Star Odyssey Chapter 4421: Transaction



Why doesn’t this guy say it’s immoral for causing other people’s children to fall into the latrine?


Don’t be too lazy to talk nonsense, after Lu Yin, the Fengshen Illustrated Book appeared, golden light bloomed, and three Cang sword intents converged into a river and danced around the stone monster.


The stone monster is like a light on its back.


“Two choices, either sell the coordinates for me, or die in Xiangcheng, you choose one.” Lu Yin’s tone was cold.


The stone monster wanted to say something else, but in front of him, the long river of swordsmanship rushed towards it, and it hurriedly said: “Sell, I will sell, I will sell.”


Satisfied, Lu Yin withdrew his Sword Dao Changhe: “Isn’t it enough to promise earlier? It’s a waste of time, let’s go, by the way, bring some of your clansmen to look professional.”


The stone monster has no choice but to choose a few of its own kind to take with it. It’s troublesome. Once the technological fishing civilization makes a move, it may not be able to escape.


Looking at the members of the same clan selected by the stone monster, Lu Yin looked at it differently: “You are really professional.”


These fellows are either one-eyed, or lame, or fierce, and carry an axe, no matter how they look, they are more professional than the original one eye.


The stone monster smiled wryly: “I have seen villains before, these????????????????????? home.”


Lu Yin looked at it suspiciously: “Why do I think you are a villain?”


“Human strong, you can’t slander me like this, how can I be a villain?” The stone monster exclaimed, and several of its fellow tribes around it also shrank their heads, bending down as much as possible to appear sincere.


Lu Yin narrowed his eyes. He had seen the past of the stone monster, but all he saw was the past of its cultivation and being captured by Che. In fact, villains can also be civilizations.


Of course, now is not the time to worry about this.


“Think of a way to make the other party believe you.” Lu Yin teleported and brought the stone monsters to a distance close to the ten-year immortal habitat of the technological fishing civilization, and left by himself.


It can’t be too close, too close can’t explain their sudden appearance, and it can’t be too far away, it will take a long time to contact them.


This distance should be about the same.


From a distance of an inch, the stone monster took a few of its kin to look around, knowing that the technological fishing civilization was ahead, but could only bite the bullet and approach.


At the same time, in the distance, a warning sound came from a huge oval light: “Di-foreign creatures detected-beep-foreign creatures detected-beep–“


“I’m so annoying, turn off that beep for me.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


“What happened?”


“Foreign organisms detected, coordinates have appeared.”


“Huh? Didn’t you detect this location before?”


“The detection of alien biological strength is eternal life, there should be a way to block the detection, or a method of instantaneous acceleration, directly entering the detection range.”


“Instant acceleration? Like the creature that used us? So we found them?”


“Enable absolute analysis.”


“Absolute analysis is starting, analysis-analysis-analysis…does not belong to human civilization, strength, eternal life, warning, the other party is eternal life, do you start drifting? Warning, eternal life is approaching, do you start drifting?”


“Of course it doesn’t start. I know that you used to fight with eternal life without even communicating? No wonder the empire suffered so many losses.”


“Reply to Your Highness, the Empire’s analysis report regulations do not allow communication with foreign creatures, either kill or enslave.”


“Hmph, many things can be solved with just a few words, but I have to choose the most troublesome one, okay, whatever you want, it depends on what you want.”


“Start Wandering Immediately, ready to release at any time, and at the same time prepare to release the unconventional weapon-Crystal Fall.”


“Crystal drop is starting, crystal drop is starting.”


“Your Highness, we are not in a hurry, the distance is still too far, wait for the opponent to get close before fighting, so that there is no room for him to escape.”


“Okay, let’s see your performance.” A lazy voice came out.


As time went by, Lu Yin quietly looked into the distance. Nine years had passed, and the stone monster and the technological fishing civilization were very close, and they were about to be able to communicate.


Several months passed, and the stone monster was heading towards the fixed coordinates as usual. Suddenly, things that looked like needles but much bigger than needles appeared in front of them, stabbing towards it.


It shot out, bombarded with power, the void was squeezed, but was pierced by a needle, and passed by the body.


The stone monster was surprised, with such a sharp attack, it turned around and left with its own kind.


Technological fishing civilization is really unfathomable.


Lu Yin stared at those needles, he????????????????? experienced this kind of attack more than once, but never once was as powerful as this one.


This is just a trial attack.


Of course, these needles alone cannot threaten the stone monster. It can only be said that the power of the needles made the stone monster see the upper limit of the attack of this technological civilization, which must exceed its existence.


The decisive retreat of the stone monster made no technological civilization expect it.


“Target turned, is the launch drifting?”


“Your Highness, do you want to launch the drifter?”


“Are you sure this is eternal life? You’re too cowardly to retreat without hitting.”


“It’s not surprising that there are no creatures within a square inch. Because of the particularity of their species, some creatures have a much higher probability of achieving eternal life than others, but such creatures are often difficult when their absolute strength and courage cannot match those. A species that achieves eternal life.”


“Nonsense, I don’t know? It’s all recorded in the empire book, so say something useful.”


“Yes, Your Highness, in this case, our choice is to confirm the target’s strength, track, find the location of the target universe, conquer, and collect resources. Now that the target’s strength is unknown, I suggest launching Wandering.”


“What else do you do besides wandering?”


“Your Highness, wandering is the safest choice.”


“Don’t worry, anyway, it can’t get out of the drifting coverage area, try to launch the crystal drop again, and see if you can measure its strength.”


“Yes, Your Highness.”


Not long after, Jingluo launched, and needles pierced the starry sky, hitting the stone monster like raindrops.


The stone monster kept dodging, and had no intention of fighting at all.


Jingluo launched again and again, tearing countless traces of this dark and deep starry sky.


“Your Highness, the other party is only concerned with running away and has no intention of fighting back at all, so no matter how many crystal drops are fired, its strength cannot be measured, so it is recommended to launch Wandering.”


“Wandering and using, the price is too high, I’m surprised, the dignified eternal life, just like this, won’t fight back?”


At this time, a group of stone monsters appeared on the screen.


“Enable absolute analysis.”


“Absolute analysis is in progress-absolute analysis is impossible, the other party is eternal life.”


“Enable Kingship Absolute Analysis.”


“Wang Jian Absolute Analysis Enabled–Analyzing–Analyzing–Min


The analysis is complete. “Next, the distribution of various substances and the analysis of the stone monster’s speed and evasion reaction appeared on the screen.


“Your Highness, this kind of analysis is of little significance. The power of eternal life cannot be detected by data.”


“I know, don’t you think these creatures look familiar?”


“It’s a little bit, we have never seen this kind of creature before, but what is this familiarity?” Suddenly, they said at the same time: “Evil thief.” “Evil thief.”


“Yes, they are villains. I just said, why are you so familiar with them? The empire has dealt with villains too much. Those villains all look fierce but cautious. Look at their trajectories. The means of eternal life is used as a cover, and the habitual way of hiding is no different from that of a villain.”


“Ordinary people really can’t find it, but we are too familiar with villains, Your Highness, what should we do now?”


“Hmph, communicate, since you are a villain, there is no need to attack.”




In the distant starry sky, the stone monster looks back, won’t it attack? Or are you preparing for a stronger attack? It really wants to talk, but now is not the time. Since the human Lu Yin said that the other party had a deal with the villain, it proves that it is not completely impossible to communicate, but can communicate. It must also be the initiative of the other party, otherwise it will be useless to say anything.


The human let it find a way to trade coordinates, it can only go back to the old way.


Lu Yin’s guess is right. They were indeed evil thieves, but they stopped after the stone monster broke through to immortality. It cherishes life. The evil thieves are all outlaws. , only one can survive.


It doesn’t want to take risks even if it’s an immortal environment.


Besides, the villain’s trade cannot meet the needs of the immortal environment, so it returns to civilization and focuses on inheriting and improving the strength of civilization. This is the way.


With a distance of one inch, the strength of civilization is the real strength. Unless the individual avenue fits the two levels of the laws of the universe, there is no sense of security.


The moment it avoided Jingluo’s attack, it seemed that it really returned to the time when it was a villain.


“Your Excellency, would you like to communicate?” The voice came, and they understood it naturally, even though they belonged to different civilizations.


The stone monster stopped and looked back at the huge oval light: “Why did you attack me for no reason?”


“Is there anything strange? Your Excellency travels across the universe, you don’t even know basic common sense.”


The stone monster said in a deep voice: “I don’t care about you, killing you will increase my karmic bondage, you go.”


“May I ask you, are you a villain?”


The stone monster was surprised: “How do you know?”


In the elliptical light, His Highness stared at the screen and said slowly: “We are willing to trade with villains, do you have civilization coordinates?”


The stone monster looked at the oval light: “Is it a technological civilization? In the universe, it is too rare to achieve fishing civilization with technology. No wonder you want civilization coordinates, you need resources.”


“Your Excellency avoided it because you saw that we belonged to a technological civilization. Since you can see our purpose, you should also know that for a technological civilization, villains are the most popular group. “


Of course the stone monster knows that the most desirable civilization coordinates in the universe are technological civilizations. Resources limit the upper limit of technological civilization, and similarly, resources can also push the upper limit of technological civilization.


Just like a practitioner practicing.


The more and more resources there are, the stronger the technological civilization will be.


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