin looked in one direction, where You Che was.

“Send out a group of people first.” Lu Yin said.

Qinglian Shangyu and the others had no objection.

Sending away a batch is equivalent to tinder.

Facing Su Xin Sect, no one dares to say that they will be able to defend it.

The situation they are facing now is almost the same as the ninth base.

Lu Yin’s consciousness returned to his body: “Senior, keep walking.”

“Nothing happened.”

“Something happened, Su Xinzong went to our place.”

“What?” Hun Ji was shocked and looked at Lu Yin: “Su Xin Zong? That is a powerful character.”

Lu Yin looked heavy: “So we have to find a way.”

Hunji is uneasy: “Can human civilization exist in compliance with the three laws of the universe?”

“Of course not.”

“That would be troublesome.” Hun Ji’s heart sank to the bottom of his heart.

Lu Yin took out Linlang and said, “It may not be a desperate situation.”

Linlang Sky can project power to infinite distances. It once even projected a universe for the Lost Race to survive. It is not impossible to project it into the three universes, but it must be located.

Of course Lu Yin can’t do it, but Hun Ji can detect the aura of Jianyu, so it might not be possible if he cooperates with Linlang Tianshang.

“Senior, do you still remember this mirror?”

Hun Ji glanced at it and was shocked: “Linlang in the sky?”

I mentioned before that the treasure in Linlang Heaven belonged to Lu Tongtian, and now I saw it.

“How could you have it?” Hun Ji asked.

Lu Yin explained the process of obtaining Linlang Tianshang, which made Huan Ji confused: “How many battles have you experienced? And there are existences that conform to the laws of the three universes. It’s a blessing that you can survive until now.”

Lu Yin was helpless: “This junior doesn’t want this either.”

It is impossible to rush back. No matter how much time the stealth civilization delays, it will not be able to delay Lu Yin from rushing back to the three universes.

The only way is to go to heaven.

Use Linlang to project power from the sky.

In Lindao Shrine, Master Qingcao saw the invisible creature again. This time, the way he looked at the invisible creature changed.

I didn’t know that the other party was Su Xin Sect. He had an attitude of testing and exploiting, and wanted to use Su Xin Sect to deal with this invisible civilization. But now that he knew it was Su Xin Sect, the concept was different.

That’s Su Xin Sect. How did this invisible civilization trap the other party? “Respected strong men of human civilization, please support my civilization. The powerful enemy is about to escape. Once it escapes, the invisible treasure of our civilization will be snatched away or destroyed. Please take this matter seriously. For my sake

Help us. ”

Master Qingcao put his hands behind his back: “It conforms to the three laws of the universe.”

The shrine is silent.

Although Master Qingcao cannot see the invisible creature, he knows that this creature must be confused and does not understand how he knows the strength of that powerful enemy. When it came out to ask for help, it specifically observed that there were no traces of fighting in Lindao Shrine, and the strong enemy was not human. It was unlucky for them that they were noticed by the opponent when they were invisible, and they were noticed within the scope of other shrines. In the end,

Introduced to the clan.

So they have never doubted that the other party is a strong person in human civilization.

Why does this human know the opponent’s strength now?

Master Qingcao said in a heavy tone: “Don’t think too much. I don’t need to explain some situations to you. You just need to know that we have just learned about this creature.” “It conforms to the laws of the three universes and governs luck. It can be said that not only you, but even our human civilization can’t defeat it. Your only chance to turn defeat into victory is to join forces with us and take advantage of the situation.

Join forces as soon as possible while you can still trap it. Once it escapes, no one can save you. ”

“I don’t know what your civilization is hiding, but there is nothing more terrifying than destruction.”

Invisible creatures are silent.

Master Qingcao is not in a hurry, join forces? help? Of course it’s impossible. This invisible civilization has no good intentions towards human civilization. Why should they help? Moreover, they are facing the Su Xin Sect.

He just wanted to use this to bluff out the ability of the invisible civilization, and at the same time correspond to the power of Su Xin Sect, to compare the current strength of mankind.

The voice of the invisible creature was dry: “God’s will.”

Master Qingcao frowned: “Since you think it is God’s will, then you can handle it yourself.”

The invisible creature said: “Our civilization is called Providence Civilization.”

“Have you ever heard of it?”

Master Qingcao is speechless, he made a mistake.

“God’s will for civilization?”

“You really don’t know? That’s right. Our civilization has been weakened for too long, so much so that even if we dare not show our faces to a shrine under the command of the Lord, it is normal for us to be forgotten.” The invisible creature laughed at himself.

Master Qingcao said: “If you continue to sell things, your civilization will be destroyed.”

The invisible creature hurriedly spoke: “We are a civilization of God’s will.” As soon as he said this, the universe roared, the palace trembled, and indescribable fluctuations came from far away, causing boundless cracks to appear in the void.

Master Qingcao’s expression changed drastically, not good.

Ignoring this invisible creature, he came outside the palace and returned directly to the three universes through the altar.

You don’t need to guess to know that the invisible civilization has been defeated, and this news must come from Su Xin Sect.

Far away, at the entrance of the invisible civilization, cracks spread out from the invisible void. From a distance, it looked like a huge mouth composed of countless cracks, spreading in all directions.

The invisible creature looked at it in horror, civilization is over.

The next moment, Su Xinzong walked out of the invisible civilization. His six eyes looked irregularly in all directions, taking in all the surroundings. He held a seed with many green stripes in his slender hand.

The form is exactly the invisible seed.

However, compared to other invisible seeds, this seed is much larger, and its surface stripes seem to be converging. Many stripes converge with each other to form a smaller seed shape, as if a mural is engraved on this seed.

Su Xinzong raised his paw and looked at the seed: “It’s interesting. It can actually make the eternal life invisible and cannot be seen. It’s a good thing.” After saying that, he put away the seed.

This is good luck. Regardless of whether you know in advance that there is an invisible civilization here, you can find it and get the best.

Looking around again, on a whim, he turned around and walked in another direction.

That direction is the Lindao Shrine. Let’s take away the treasure of time in this shrine first.

When they arrived at the Lindao Shrine, Su Xinzong’s eyes completely darkened. There was still nothing, and it was cleaner than the treasures of other shrines. Who did it?

Don’t be wary of Lin Dao and Si Ling, or add yourself. It makes sense to hide the tributaries of the long river of time. Why hide Lin Dao?


It looked inside the palace and something was wrong.

It’s been a long time since I’ve used the power of time. Whether this is a retreat or something else, it should have the power of time.

Lindao is not here, and has been gone for a long time.

It suddenly turned its head and looked in the direction of the other shrines. It was wrong.

Pick up your feet, walk out, and head to the Other God Palace. There must be something wrong.

If I had known better than to destroy that invisible civilization, what else could I have asked?

But it doesn’t matter, with luck on your side, you will soon find the reason.

It looked around, its six eyes turned, the light superimposed from bottom to top, and finally headed towards the direction of the Other God Palace.

It is one thing to be sure to find out the cause, but because the destruction of the invisible civilization has also affected some of the altars, Su Xin Sect is a little helpless, and it will take a long time to reach the other temples. Luck is indescribable. For Su Xin Sect, you can find the answer you want by luck, but now it has delayed the arrival of other temples because of unintentional destruction of part of the altar, which is equivalent to giving Lu Yin time to use Linlang Tiantian

Locating the three universes is good luck for Lu Yin, but not good for him.

Luck can be good or bad. No one’s luck can always be good, even those who are strong in luck are no exception.

A few months later, Su Xinzong arrived at the Other God Palace and returned to the location where he found the invisible creature. He stood there with his six eyes closed. After a while, he suddenly opened them and walked in one direction. .

That direction is obviously the direction we were going before, but now we are going back to the original path.

At this moment, the three universes were facing a formidable enemy. When they were on guard against Su Xin Sect, they were worried that good luck would bring Su Xin Sect over, but it did.

Looking at the huge Xiangcheng in the distance, Su Xinzong’s eyes widened, Zhuo Bao? And it is an extraordinary treasure.

It’s close.

In Xiangcheng, Qinglian Shangyu and others were helpless. After all, Su Xinzong came to find them after finally reaching this point.

“Then, let’s be polite first and then attack.”

After the words fell, Qinglian Shangyu’s aura suddenly released. The aura that conformed to the pinnacle of the two laws of the universe seemed to push away the entire starry sky, and the cause and effect of the sky spread out, heading towards Su Xin Sect.

Su Xinzong was surprised, a strong man from the cause and effect? Not weak, comparable to the sequence. Is this a warning to myself? It would be too simple to think of scaring yourself away just from this power. I just didn’t expect such a force to exist within the scope of the other palaces, and then thinking about the serious injuries in other sequences and retreat, could it be that this force took away the treasure of time first?


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