Rise From Doomsday Chapter 1786: , 9 tripod formation (Part 1)


【Rise of Doom】【】

“I’m afraid that by the time we think of a solution, most of our people here will be dead.” Just after Yu Xuelong finished speaking, he heard Yu Zaoyuan and Yu Chongxi from the Yu family yelling.

“Damn it!”


A mountain fell from mid-air, and countless iron needles and dead mosquitoes were crushed to pieces. A golden light flashed under the mountain. It was so fast that it was about to be submerged in the black clouds. After that, a one-stroke battle The halberd flew across the sky, as if it was about to cut the world in half. The golden light paused slightly and broke through the halberd, turning into a shadow of a knife and shooting into the swarm of iron needles and dry mosquitoes. The mountain and the halberd tried to pursue them again, but they could no longer find the golden needle or the golden edge. The shadow of the mosquito was gone.

Yu Zhongyan and Yu Zhongxi’s faces were livid and extremely angry. At their feet, Yu Chonghan’s body lay. The heart was broken, the body shrunk severely, and at least half of the blood was lost. It was less than Zhang Zhengang, but Yu Chonghan was taller. He was emaciated and his death state looked even worse than that of Zhang Zhengang.

The children of the Yu family had cold hands and feet. Their first reaction was anger, and their second reaction was fear. Yu Chonghan all died from the mouths of golden needles and golden-edged mosquitoes. Their strength is not as good as Yu Chonghan.

Yu Chonghan’s death verified Yu Xuelong’s words, and the pressure suddenly fell on Zhang Wuhe. People were panicking, and everyone suddenly felt that Yu Xuelong’s suggestion was very good, and morality became unimportant at this moment.

“No one can decide the life or death of others.” Lei Ling had to bear a lot of pressure with these words, but he never looked back.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t be afraid of death.” Yu Xuelong stared at Zhang Wuhe and said coldly.

“As a man, you want to let women take risks. Are you worthy of being a man? No wonder Guang Lianhong said he has no feelings for you. She is a lady. To put it mildly, it actually means that you are not a man enough.” Liu Wei An was no longer polite, this Jade Snow Dragon had repeatedly provoked him, and he also had a temper.

“What did you say?” Yu Xuelong jumped up as if a cat had its tail stepped on.

“Actually, you should know it in your heart, you just don’t want to admit it.” Seeing Yu Xuelong’s reaction, Liu Wei’an became more confident. Yu Xuelong felt guilty. Why did he feel guilty? The most likely reason was that he made up random words and spoke to Yu Xuelong’s mind.

“You are looking for death!” Jade Snow Dragon’s aura surged, and a snow mountain appeared behind him. Waves of cold air came one after another. The iron needle mosquitoes that rushed towards him were frozen to pieces. His eyes were cold, and he slowly floated towards In the air, wherever he passed, the void seemed to freeze. Zhang Wuhe’s face was solemn, and Yu Xuelong was annoying, but his strength was indeed terrifying, and his eyes seemed to be able to kill.

“Snow Dragon!”

Just when Yu Xuelong was about to take action, he was stopped by Guangbei Chang.

“Liu Wei’an, at this time, everyone should be united in dealing with the outside world, instead of sowing discord and doing things that undermine unity and stability. If you do this, you will harm others and yourself.” Guangbeichang looked at Liu Wei’an with a very expression on his face. Displeased, he has no good impression of Liu Wei’an. If it weren’t for Immortal Taibai’s mediation, the Guang family would not let Liu Wei’an go.

“Whether you have bad eyesight or bad ears, which one comes first, don’t you know? Senior, your behavior is disgusting.” Liu Wei’an said coldly.

“You, you, you…” Guangbeichang turned pale with anger.

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【Rise of Doom】【】

Lei Ling and Zhan Yutang quickly broke up the fight, but their comfort obviously had no effect. Guangbeichang was about to take action in anger, but he calmed down after speaking with six fingers.

“There is really no good way now. If Miss Zhang is willing to stand up, I promise that no accident will happen to you.” Bian Liu pointed out.

“And me!” Zheng Yiyao said solemnly: “Miss Zhang, please don’t worry, I will definitely protect your safety.”

“If Miss Zhang is worried, I have a ‘Returning Yang Pill’ for you to keep here.” Bian Liu pointed.

Everyone was moved by this. The ‘Returning Yang Pill’ is said to be an elixir that fights against the God of Death. As long as you have one ‘Returning Yang Pill’, it is not easy to die.

Before Liu Wei’an could refuse, Zhang Wuhe had already rushed to shout: “Okay, I will risk my life to kill the golden needle and golden-edged dry mosquito.”

“You don’t want your life?” Liu Wei’an said hurriedly.

“My life and death depend on you. They definitely don’t really want to protect me, so I can only rely on you.” Zhang Wuhe said.

“I agreed even though I knew I wasn’t sincere.” Liu Wei’an said angrily.

“We are all on the same team, and someone has to make sacrifices.” Zhang Wuhe said seriously: “We still have a lot to do, and we can’t be stuck here.”

“You…” Liu Wei’an didn’t know what to say. He could see Zhang Wuhe’s thoughts at a glance. He was going for the ‘Returning Yang Pill’, and even risked his life for the ‘Returning Yang Pill’. .

Jade Snow Dragon has a very bad intention, but has a vicious vision. Zhang Wuhe is indeed very attracted to golden needles and golden-edged mosquitoes. Less than a minute after she walked out, a golden light rushed out of the dark clouds. The speed of the golden light was too fast. Soon, those with poor eyesight would not be able to capture the body of the golden needle and the golden edge of the dry mosquito. They could only see the afterimage that passed through the void and had no time to dissipate.

“The Finger of Transformation!”

As soon as Zheng Yiyao pointed out, everyone rushed to the scene and their souls trembled, with a terrible feeling of being scattered. No wonder Zheng Yiyao dared to speak big words. It turned out that he was indeed a Chinese.


The Golden Needle Golden Edge Dry Mosquito has an extra hole on its left wing, and its speed is slightly slowed down.

“Royal Mountain Technique!” Bian Liuzhi’s technique is very similar to Tai Chi, but far more complicated than Tai Chi. The power between heaven and earth is borrowed by him, and as his gestures move, it forms a torrent.

The Golden Needle Golden Edge Dry Mosquito was involved in it, and was about to be submerged. The Golden Needle Gold Edge Dry Mosquito suddenly shot out a ray of golden light, with six fingers on his side. Despite his age, he was more agile than a young man. He clamped lightning with his left hand, It accurately clamped the golden light, which turned out to be the mouthparts of the Golden Needle and Golden Edge Dry Mosquito. In order to escape, the Golden Needle and Golden Edge Dry Mosquito shot out its mouthparts.

“Not good-” After seeing what it was, Bian Liuzhi’s expression changed, and a bad premonition emerged, and his **** turned golden.

Bian Liuzhi didn’t even think about it, he immediately discarded his mouthparts, took out a knife and cut off the **** that turned into gold. Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Before the people on the side could see clearly what the golden light was, Bian Liuzhi had already cut off his own finger. With such a distraction, golden needles and golden mosquitoes shot out, but he still didn’t give up. , still pounced on Zhang Wuhe.

The Jade Snow Dragon thrust out a sword from the air, causing the void to crack.

“Dare you!” Liu Wei’an was furious when he saw this. Jade Snow Dragon’s sword seemed to be aimed at golden needles and golden-edged mosquitoes, but it actually enveloped Zhang Wuhe. This sword has three results. The first one is that the golden needle with a golden edge is completely blocked, and the sword returns in vain. The second result is that the golden needle with a golden edge is avoided by the mosquito, and Zhang Wuhe hits the sword. The third result is The golden needles and golden-edged mosquitoes could not stop him, and the sword energy was not exhausted and hurt Zhang Wuhe.

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【Rise of Doom】【】

Golden needles and gold-edged dry mosquitoes have sinister intentions, how can they not make Liu Wei’an angry?

“Soul Soul!”

Mysterious and ancient power swept across all directions, and everything came to a standstill. Only the golden needles and golden-edged dry mosquitoes were still flying, but the speed slowed down.

Liu Wei’an’s third sword struck out with lightning.


The fire was radiating, and when the third knife hit the golden needle and the golden-edged mosquito, a terrible force came back, and Liu Wei’an almost lost his grip on the knife.

However, although the Golden Needle and Golden Edge Dry Mosquito was not injured, its flight stopped. A bright moon came, and it was Zhang Wuhe’s full moon scimitar.

Then, masters such as Zheng Yiyao’s ‘Hua Jie Zhi’, Bian Liuzhi’s ‘Rou Hand’, Yu Zhongyan, Yu Zhongxi, Zong Di, Zheng Shudong, etc. took action one after another. With so many masters surrounding them, even a level six monster would die. However, Golden Needle and Golden Edge Dry Mosquito survived, leaving behind a few feet, breaking through the storm formed by the destructive power, and fled back into the dark clouds.



Xie Bu’an and Liu Wei’an shot in at the same time. A golden and silver rainbow broke through the dark clouds and hit the gold needles and golden-edged dry mosquitoes. In an instant, the explosion caused the void to shatter, and a vacuum with a diameter of a hundred meters appeared in that area. , millions of iron needle mosquitoes turned into dust, but soon, the vacuum was filled with endless iron needle mosquitoes, and the light became dark again.

Everyone looked at Xie Bu’an, who shook his head slowly. Everyone looked at Liu Wei’an, who also shook his head expressionlessly. The golden needle and gold-edged dead mosquito was beyond imagination. A series of arrows failed to kill it. Two arrows failed to kill it. On the arrows, one is a weapon curse, and the other is a corpse-dissolving curse. With Liu Wei’an’s current spell ability, the corpse-dissolving curse can break down steel, but it cannot break down a mosquito as big as a palm.

The Golden Needle Golden Edge Dry Mosquito may be injured, but it is not dead. ~IndoMTL.com~ Everyone was shocked and uneasy. The power of the golden needle and golden edge dry mosquito was also beyond their expectation. They thought that with the strength of so many people, it was inevitable to kill the golden needle and golden edge dry mosquito. The reality gave everyone a Remember the loud slap.

When Liu Wei’an stared at Yu Xuelong, he was pulled by Zhang Wuhe. She whispered in Liu Wei’an’s ear: “If you settle the score with him now, everyone will start a fight. We will look for opportunities later. , Yin comes back.”

“It’s up to you.” Liu Wei’an hesitated and agreed. Unless he is ready to fall out with everyone now, it will be difficult to deal with Yu Xuelong in this situation. The Guang family will not sit idly by and others will not let him kill people.

“The golden-edged golden-edged dry mosquito has a certain command. If it is injured this time, it will not be fooled again. However, the golden-edged golden-edged dry mosquito is extremely vindictive, so everyone should be careful.” Bian Liuzhi’s face was not very good, not only He failed to keep the golden needle and the golden-edged mosquito, and also lost two fingers. He was the biggest loser.

Yu Xuelong opened his mouth, but did not speak in the end. He wanted to carry out the bait strategy to the end, but Bian Liuzhi spoke first, and he could not oppose Bian Liuzhi.

Liu Wei’an used the third knife to pick up the mouthparts of the Golden Needle Gold-rimmed Mosquito. There were two golden fingers on the side of the mouthparts. However, he probably didn’t intend to take the six fingers and didn’t even look at them. Have a look.

Zhang Wuhe was about to ask Liu Wei’an what he was doing when he saw the mouthparts. When the good news came, Gelucangzhe, who was immersed in setting up the formation, straightened up: “The formation is set up, everyone come in.”

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【Rise of Doom】【】


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