Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3848: One slap can’t make a sound (middle)


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How can one of the nine majestic men still lose to a mere mortal realm!

This kind of thing is too outrageous!

However, everyone soon discovered that Liang Goudan had not lost yet!

“Liang Goudan has not lost yet, has not been defeated…but he has indeed fallen into a disadvantage! There is no doubt about this!”

Everyone exclaimed in surprise.

Although it was only at a disadvantage, it still proved that Chu Yan’s previous sword attack was not accidental!

Chu Yan is afraid that he really has the strength to defeat the Immortal Realm!

This kind of thing makes people marvel and exclaim again and again!

That is the realm of immortality!

The immortal realm is undoubtedly superior to the life-killing realm!

With a huge advantage in cultivation, it is said that Chu Yan turned an army against him… To be honest, even if this kind of thing is really said, it is unbelievable, right?

“Damn it, Chu Yan, go to hell!”

Liang Goudan was immediately furious.

He is one of the nine noble men, famous all over the world, and now he is forced into such a situation by Chu Yan. This kind of thing is difficult for anyone to accept!

Even if he didn’t look away, he could sense the other person’s mocking look.

Isn’t it?

One of the nine dignified sons is now forced into such a situation by Chu Yan. Even if he defeats Chu Yan in the end, he can’t undo it all.

This made Liang Goudan very angry.

“Ah, ah, ah… Chu Yan, Chu Yan, Chu Yan!”

Liang Goudan roared while pouring infinite power into the Flowing Fire Heavenly Cauldron.

In an instant, the Flowing Fire Heavenly Cauldron burst into intense light.

The light is so strong that it illuminates the world! “Ah, this… Liang Goudan is going to be serious! Now Chu Yan is going to be in trouble! If Chu Yan can take this blow, he will probably have to pay a heavy price! After all, it is Jiuzi’s seriousness. What a shock, how terrifying it is

It’s easy to imagine! “Haha, you said this before, so I probably believe it, but now… wasn’t Jiuzi or something like that slapped in the face by Chu Yan?” Who are you trying to scare now? Thought I would believe these outrageous things you said

? I don’t think Liang Goudan can do anything to Chu Yan when he gets angry. “Yes, even if Liang Goudan gets angry, what can he do to Chu Yan?” I didn’t think it would be so scary! You guys, stop being so funny! What else can be done? What else can be done? Let’s get rid of Chu Yan first! Just afraid of Liang

Gou Dan went crazy, but he was still no match for Chu Yan! “I think it is almost destined that the Immortal Realm will lose to the Death Realm today… It’s not that Liang Goudan is too weak, everyone knows the gold content of Jiuzi.” If Liang Goudan was really weak, he wouldn’t be able to survive as he is now

Let’s go! If it’s not weak, then there are other reasons. “Yes, it can only be that Chu Yan is too powerful!” I have paid attention to this guy. His strength is beyond words! When you feel that he has reached his limit, when he reaches the end, Chu Yan can always burst out with more powerful strength… It’s scary, too scary

Scary! Liang Goudan may not be able to defeat such Chu Yan! “I don’t think Liang Goudan will lose, he will!” He is Liang Goudan! How could he lose so easily? He was defeated! I don’t believe this kind of thing, I don’t admit it! You know, Jiuzi is the golden signature of our Xiaoyao Immortal Palace!

I absolutely don’t believe it now that our golden brand will lose or fail! ”


Everyone was shocked, but they were already shaken by the outcome of this battle!

At first they thought how could Chu Yan be Liang Goudan’s opponent, how could he be the opponent of one of the Nine Sons.

But now, after witnessing Chu Yan’s continuous display of power, no one has such thoughts.

Why, why couldn’t Chu Yan defeat Liang Goudan?

There is no reason why Chu Yan cannot win against Liang Goudan.

However, there are still many monks who believe that Jiuzi is definitely still valuable.

Nine Sons, the reincarnated power, can you be defeated and overthrown so easily?

This is simply funny, isn’t it?

Even if Chu Yan seems to have the upper hand, until everything is over, it cannot be said that Chu Yan is the winner or that Chu Yan has the last laugh.

“Lord Chu Yan is going to win.”

The fierce flame gods and demons were different from them. She was immediately convinced that Chu Yan was going to win, and that Chu Yan would defeat Liang Goudan, one of the nine sons!

Yes, at first glance, Liang Goudan, one of the nine sons, still has certain advantages, but if you think about it seriously and look carefully, you will know that Liang Goudan is actually at the end of his rope!

After all, Chu Yan defeated Liang Goudan twice in a row. This is definitely not an accident.

It can only be due to strength! “It’s a pity that so many people haven’t seen how powerful and terrifying Master Chu Yan is… For such Master Chu Yan, he could kill Liang Goudan solely based on his will! If Master Chu Yan wants to end it now, he can end it now. If he wants to, he can end it now.” After

When it’s over, it will be over! “So, now it just depends on how Master Chu Yan wants to end this sentence. What is the result?” They really thought that Lao Shizi Liang Goudan had this ability and ability… Dreaming, it was just a dream! Soon they will

I know, I am indeed stupid! “Of course, if this Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons, can force Master Chu Yan to show more trump cards, it will definitely be the best. I also want to see what my Chu Yan is like.” Sir, what other trump cards are you hiding?

, so that I can make some preparations for the future. ”


The fierce flame gods and demons surrendered to Chu Yan. This kind of surrender was only temporary, just a kind of delay.

Once there is a real chance, the Fierce Flame God and Demon will still try to gain freedom.

At this moment, Chu Yan took action again.

This time Chu Yan raised his sword to kill without giving Liang Goudan any chance.

Buzz buzz!


Boom boom boom!

This time the sword light poured down like a waterfall, coming with force. Liang Goudan quickly activated the Flowing Fire Heavenly Cauldron to block it, but it could not be stopped before. This time it was even more difficult to resist, and he was directly rushed to pieces. The man fell on his back!

“Ah, this…”

This time everyone was stunned.

The reason is very simple. If Chu Yan was lucky before, then now, he is undoubtedly his real strength!

Yes, Chu Yan is definitely stronger than Liang Goudan!

Even if it’s not too much, it’s still pretty much the same. Only when the strength is between equals can such a result be achieved.

In other words, Chu Yan definitely has the strength of Jiuzi.

This made all of them, who originally wanted to watch a show, look solemn.

Yes, Chu Yan really has the strength of the Nine Sons. This matter is big or small!

It will have an impact on their strength, and they will officially become their competitors! Suddenly, with the addition of Chu Yan, it was hard for everyone to remain indifferent.


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