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That’s right, even if it is an alternative immortality, it is also bound by karma, so Lu Yin guessed that the most direct reason for the existence of this karma may be that it conforms to the laws of the universe, or it may be that this law is a restriction.


By conforming to the laws of the universe, living things become immortal, possessing powerful power and the ability of immortality, and the laws of the universe also impose causal constraints on living things.


The law is the bridge between living things and the universe, and it is also the goal.


When Base told Lu Yin about this civilization, Lu Yin felt sorry for this civilization. If the alternative immortality they achieved was not bound by cause and effect, it would be great. Unknowable will invite them to join and treat them with courtesy.


You must know that a rogue can exert a lot of energy, and a group of rogues is even more unpredictable.


It’s a pity that this civilization of the gods can’t do it.


But it is also very powerful. There are fifteen immortals, and ten of them are alternative immortals. The reason why this civilization is called fishing civilization is because this absolute method is enough. As long as they are given time, they are enough to grow to an unrivaled level.


May I ask, what is the concept of having dozens or even hundreds of immortals in this civilization of the gods?


Even if you don’t???????????????? Knowing that you can crush them in terms of absolute strength, you don’t dare to kill them. The karmic **** is enough to abolish the unknowable.


So with this absolute method alone, the civilization of the gods is enough to become a fishing civilization.


Any fishing civilization has the strength and direction to strengthen its entire civilization. The mud baby in the muddy country, the designation of cause and effect, the teleportation of the Xianling civilization, the unity of all things, the life jump of the Heiqi civilization, and the **** sky seal Therefore, each of them has the absolute means to enhance civilization and a powerful inheritance to enhance themselves.


The three universes are also heading in this direction today.


Teleportation and the Nirvana tree method are actually means available to fishing civilization.


Of course, Lu Yin wouldn’t be afraid if there were only fifteen people of this kind of alternative immortality, but this God Realm has real eternal life experts, and they are extraordinary.


The Lord of the God Realm is called the God King. Eight colors of information show that this God King is a powerhouse who conforms to the pinnacle of the two laws of the universe. strength.


It was this strength that made Lu Yin retreat. He couldn’t beat the peak of the two laws, which were the level of the Red Man, and the three laws of the universe.


The unknowable knows that this God Realm exists and has never caused trouble. It is not only because this God Realm is a civilization that is unknowable to use, but also because it is not easy to mess with. Conquered.


Fortunately, the direction of fishing in the God Realm has not been extended to the direction of the three universes. I don’t know why, otherwise the three universes would have been discovered long ago.


It is worthwhile to exchange the five-star mission rewards for the information of the God Realm, otherwise Lu Yin might do it directly, and it will be a disaster if the God Realm is lured to the three universes.


For the time being, he has absolutely no intention of going to war with this God Realm.


Teleporting away, Lu Yin looked back, formulated laws in his body, and expanded to blend with the distance of a square inch. It is similar to the way of completely destroying the universe. I don’t know if this absolute method is inspired by this.


Everything in the world generates and restrains each other. When there is destruction, there is creation.


It depends on whether it is suitable or not.


Those creatures are constantly pushing the millstone, which is the law of operation formulated by a certain immortality in the God Realm, and it is absolutely impossible to push the millstone to keep the universe running


Who can fit the law of the distance between square inches? But self-made rules are different.


But the biggest problem now is that the tentacles of the God Realm have reached here, and it is only two hundred years away from the three universes, which is already very close.


Is it the meaning of the God King in the God Realm, or a certain god?


In the face of this civilization, human beings must not be defeated, otherwise, if they fail, their descendants will do this sad thing of pushing the millstone, and they will never turn over.


Fortunately, the agnostic protection period is still there, so I have to find out which agnostic is using the God Realm first.


Look for other cosmic civilizations.


Shortly after, Lu Yin re-entered Xiangcheng and continued to inspect everyone and everything with his willingness. In this way, another two years passed. Two years later, Lu Yuan suddenly came and brought something to Lu Yin.


Lu Yin’s complexion changed when he saw something: “When did you find it?”


“Half a year ago, when we were drawing the map of the starry sky.” Patriarch Lu Yuan said.


Lu Yin’s face was solemn: “Finally found it, it must have been a thousand years.”


Patriarch Lu Yuan nodded: “Almost.”


Lu Yuan’s ancestor????????????????????????????????????????????? It’s the ball of the scientific and technological fishing civilization.


At the beginning, the scientific and technological fishing civilization discovered the unknowable portal for some reason, and suddenly made a move, throwing the ball into the portal, and combined with the ball thrown by destroying the swallowing universe before, to find the cosmic coordinates of the three.


Although Lu Yin and the others reacted quickly and collected and destroyed the spheres, the distance between them was so large that they couldn’t see them all. Now, after a thousand years, the sudden appearance of the spheres told Lu Yin that the technological fishing civilization is coming. .


That technological fishing civilization is a civilization that Qi Xu uses, and Qi Xu can’t move instantly. It is already very good to be able to find a technological fishing civilization that is beyond the distance of a thousand years of immortality. The distance of a thousand years is almost the same.


He immediately returned to the Tianyuan Universe to find the Infinite Empire. After years of research, the Infinite Empire already knew the purpose of throwing the ball by the technological fishing civilization.


“They are connected to each other with these spheres, drawing a line, a line leading to the universe of the three of us.”


This is the reply of Infinite Empire.


The emperor of the Infinite Empire has changed again, and Lu Yin has never seen many of them. Although the emperor of this generation respects him very much, Lu Yin has no time to communicate with him.


Since the technological fishing civilization wants to use these spheres to draw a line to find them, they can also use these spheres to draw a line to find the location of the technological fishing civilization at this moment.


Thinking of this, he immediately made a move, asking Patriarch Lu Yuan to point out the location where the ball was found.


Lu Yin looked into the distance: “Is that the direction?” He teleported and disappeared, preemptively.


Continuously teleporting, not long after, Lu Yin saw flickering lights in the distance. Under the mirror light technique, he could see clearly that they were huge oval lights, which came from the technological fishing civilization.


Thousands of years, it really is them.


Lu Yin didn’t get any closer. The speed and distance of 50 years of immortality, even this technological fishing civilization can’t detect that far, otherwise he would have found the unknown portal.


The limit distance they can detect is at most the speed of more than ten years of immortality, and the distance that can be clearly detected is much shorter.


Lu Yin looked at the oval rays of light in the distance, one of which was bigger than any one he had seen before Not even a tenth of it.


This means that the weapon driven by this oval light exceeds anything Lu Yin has ever seen.


Any fishing civilization has its powerful side. It seems that he has overcome this technological fishing civilization weapon with teleportation, but he has not fully seen this civilization. Who knows what other weapons this civilization has?


He doesn’t want to test it, so let others test it, such as God Realm.


The position of the technological fishing civilization at the moment is exactly a triangle with the God Realm and the three universes. They can go to the God Realm by changing the direction, and it is closer. It takes more than 600 years to reach the three universes. , and to the God Realm, it only takes more than four hundred years.


How can you lead them to the God Realm? Four hundred years of immortality is actually very far away. The scientific and technological fishing civilization determines the direction of the three universes and will not change easily.


Lu Yin thought for a while, and came up with a solution, but he didn’t know if it would work or not.


He first went to Xiangcheng, and brought the stone monster out of the eternal life environment from Xiangcheng: “Help me to do something, and you will be free after completing it.”


The Stone Monster Immortal Realm is excited: “What is it?”


It wants to be free too much, but facing Lu Yin, it can’t escape, and it can’t hide?????????????????? It is not easy to know what to do, listen first and then speak.


Lu Yin looked at the stone monster: “Have you heard of it, villain?”


The stone monster is puzzled: “Evil thief?”


“The villain who betrayed the coordinates of cosmic civilization.” Lu Yin reminded.


The stone monster suddenly realized: “I heard that, and there were villains eyeing us before, and I killed them. What, some villains found you? Don’t worry, I will take action.”


Lu Yin looked at it with a smile that was not a smile: “I want you to be a villain and sell a coordinate to a civilization.”


The stone monster is alert: “What civilization?”


“Scientific and technological civilization.”


The stone monster stared at Lu Yin: “Technology?”


Lu Yin nodded: “In a technological civilization, the creatures in it have not cultivated, don’t worry, it’s very simple.”


The stone monster immediately refused: “I won’t go.” Seeing Lu Yin’s face darken, it quickly eased its tone and said flatteringly: “Human strong, I still have a little understanding of the distance between the two, and technology can If you care so much about becoming a civilization, you must be fishing for civilization.”


“Technological fishing civilization, panic when you think about it, have common sense at a distance, don’t touch technological fishing civilization, that thing is not simple, I don’t want to go.”


Lu Yin was puzzled: “Why do you have this common sense?”


The stone monster grinned and didn’t know what to say, it didn’t know if it didn’t believe Lu Yin.


Of course Lu Yin knew it, but he didn’t expect the stone monster to know it too. Obviously, its civilization only has this immortal state, but it has a little common sense about the distance between the two.


“This technological civilization often makes deals with villains. You help me sell coordinates to them. I let you go. It’s the best of both worlds. Don’t worry, if they attack you, I will save you.”


The stone monster doesn’t believe it at all: “The strong human beings can’t touch the fishing civilization with technology. Just think about how difficult it is to achieve fishing civilization with technology. Technology is the only way to use all the resources in the entire square inch. Practice and practice It is a kind of power, and technology extracts all power, which is different.”


“No matter what power this technological fishing civilization studies, it must be terrifying, and there is something more important.”


Lu Yin listened carefully.


The stone monster said: “I don’t do immoral things.”


Lu Yin: “…”


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