Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3852: Ring or not (Part 2)


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Chapter 3852 Does it ring or not (Part 2)

Seeing this, everyone shook their heads and chuckled!

Yes, Chu Yan oversimplified things!

Do you really think that if he is not wrong, Elder Yanjiu will think that he is right?

If this is the case, they can only say that Chu Yan is a little too innocent!

In other words, does Chu Yan have no experience in the world and does not understand what a sect is and what an elder is?

For the sect and the elders, stability is more important than anything else!

Chu Yan said that he was definitely an unstable factor now.

In this way, the sect and the elders naturally don’t like Chu Yan.

Chu Yan still feels aggrieved now, right? He’ll be done with it if he doesn’t get it straightened out!

All of this is Chu Yan’s own trouble, and he has no one to blame!

“That’s right, Chu Yan, if you didn’t do anything wrong, how could Elder Yanjiu judge that you were wrong? We forgive you for being ignorant, so just kneel down and beg for mercy and apologize, and that’s it, we’ll let you go. Sorry, don’t continue to push me. This is harmful to you!”

“Yes, Chu Yan, Elder Yan Jiu is not an unreasonable person. You will admit your mistakes and I won’t punish you harshly… But if you resist to the end, is this a dead end or something? I advise you. Ah, really don’t do this kind of self-destructive thing!”

“Chu Yan, you have been braving the scorn of the world. What are you doing? Do you really want to fight us to death, or what? It is not good and wrong for you to do this. You will never turn back from the sea of ​​suffering! Don’t continue You are stubborn! We are trying to help you by advising you!”

“Chu Yan, are you sure you want to confront Elder Yanjiu? This is a fight to the death! We will also help Elder Yanjiu, not you! And Elder Yanjiu is right…if it’s not yours Question, why do we all think it’s your fault? There’s no such thing, right?”

“Chu Yan! You have to admit when you are wrong, and you have to stand up when you are beaten! We are trying our best to persuade you now, but you don’t know the good people’s heart. This makes us very helpless and very uncomfortable… Look at the posture you are putting on now. , It’s not like he doesn’t recognize Elder Yanjiu’s judgment! That’s the elder!”

“Being able to become the elder of our Xiaoyao Immortal Palace is enough to show the value of Elder Yanjiu! You don’t think that you don’t have a problem, it’s Elder Yanjiu’s problem, right? No, no? That’s not the case Isn’t it funny? Or do you think we have a bigger problem?”

“Damn Chu Yan, you are just causing chaos to our Xiaoyao Immortal Palace! How can you still be called a disciple of our Xiaoyao Immortal Palace! And you can’t slap a slap in the face. Isn’t this completely correct? ? Chu Yan, what else do you want? Do you want to fight against all of us?”


Everyone was talking a lot, and they were targeting Chu Yan in every word, as if targeting Chu Yan was the right thing to do, and Chu Yan was their public enemy!

Anyway, the law doesn’t punish everyone, so it can’t be just for Chu Yan to punish them all, right?

This kind of thing is a bit outrageous, they think it can’t happen!

So what else is there to be afraid of?

Just hit the snake and stick it on the stick, then confront Chu Yan and that’s it!

“Giggle, giggle… interesting, really interesting! Is it really okay for them to treat Master Chu Yan like this? Are they really not afraid of backlash? I am a little afraid of what I should do if Master Chu Yan gets angry! They It’s better, I’m not afraid of death anymore, just provoke Lord Chu Yan like this!”

“However, they also relied on the strength of their numbers. Even if Master Chu Yan went crazy and killed them all, he would not kill all of them, so they were so complacent and did not know whether to live or die! But I have to say that they gave him another blow. The bet is right! Even if Master Chu Yan wants to take action, he will not deal with them immediately.”

“Lord Chu Yan is more of a tactic of catching the thief first…and only in this way can we deter these young people! Don’t you think Lord Chu Yan can be bullied casually? Then come on! It depends on whether Lord Chu Yan fights back or not!”


The Fierce Flame God and Demon has been observing changes in the situation.

She didn’t think Chu Yan would just surrender.

If Chu Yan is like this, then he is no longer Chu Yan!

In other words, if Chu Yan would accept his fate like this, then the Fierce Flame God and Demon would not wait until now to be free!

So, wait!

These guys will have to pay the price sooner or later.

They may even have to pay the price later!

Chu Yan would not make so many jokes with them!

“Hmph! Chu Yan, just accept the punishment obediently! I am not an unreasonable person. As long as you admit your mistake and accept the punishment obediently, then there is nothing wrong with letting you go! Otherwise, haha, just wait Just watch! You will pay a heavy price, I will do what I say!”

Seeing that everyone supported him and stood on his side, Elder Yanjiu became very excited!

In his opinion, what kind of disturbance can a mere Chu Yan cause?

I gave him some face before and he accepted it obediently, so that’s it!

If Chu Yan doesn’t know what’s good and what’s good… Haha!

Don’t blame him for being cruel!

After all, he is responsible for this matter. Before he leaves, Chu Yan comes to make trouble and cause trouble for him. This kind of thing cannot be tolerated!

Who asked Chu Yan to cause trouble and trouble for him!

There is a price to pay!

“Oh? Can’t you clap with one hand…”

Chu Yan suddenly smiled.

Chu Yan’s smile made Elder Yan Jiu feel terrified!

But as he is respected as an elder, can he really be threatened by Chu Yan?

“Yes, one slap can’t make a difference!”

Elder Yanjiu said in a deep voice.

He didn’t believe it anymore, what else could Chu Yan do to him!

Buzz buzz!


Boom boom boom!

Chu Yan made a sudden move and slapped Elder Yan Jiu away.

Puff, puff, puff!

Bang bang bang bang bang!

Crack, click, click!

Before Elder Yan Jiu could react, he was already stepped on the ground by Chu Yan!

His bones crackled and broke!

“Elder Yanjiu, I want to ask you again now, is it true that a slap cannot make a sound?”

Chu Yan asked leisurely: “I saw a slap that was quite loud!”

Seeing this, everyone was frightened!

Chu Yan is serious!

He actually attacked Elder Yan Jiu!

“Isn’t it? Is Chu Yan serious? He suddenly attacked Elder Yan Jiu… Even if Elder Yan Jiu is not the best in every possible way, is it really okay to attack like this? It’s not good! I’m afraid this time It can’t end!”

“Isn’t that right? Chu Yan is too impulsive! In the worst case, he just has to be punished. How can he attack the elders? Isn’t this looking for death or something?”

“Oh my God, things are about to get out of hand! Elder Yan Jiu is definitely not a good man or woman, and he will not let it go! He will definitely not let Chu Yan expose this matter!”


Everyone was shocked and dumbfounded!


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