Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3849: One slap can’t make a sound (Part 2)


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Chapter 3849: One slap cannot make a sound (Part 2)

“Chu Yan is too strong… Now even Liang Goudan, one of the nine sons, has been defeated directly!”

Everyone witnessed Chu Yan’s incomparable strength and couldn’t help but have complicated expressions!

Yes, Liang Goudan was continuously suppressed by Chu Yan before. They could also say that Liang Goudan was careless and underestimated the enemy, and Chu Yan had the upper hand.

But what now?

Liang Goudan was directly blown away by Chu Yan. The outcome was definitely decided.

Now that the outcome has been decided, it is obvious who wins and who loses.

Obviously, Chu Yan won this time, Liang Goudan lost!

Liang Goudan, one of the nine sons, was the reincarnation of a powerful man, but he lost to Chu Yan like this!

Who would believe such an outrageous and ridiculous thing if they hadn’t witnessed it with their own eyes?

“Haha, hahahaha… Let me just say it, Lord Chu Yan, you will definitely win! They still don’t believe it, and they still try to fight with Lord Chu Yan. It’s funny, this is really funny! Chu Yan How can you be afraid of them? Isn’t this humiliating yourself or something?”

“As for me, if they really want to target Lord Chu Yan, they should do it now. Otherwise, when my Lord Chu Yan really rises, they will definitely not be able to take advantage of it and will be looking for trouble. Guy, I said everything is fine, but why do you want to provoke Lord Chu Yan?”

“If you give me another chance, I will definitely not dare to provoke Master Chu Yan, wuwuwuwu! Why, why! Why should I provoke Chu Yan for no reason, otherwise I guess You are already free… This is not right! ”


The Fierce Flame God and Demon thought about it, and then felt that his thinking was wrong, and said: “In my opinion, Chu Yan came prepared, okay? He just came for me! No matter what I provoke If I don’t provoke him, he won’t let me go!”

So, it’s not her fault, it’s Chu Yan’s fault!

While the Fierce Flame God and Demon was thinking this, the other monks of Xiaoyao Immortal Palace, including the previous Jiuzi and the others, were also constantly making eye contact!

Because the current situation is unexpected!

“Hey, hey, hey…isn’t this right? Why is this Chu Yan so powerful and terrifying? It’s different from what he promised! How can he be so powerful? This kind of thing is really not a joke Is it true that such a powerful master suddenly appears? We still want to play?”

“This incident is indeed unexpected! Chu Yan has some strength, which is not surprising to us! But directly defeating Liang Goudan, no one expected this, right? That is Liang Goudan! No matter how much we tease him, he is one of the Nine Sons, he has such strength!”

“It’s terrible, it’s terrible! When did such a number one figure appear in our Xiaoyao Immortal Palace? If Chu Yan is allowed to rise, it will definitely not be a good thing for us… We are mutually exclusive Competing among each other has become a habit, and now I suddenly say that I need to be more careful and stop doing this. I will never do this kind of thing!”

“We can’t let Chu Yan really rise! Otherwise it will affect our interests! I can’t accept this kind of thing! So, let’s join forces and suppress him! I’m not afraid of saying such ugly things, Chu Yan It will definitely affect our interests, so we can’t be soft!”

“Chu Yan is too arrogant! If we really let Chu Yan rise, we can’t say there will never be peace, but we will definitely not be able to live with it. I don’t want to have these troubles in the future, and I don’t want to be troubled because of Chu Yan. So let’s take action now, unite and suppress Chu Yan!”

“Haha, as long as we all work together, this is not difficult. Even if the senior officials of Xiaoyao Immortal Palace find out, based on my understanding of them, I feel that one slap can’t make a difference, and each of them can hit fifty big ones. It’s over! Let’s take this side. The law does not punish everyone, so Chu Yan is the only one who suffers.”


Everyone has evil intentions and has thought about how to deal with Chu Yan.

They are the truly prestigious disciples of Xiaoyao Immortal Palace, and they know very well the operations of Xiaoyao Immortal Palace.

In order to save time and effort, it is absolutely inevitable to play fifty big boards each.

Now that so many people are attacking Chu Yan, it will definitely be irresponsible in the end.

But, one slap can’t make a sound!

Chu Yan will be punished unilaterally.

They can’t say they have done many things like this, but they can barely be called experienced!

“Oh? Are you planning to unite against me? Xiaoyao Immortal Palace is nothing more than that!”

Chu Yan not only thought in his mind, but also asked directly, “What? Are you going to target me? Attack me and suppress me?”


No one expected that Chu Yan would be so alert and react immediately.

But so what?

They are determined to suppress Chu Yan. Are they still afraid that Chu Yan will find out?

Besides, Chu Yan is not a fool and can guess it later, so they might as well strike first!

“Chu Yan, that’s not the case…but you are too arrogant and domineering. You know clearly that Liang Goudan, one of the nine sons, belongs to your senior brother, but you still act like this. You are too ungrateful and ungrateful.” Come on! We want to teach you what benevolence, righteousness and morality are!”

“Yes! Chu Yan, you disrespect your senior brother, this is a taboo! After all, we are all your senior brothers. If you don’t respect Liang Goudan, you will not respect us in the future? Just in case. , we have to remind you first to avoid embarrassment later, right?”

“Chu Yan, if you kneel down and apologize, maybe you can get this matter out of the way. Otherwise, it will probably be difficult to settle it! In my opinion, you might as well kneel down obediently and get this matter out of the way. How about it? You don’t really want to fight with us, do you?”

“Chu Yan, look at you. You are so merciless to Liang Goudan. You must have murderous intentions! You actually have murderous intentions towards your senior brother, and this senior brother is one of the Nine Sons. …Do you think you are very powerful or something?”

“Do you really think you are very powerful? Let me tell you, you are just an ant! We deal with you just like we fight ants! Now that we have given you a chance, you’d better be more sensible. Be good. It’s not good to admit your mistake before the situation becomes very embarrassing!”


These monks in Xiaoyao Immortal Palace are definitely not trying to stand up for Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons. The relationship between them is not that good, but in order to prevent Chu Yan from rising, they are determined to suppress him!

The rest of the group didn’t have such thoughts and didn’t say anything. They couldn’t be there to help Chu Yan, right?

They have no such affection and no such relationship!

Just when everyone was at war with each other, a figure came quickly.


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