Star Odyssey Chapter 4402: Invincible boxing




With a roar, countless strange creatures came out, and rushed towards Lu Yin and Shen Jian Yongsheng as if they were dying.


Shen saw that Yongsheng’s gaze was getting colder and colder. Just as he was about to make a move, Lu Yin flicked his fingers in front of him, and his fingertips clicked on the void, causing ripples to spread to the entire universe and starry sky.


Every creature that touches the ripples is shattered and crushed by an irresistible force.


“Senior, I know you are holding back your anger, but you have a lot of karmic constraints.”


Shen Jian Yongsheng’s eyes trembled, and he subconsciously looked at his wrist.


“Wouldn’t it be better to keep a useful body and continue to protect human civilization? In this battle, if the younger generation makes a move, it’s an apology for rashly breaking into Shen Xing’s universe.” Lu Yin said slowly.


Shen Jian Yongsheng frowned: “You can’t be bound by cause and effect more than me. I can handle the affairs of Shenxing Universe by myself.”


Lu Yin smiled at him: “I’m not immortal.”


After the words fell, under the shocked gaze of Shen Jian Yongsheng, Lu Yin killed the eternal life in this universe.


The earth-shattering roar shook the universe, followed by shrill and wailing. Shen Jian saw the eternal life shocked and watched Lu Yin penetrate the body of the eternal life with one finger. Attacks are like paper in front of him, easily torn into pieces.


That eternal life is not strong, but it is indeed eternal life, with an invisible world.


However, there is no way to fight back in front of Lu Yin.


As Lu Yin stepped forward, intersecting with that eternal life, the universe made a clear cracking sound, and the huge eternal life was still in the starry sky, and a point of **** appeared below him.


That eternal life just fell into the hell, adding cause and effect to Lu Yin.


Having experienced the Muddy Kingdom and Xianling’s war, these ordinary eternal lives are not much different from non-eternal lives in Lu Yin’s eyes.


The strength of this eternal life can actually be compared to the drop-shaped immortality of the hive civilization Qingxian, but that level is only the bottom of the immortality in the unknown compulsory battle.


However, it was a huge blow to Shen Jian Yongsheng.


In a non-immortal environment, killing an immortal environment is like slaughtering a dog. The shock is beyond words.


Shen saw that Yongsheng’s own strength was not weak with the help of the Big Dipper remnant star, but in order to defend Shen Xing’s universe, he never left, and he knew too little about the distance between them.


Being able to understand the unknowable is because the unknowable must have had contact with Shen Xing’s universe, which made him fear the unknowable from the bottom of his heart, but the unknowable he recognizes is still not the real unknowable.


Otherwise, Shen Xing Universe will be gone.


Now Lu Yin’s move seems to have opened up another world for Shen Jian, a world where he should be.


After solving the eternal life, Lu Yin looked towards the direction of the universe, where the stumps of the mother tree were burning for an unknown amount of time. These monsters would not want to use the mother tree to ignite the universe.


He absorbed the green light, causing the mother tree to disappear.


When he came to Shen Jian Yongsheng again, Shen Jian Yongsheng looked at Lu Yin completely differently.


It must be very easy for this person to kill himself.


That’s right, he brought himself to this universe so easily that he didn’t even have time to react at that speed.


“In the three universes, what level does your strength represent?” Shen Jian Yongsheng asked.


This question is not very easy for Lu Yin to answer. To be honest, he is a bit boastful, but he is modest and unbelievable. After thinking about it, he can only say: “Eternal life for human beings, regardless of each other.”


Shen Jian Yongsheng understood, and said with emotion: “Yes, there are karma constraints, and we can’t compete with each other, but I believe that even if you are not the strongest in the universe on your side, you are definitely not bad.”


“Your name is Lu Yin, right?”




“If you were to guard this universe, how would you choose? Do you fight these creatures and destroy the portal directly, even if it attracts the unknown, or let the situation remain unchanged like me, for thousands of years, ten thousand years, I hope you can A miracle has caused my human civilization to rise?”


Lu Yin looked at Shen Jian Yongsheng: “Many people have asked me the same question, but I am different from everyone.”


“Actually, I admire my senior. In order not to let myself have weaknesses, I am ruthless and righteous, and put an end to all emotional fetters. I can’t do this.”


Seeing that Yongsheng’s eyes were bitter, Shen didn’t want to do it, but he had no choice. If there is a weakness, there is a way to be dealt with by the enemy.


Now that the enemy wants to deal with him, they can only start with absolute force. There is no way to do it. He has tried his best. He doesn’t want to be dealt with by the enemy by other means and disintegrate the Shen Xing universe.


“Senior wants to know how I choose?”


Shen Jian Yongsheng nodded.


Lu Yin looked at Point Jiangtai Hell, the karma was still increasing, he said slowly: “The most difficult period of the three universes was much more difficult than that of the Shen Xing universe. We may perish at any time, and there are more than one hanging knives One handle, my choice is.”


“If you can’t beat it, just join.”


“I forgot to tell my predecessors, I am unknowable.”


Shen Jian’s eyes were shocked, and he looked at Lu Yin in horror.


Lu Yin exhaled heavily, with a solemn expression: “I don’t know how much seniors know about the unknowable. In our place, the understanding of the unknowable is the old enemy and the invincible.”


“The unknowable is too powerful. In addition to its own strength, it can also use other civilizations to destroy our human civilization. We were faced with a desperate situation at the beginning. If we hadn’t joined the unknowable, the three of us in the universe don’t know what the situation is now…”


Shen Jian Yongsheng obviously couldn’t accept the fact that Lu Yin was unknowable, which made him connect Lu Yin’s identity with this portal again.


However, behind this portal is indeed not unknowable, it is just the civilization in front of you.


The misunderstanding just now turned out to be correct, but the process was unexpected and hard to imagine.


Shen Jian Yongsheng quietly listened to Lu Yin’s words. In his words, he spoke out the helplessness of the three universes and the unwillingness of human civilization. Shen Jian’s scruples.


“Same question, if you were the master of grass, senior, how would you choose?”


Shen Jian Yongsheng closed his eyes and made a deep voice: “With my character, I choose to be the same as him.”


Lu Yin said: “This is also our scruple. Fortunately, the universe of the three is still stable. The unknown will not be the enemy for the time being. I will not hide it from the seniors. If one day we are determined to fight the unknown again, the first thing What we have to do is to make seniors and Master Qingcao firmly stand on our side, or make it impossible for you to betray.”


“Very true.” Seeing that Yongsheng’s face was much more relaxed, Shen smiled at Lu Yin: “Thank you.”


What he thanked was not that Lu Yin wanted Shen Xing Universe to join the three universes, but that Lu Yin put a shackle on him, a shackle that his own personality could easily fall into the abyss.


He didn’t know what would happen if he faced the unknowable in the future. With his character, he was easily influenced, and Lu Yin’s shackles made him feel at ease.


As for Lu Yin’s joining Unknowable, just as he chose to acquiesce to these creatures fighting with Shen Xing’s universe practitioners for many years, it is a last resort choice. Lu Yin can understand him, and he can understand Lu Yin.


In the final analysis, he has no hatred in his bones for the unknowable, only the fear from the unknown, and the caution to guard this universe.


“Then, how much do seniors know about the unknowable?” Lu Yin asked, Shen saw that Yongsheng didn’t attack this sect because he knew it came from the unknowable.


Shen Jian Yongsheng said: “I don’t know the details, but I know that human civilization once had a peak period, and I also don’t know about that peak period. The only thing I know is that the end of this peak period has something to do with the unknowable. “


Lu Yin did not interrupt, looking at Shen Jian Yongsheng.


Shen Jian Yongsheng recalled: “The awe of the unknowable comes from the bottom of my heart, from the inheritance of the masters. Before they die, the masters are entrusting them to be careful about the unknown.”


“The unknowable has become my nightmare, as if as long as the unknowable appears, my Chen Xing universe will be destroyed.”


Lu Yin was surprised: “Masters?”


Shen Jian Yongsheng nodded: “I have four masters, two of whom are immortals, and two of them are Dzogchen overcoming hardships.”


Seeing that Lu Yin was puzzled, Shen Jian Yongsheng continued: “The masters have lived for a long time, and I myself have not been short, but I was born in the Shen Xing universe, and the masters did not come from the Shen Xing universe. They didn’t say where it came from, they just asked to be careful before they died.”


Lu Yin withdrew his gaze, it seems that Shen Jian Yongsheng’s masters should also be one of the bait of the ninth base, if it is one of the nine bases, this universe will not even lose the word barrier.


His masters did not mention the past, because hatred became a bait, or did they want to cut off the past completely to preserve this universe?


With Shen Jianyongsheng’s personality, his masters are likely to be of the second type.


“Except for you, senior, do your masters have no other successors?”


“No, you can tell that I have a cautious personality, and I am not suitable for boxing at all, but this universe is based on Fanxingquan, so I must practice boxing. To put it bluntly, I am Shen Xingyu, who has cultivated talent throughout the ages. The highest point, in order for me to break through to the Immortal Realm, the masters tried their best and succeeded, but my personality is limited, so I can only go so far, if not for my personality, Fanxingquan will definitely flourish in my hands.” Said At this point, he looked at the starry sky of the universe: “Take me to your universe to see.”


Lu Yin nodded: “Wait until I finish that eternal life.”


After a period of time, the increase of karma stopped, and the eternal life was released from the point of view of the platform hell, and it was wiped out, simply and neatly.


There is no need for a reason, even if this creature is not an enemy of human civilization, this is just an inch away.


Kindness is always reserved for one’s own kind.


Lu Yin and Shen Jian Yongsheng crossed the gate, facing Jiang Feng and Master Qingcao, the war in the distance has stopped, those creatures have been wiped out, the war in Shen Xing’s universe is gone.


It is not easy to bring people from Shen Xing Universe to the Three Universes, Lu Yin showed Shen Jian Yongsheng teleportation, this talent completely shocked Shen Jian Yongsheng.


Teleportation is quite shocking for a person of his level. Lu Yin will always remember how surprised he was when he faced Luo Chan’s teleportation for the first time. At that time, the three universes had to try their best to deal with it.


Now I’m used to it, the three major universes killed even Xianling.


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