Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 2095: Be grateful



“It turned out to be the Twelve Emperor Sun Dongfanghui!”


Jiang Beibei’s consciousness swept away, her pretty face sank, and she secretly said that she was unlucky.


This young monk in golden robe and jade belt is the son of Crown Prince Dongfang Ding, the most beloved grandson of the monarch Dongfanglu, Dongfanghui.


Nowadays, the eastern royal family is striving for governance, and the atmosphere is new. All the princes and grandsons have to take up positions and serve the country.


This is a kind of experience that Dongfanghui is also in charge of the defense of Xuanwumen.


At present, he is also cultivating at Xinghuo Academy. He seems to have some thoughts on Jiang Beibei, changing his pursuit and ingratiating himself.


But Jiang Beibei never accepted it. Jiang Tian hasn’t returned for a long time, and the little girl misses her father so much. How can she have such thoughts.


Secondly, she is intelligent and can always catch a trace of aggression in Dongfanghui’s eyes, which makes her very unhappy.


Three cases, she learned from secret channels that on the surface, Dongfanghui looks serious, but in fact it hangs around in flowers, lingers in some double cultivation occasions all day, and even kidnaps some boys and girls as furnaces, which makes her very disdain. .


“Miss Jiang, do you want to go back to the city? I’ll open the door for you when I’m young.”


At this time, several cultivators escorted their swords and flew over, and one said respectfully.


“The twelfth emperor’s grandson is also on the flying boat. In the past few days, he has been talking about Miss Jiang every day. Would you like to report to him below?” Another guard who looked like a commander laughed.


Because Jiang Beibei is always in and out of the Southern Xuanwu Gate, many monks and guards know her, and there is a kind of respect from the heart between her words.


In the ten years since the implementation of Xinghuo’s new strategy, I don’t know how many talented poor children have become monks, and then joined the military and the Huang Family Guard, changing their destiny.


Siqing National Teacher is deeply loved in the Eastern Empire, especially among the people. By the way, these monks also gave Jiang Beibei a high look.




Jiang Beibei didn’t want to provoke the 12th emperor, so he whispered to Da Hei.


The unicorn under the seat spurted two arrogance from its nostrils: “Hmph, what’s so scary about this little brat? Without you, old bean, there would be no Eastern Empire today. I’m afraid that ten years ago, it was already under the control of princes and sects. The trampling has become scum, even if they survived the disaster ten years ago and the riots in the critical canyon, they can’t bear it, and there is no suspense about the destruction of the country and the clan.”


“Ah, it’s better to have less than one more thing.”


Although Jiang Beibei has always lived under the protection of Jiang Tian’s wings, she often listens to Jiang Tian’s stories about the cultivation world and knows how to advance and retreat.


“Hey, next time he dares to harass you, I’ll blow his eyes.”


Da Hei is just a madman. In fact, he is obedient to the little master. He stopped insisting immediately and turned around and left.


And Jiang Beibei was afraid of disturbing Dongfanghui, so she sent a voice transmission to the guards: “Your Excellency, a few little brothers, don’t bother you to open the door. Your Highness is busy with business, so don’t bother him.”


After a pause, she asked again, “What’s the background of that female nun?”


“Reporting to Miss Jiang, she is the great-great-granddaughter of Gu He, the Pill Saint of the Ancient Medicine Palace, Gu Lingyun.” The guard commander also replied respectfully.


When mentioning the names of Ancient Medicine Hall and Pill Saint Gu He, there was also a deep fear on the commander’s face.


After all, this is the number one force on the mainland!


“Oh. She!”


Jiang Beibei was thoughtful and left quickly.


“The Twelve Emperors, do you patrol here every day?”


Above the flying boat, Gu Lingyun asked with a smile, every frown and a smile were all moving, and every move was graceful and graceful.


“This woman is stunning, if she can sleep for a while, her cultivation will drop a level, and it’s worth it!”


“My father really has a vision. Pill saint Gu He doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead. Now that his son Gu Hezhi is acting as the hall master, Gu Lingyun will be the granddaughter of the hall master in the future, and he is even expected to take over as the hall master.”


"If I marry her, hey, isn’t the kingship in my pocket from now on? Now, after going through the new strategy of Spark, the Eastern Empire is full of talents, and it is the strongest country in the sixteen empires on the mainland, but it is still incomparable with the ancient medicine hall. "


“With the backing of the Ancient Medicine Hall, it’s even easier to unify the continent!”


“Jiang Beibei?”


“Although this woman is stunning, Siqing National Teacher has fallen into the critical canyon after all. How can she beat Gu Lingyun’s hair?”


Even though Dongfanghui had countless royal daughters and was accustomed to seeing the beauty in the world, she couldn’t help but see that her bones were lightened by three taels.


Looking at the terrible background of this woman, Dongfang Hui is even more imaginative and smug.


I have evil thoughts in my heart, but Dongfanghui’s face is serious: “Grandpa Huangzu values ​​me very much, so in addition to letting me practice with famous teachers in Xinghuo Academy, I also work here every day. Xinghuo Academy and even the Empire adhere to the practice of cultivation. One is the daily use of the common people, and the monks should fight to protect the common people, not to be above the world and to leave the world.”


Gu Lingyun’s beautiful eyes are full of brilliance, and his smile is like a flower: “This is the purpose of my ancient medicine hall to benefit the world and the people, but it has the same goal.”


The two are having a good time talking.


Then Gu Lingyun’s beautiful eyes glanced into the distance, and suddenly a trace of greed flashed, and said: “Though the treasures you said you want to give me are good, but I also have some savings in the ancient medicine hall.”


“Surely rejected!”


Dongfanghui blushed and couldn’t help feeling ashamed.


In order to please this woman, all of his gifts were collected with great effort, and some even came to the emperor kneeling and begging.


But in the eyes of holy sects such as the Ancient Medicine Hall, the Eastern Empire is nothing but a small place in the countryside. The so-called treasures of heaven and earth are just garbage, and they are not eye-catching at all.


“Xiao Ke will look back and prepare carefully”


Dongfanghui said humbly.


Suddenly, Gu Lingyun stretched out her slender hand, pointed at Jiang Beibei, and said, “The bell on this woman’s wrist is not bad. If you want to give it to me, give it to me.”


Dongfanghui’s expression changed slightly.


Princess Mo Yu often taught him that he must not provoke Jiang Beibei with anger. Siqing, the national teacher, was kind to the Eastern royal family and even the empire.


However, Dongfanghui also quickly made a decision.


“Unfortunately everyone is Siqing National Teacher has fallen, a dead person, and there is no way to help me in the future, then, how much kindness has disappeared!”


“How about offending her Jiang Beibei?”


“To please Gu Lingyun is the key. It is related to me and even my father’s throne, so there is no room for neglect.”


As soon as he thought of this, he immediately smiled and said: “Since Miss Gu likes it, I will naturally ask you to come.”




Gu Lingyun smiled, and immediately made Dongfang Hui stunned.


It’s just that she frowned again and said, “It’s just that a gentleman doesn’t want to be loved by others, and this girl doesn’t want to be monopolized, but what can I do?”


Dongfanghui said: “Hey. She is the daughter of the old national teacher. If my Dongfang family knew how to be grateful and took her in, she would have been living in the people and had been devoured, raped and murdered by monsters long ago. A few bones, a **** of loess.”


“Her life was given to us by the Eastern Royal Family. Now, what is the point of asking her for a small accessory?”


As soon as the words fell, he wanted to show off his skills in front of Gu Lingyun, and performed a large space shift technique. With a flick of his body, he came dozens of miles away, blocking Jiang Beibei’s way.


He said with a smile: “Sister Beibei, let’s have a discussion. Brother likes the bell on your wrist very much. How about you give up your love to me?”


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