Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3851: Ring or not (medium)


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Thinking of this, Elder Yan Jiu frowned.

If this is the case, then it is really something extraordinary!

A mere new disciple of Chu Yan not only got an invitation, but he was also able to defeat Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Disciples… It’s incredible, it’s really incredible!

However, such a role is undoubtedly an unsettling factor for Elder Yanjiu!

They only like well-behaved and obedient disciples.

Chu Yan’s rise was for no reason, and he had no identity or background. He must have been just lucky!

When he thought of this, Elder Yanjiu also had an idea in his mind! “Is this Chu Yan… Why do you want to cause trouble for no reason? Isn’t this intentional to cause trouble for the sect? Don’t make excuses! I don’t believe you, and I won’t accept your tricks! Just say it now Isn’t all this

The noise you made is over! “If it is really you who did it, then I have not wronged you, and I have no requirements for you!” Just plead guilty and accept the punishment, and that’s it! If you resist, haha, don’t blame me for being ruthless! Today

This matter is very important to our Xiaoyao Immortal Palace. If you cause trouble, I will not spare you! “That’s it for now. Chu Yan, what else do you want to say? What else do you want to say?” I’ll give you a chance to defend yourself, lest you say later that I’m ruthless and how I treat you disciples… Hey, just tell me.

Why are we all so noisy! ”


Elder Yan Jiu’s words are filled with disgust for Chu Yan!

In his opinion, it is rare for a loser like Chu Yan to rise, so he should cherish the hard-won opportunity!

Why do you still deliberately cause trouble?

Isn’t it good?

So tired!

Elder Yanjiu feels that his heart is so tired! “Haha, it’s true… I understand the nature of these guys very well! If Master Chu Yan is stronger, then that’s fine! It’s just that Master Chu Yan is just a life-killing monk, and the life-stealing realm is perfect! This is undoubtedly Let this

An elder Yanjiu felt that if he had no backing or background, he would be bullied if he was bullied! “Tsk tsk tsk tsk!” I’m not talking about these human monks, why are they like this, how can they be so superficial! Master Chu Yan has not fully grown up yet. He is definitely a talent… Even I have to admit this

A fact! “Now that he’s doing this, isn’t he asking for trouble or something?” And these other guys, are they really not afraid of Lord Chu Yan going on a killing spree? Oh, although for the current Master Chu Yan, it may be a little difficult! But I think

It can’t reach this point! ”


The Fierce Flame God and Demon secretly thought: “These guys are not really absent, they are just pretending to be absent!”

That’s right, she could see the Fierce Flame God and Demon. Since there is an elder from Xiaoyao Immortal Palace here, then there must be more than one elder from Xiaoyao Immortal Palace here.

When things get out of hand, he will probably come forward.

Just be lazy now!

When Lord Chu Yan gives them more strength, they probably won’t be able to laugh anymore.

Everyone present laughed heartily when they saw how Elder Yanjiu handled it!

Because they had thought of such a result before.

This Elder Yanjiu is an out-and-out mediocre person!

Since he is a mediocre person, he should naturally do things in a mediocre way.

For example, now, I directly choose to put pressure on Chu Yan and deal with Chu Yan in order not to cause too much trouble! “Elder Yan Jiu never disappoints people… In other words, in terms of disappointing people, there is never a time when Elder Yan Jiu does not disappoint people! Chu Yan is extremely unlucky to meet such an elder. Of course,

Chu Yan is unlucky, then we are lucky! “That’s right!” In fact, even if another elder came here, the result would probably be the same, the same end! The reason is very simple. We are still Chu Yan. Isn’t this kind of multiple-choice question easy to do? It’s not always a choice

Choose Chuyan over us! We are the majority! “Haha, the result of this matter is expected!” Chu Yan is finished! His luck is so good, no one can blame him! Who allowed him to risk the disdain of the world and go against us! If you go against us, isn’t it just looking for death? Now

Chengquan Chuyan sent him to die. Isn’t this right? Isn’t this what he deserves? “Just wait and see!” Elder Yanjiu won’t care so much about Chu Yan! He would only think that it was Chu Yan who was causing trouble, and it was Chu Yan who was making trouble, so he would just deal with Chu Yan… Actually, Elder Yanjiu cannot be blamed for this! Elder Yanjiu is just

I hope our Xiaoyao Immortal Palace will have long-term peace and stability. What is wrong with him? Wrong, it’s Chu Yan! “Everything that happened was Chu Yan’s fault!” If it weren’t for Chu Yan, how could it be like this? How could it be like this! Therefore, all the mistakes must be Chu Yan’s fault! We don’t need to think or worry too much! Anyway, Chu Yan takes the blame…I

I am just curious now, whether Chu Yan can handle Elder Yan Jiu! “Haha, hahahaha… What you said is more or less funny!” Chu Yan still wants to have **** with Elder Yan Jiu? What kind of strength does he have, and he is still messing with Elder Yan Jiu! It all depends on whether Elder Yanjiu can deal with Chu Yan! It’s so crazy

I want to have **** with Elder Yanjiu, innocent, cute, and funny! ”


Everyone present was not optimistic about Chu Yan, thinking that Chu Yan was doomed now and was dead.

Even if you escape intact, you will probably have to drink a pot!

After all, Chu Yan is now a public enemy.

If Chu Yan gets away with it, will they still play in the future?

What’s more, if Chu Yan really had the possibility of escaping unharmed, they wouldn’t dare to play like this.

They were so sure that Chu Yan was going to suffer a big loss, that’s why they were so unscrupulous!

“Go against us, right…Chu Yan, just pay the price!”

Everyone is waiting to see the show, waiting for Chu Yan to be punished!

Facing the aggressive Elder Yan Jiu, Chu Yan asked calmly: “Elder, are you so sure that it’s my fault, not theirs? You just arrived and don’t know the situation. Is that okay with you?”

“Do I need to ask more about this? It’s definitely your fault… You see that you have made the public angry and risked the disdain of the world. It can’t be that everyone united to unjustly accuse you!” Elder Yan Jiu Talking eloquently, he said: “What’s more, even if you have a quarrel with them, you can’t slap them! They are wrong, so you are not wrong? You have to understand the general situation and don’t cause trouble to our Xiaoyao Immortal Palace! Now it’s obvious It’s because you don’t know how to advance or retreat. I think your mistake is even bigger.”


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