Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3872: Be wary of monsters (Part 2)


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The demon race, once defeated by the human race, lived on the edge of the fairy world.

That kind of place was extremely dangerous and barren, so the humans didn’t fight through it in the end.

Because the cost of fighting is a bit high, and the demon race may not be exterminated.

After all, there is not much value in exploration in a place like the edge of the fairy world. If you rush to kill people, that’s it. If you can really kill the monsters, if you can’t kill them all, then what else can you do?

Since then, the demon clan has been lingering on the edge of the fairy world.

It’s just that, the demon clan has been stubborn and has been waiting for the opportunity to counterattack the fairy world.

After so many years, they were finally able to breathe a sigh of relief.

After that comes all the recent troubles! “The demons are restless and are constantly causing trouble in our fairyland continent. Many places have been severely damaged or even exterminated because of the demons… Of course, these are mostly small forces, which have insufficient foundation. , will

Being succeeded by the demon clan is unexpected but reasonable! “However, many medium-sized forces have been hit repeatedly and were exterminated regardless of their differences. The consequences are not unserious… In short, the current situation is not stable!” If the demon clan is not extinct for a day, it will be impossible to truly stabilize

Come. “The demon clan keeps trying to bring trouble to our fairy world, so things keep happening during this period, and bad news comes one after another. We want to find the treasures of the previous dynasty this time, and we also want to take this opportunity to pacify the demon clan in one go, at least No

The demon clan can continue to do evil. ”


As he spoke, His Majesty the Human Emperor suddenly sighed and said: “Even the princes and princesses encountered danger when they were slaying demons on the ancient battlefield. Some princes and princesses even died.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone’s hearts trembled!

Because there are so many princes and princesses, they must be carrying all kinds of things to protect themselves. If they can all fall like this, it shows that the demon clan is really doing something great this time. Both princes and princesses can be killed!

And it sounds like more than one or two people died, which is worthy of their attention.

After all, their vitality and ability to protect themselves are not necessarily stronger than those of the princess and prince!

It’s just that the Thirteenth Prince and the Fourteenth Prince are somewhat unnatural.

Because they are in it.

However, only they themselves know the real reason.

Fortunately, they have also thought about countermeasures.

Just mention this one thing and pretend to be sad and that’s it!

After all, people can’t be resurrected, right?

Looking back at Chu Yan, he is the real protagonist of the incident. His eyes can see his nose, and his nose can see his heart. His true expression does not change, which makes the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Princes admire him!

Actually, they had thought before that if Chu Yan revealed a flaw in this matter, they would be in trouble. Now it seems that they were overly worried.

The Thirteenth Prince believes that Chu Yan is indeed a person who can do great things, and his psychological quality is truly excellent.

The Fourteenth Prince is even more frightened… He killed the prince and the princess, and still acted like a normal person in front of the Human Emperor. Most people really can’t do this kind of thing!

“Also, the Heaven-Suppressing Sage even appeared not long ago, which shows that we need to be more vigilant about the next plot of the demon clan. It is not surprising that the demon clan will do anything, they can use any means to achieve their goals! ”

The Human Emperor said seriously. “The Great Sage Zhentian? Didn’t you say that he has fallen for many years… How come he is still alive! If the Great Sage Zhentian is not dead yet, then he must be extremely powerful. If the demon clan has such a role in the lead, it is not surprising that they You can make trouble

So many things have happened! “Damn the Heaven-Suppressing Sage!” Then the death of the prince and princess is probably inseparable from him… He should really be cut into pieces! It’s a pity that the monsters are like rats in the gutter, they dare not confront them head-on.

It’s hard to know where to start! “Not only that, these monsters are so good at hiding. If you go to find them, you will be bitten by accident. How disgusting this is!” So the demon race was born in this world just to disgust all the sentient beings in the immortal world!

Otherwise, how could there be monsters? “Hahahaha, that makes sense!” Monsters and the like are irrelevant, but they are born in the world just to disgust our human race and other races! There are also these monster clans who are clamoring to reoccupy the fairyland continent every day.

Come out and fight if you can! It’s a head-on battle, what’s the use of just shouting! “The demon clan didn’t dare. The demon clan just screamed. If they really dared to fight, they would have fought long ago!” I can also boldly say that the demon tribe would have been extinct long ago. The demon tribe actually understands what it is like, so they all say

It’s just talk, you don’t dare to actually fight with us! “Hateful demon clan!” Once there is a chance, we must crush these monsters to ashes, so that they know how powerful our human race is, and let them know that the fairy world should belong to our human race and be ruled by our human race. They

The demon race is nothing, just stay on the edge of the fairy world and linger! ”


Everyone was filled with righteous indignation. Although the human race was fiercely competitive with each other, they were still unanimous in dealing with the outside world compared to the demon race.

The Emperor was very satisfied with everyone’s reaction.

Because what he said was just to stir up emotions, wasn’t it?

It is very necessary to maintain the hatred of the younger generation of the human race towards the demon race.

Don’t ever reconcile with the demon clan. Wouldn’t their efforts over the years have been in vain?

Now it is certain that these outstanding juniors are still so angry and hateful towards the demon clan. This is a good thing!

After everyone discussed for a while, the scene gradually became quiet.

Everyone was still waiting to see what would happen next, when suddenly someone stood up, clasped his fists and spoke.

“This is a member of the Fan family… Fan Lili, a very outstanding young man. It is said that he did not choose to join Xiaoyao Immortal Palace at the beginning, but he did not expect that he was also invited to the event!”

“Is it that Fan family? I didn’t expect such a person to appear! I wonder what he is going to do now.”

“Perhaps you want to challenge Xiaoyao Immortal Palace? If you want to use this to establish your prestige, it is not a strange thing! The shadow of a famous tree, you have to become famous as early as possible!”


People have different opinions and guess what Fan Lili is going to do. Fan Lili didn’t let everyone guess, he didn’t hide it, he directly clasped his fists and said: “I heard that there is a disciple in Xiaoyao Immortal Palace named Chu Yan, right? He had an amazing performance before and made a big fuss, so now I If you want to experience Chu Yan’s strength, please give me a try!”


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