Overriding the Heaven Chapter 3847: One slap can’t make a sound (Part 1)


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Everyone was shocked when they saw this!

The Flowing Fire Heavenly Cauldron is Liang Goudan’s most precious treasure. Once it is sacrificed, it will definitely be invincible. Unless it is an existence at the level of the Nine Sons, it will be extremely difficult to take this blow. .

In the end, Chu Yan was struck away with just one sword?

Real or fake!

Although everyone was shocked and thought this kind of thing was too incredible, it happened right in front of their eyes, and they couldn’t deny it even if they wanted to.

Indeed, after Liang Goudan ferociously sacrificed the supreme treasure Flowing Fire Heavenly Cauldron, Chu Yan directly came to break through all the magic with one force, and chopped off the Flowing Fire Heavenly Cauldron with one sword!

This sword is of great skill but no craftsmanship, and a heavy sword without an edge!

It looks simple and unremarkable, but it actually knocks away the attack of Liuhuo Tianding!

Terror can only be described as terrifying!

Except for horror, other words are simply not enough to describe it all. “Hiss… Is this Chu Yan? He chopped off Liang Goudan’s Flowing Fire Heavenly Cauldron with one sword? Doesn’t it mean that with Chu Yan’s attack, even if he fights Liang Goudan head-on, Liang Goudan will not necessarily Can you resist this kind of thing?

It’s a bit exaggerated and scary! Unless you witness it with your own eyes, no one would believe such an outrageous thing! “Isn’t it?” He respected Liang Goudan as one of the Nine Sons, and his strength and achievements were obvious to all! As a result, the most precious Liuhuo Heavenly Cauldron was chopped away by Chu Yan with a sword. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he killed a lot of people.

Because normally, it shouldn’t be like this, it shouldn’t be like this, in short it’s too amazing, too shocking! “However, we still have to fight with real swords and guns to know the result. It is a bit too arbitrary to say this now!” I think Liang Goudan can’t be as good as Chu Yan no matter how ineffective he is, right? What does Chu Yan mean?

What kind of thing can defeat the Nine Sons of Immortality Realm? “”Ha ha ha ha! You are so confident in Liang Goudan, do you want to bet something? Just one decision determines the outcome! Let’s see who wins, Chu Yan or Liang Goudan! We can even play a little bigger! Otherwise, there is nothing

That’s interesting! “Really want to bet?” But what’s the point of gambling! Isn’t the answer obvious? It can’t be that Chu Yan really won, right? He is just in the life-threatening realm. No matter how powerful or terrifying the life-threatening realm is, it is impossible

It is the opponent of the Immortal Realm. “That’s wrong!” Defeating the strong with the weak has not happened before. Why do you think it must be impossible now that Chu Yan is here? I think Chu Yan is not weak, and he definitely has such a chance. You guys underestimate Chu Yan too much!

I think he will slap you in the face hard! “There’s no point in boasting!” Let’s talk about the real fight and killing! Liang Goudan respected him as one of the Nine Sons, and he would not let Chu Yan slap him in the face like this, otherwise the Nine Sons would have no face! Therefore, Liang Goudan must win this battle

, otherwise the other Nine Sons will not tolerate him in the future! ”


Although everyone was completely stunned by Chu Yan’s sword, after calming down, they still felt that it was not easy for Chu Yan to defeat Liang Goudan!

It’s all because Liang Goudan is one of the Nine Sons. The Nine Sons are the reincarnations of great powers, and their strength is obvious to all.

Where is Chu Yan?

It’s just a mere perfection of the life-threatening realm.

It’s not that the perfection of the life-stealing realm is so bad, but everyone present is a monk in the immortality realm. Chu Yan is only in the life-stealing realm. Isn’t it natural that he has no confidence in Chu Yan? “Giggle, giggle… Master Chu Yan’s sword is really amazing. He is indeed powerful again. I’m afraid it won’t be a problem if I fight the Immortality Realm today or defeat the Immortality Realm! Although many people feel that they have overestimated Master Chu Yan, but I Still

To be honest, I still underestimate Master Chu Yan! “I watched Lord Chu Yan grow stronger along the way. This boy is really unfathomable. If I underestimate Lord Chu Yan, the end will definitely be very miserable!” I’m not joking, I’m telling the truth, Master Chu Yan

, he is not trivial and cannot be judged by common sense! “If Master Chu Yan is regarded as an ordinary character, then the end will definitely be very miserable, even if he is a ninth son!” If you don’t believe it, then you will know after reading it. Lord Chu Yan will definitely slap him in the face, me,

I believe in my Lord Chu Yan very much! ”


The Fierce Flame God and Demon thought secretly while watching the show.

She was in awe of Chu Yan, but she believed in Chu Yan.

In other words, since she can’t do anything now, she might as well try to believe Chu Yan!

What if this Master Chu Yan really surprises me?

“Oh, although for me, it won’t really be a big surprise.”

The Fierce Flame God and Demon kept mumbling and said.

Chu Yan directly asked Goudan, and he also had an idea in his mind.

This Liang Goudan is really not weak, Jiuzi must still have a certain gold content.

However, if Jiuzi really gains momentum, things will become difficult.

Therefore, Chu Yan decided to kill him with one strike and create a blockbuster success!

Buzz buzz!

The sword in Chu Yan’s palm glowed with terrifying light.

The light was bright, the sword roared, everything happened too fast.

No one could have imagined that Chu Yan would suddenly attack.

After all, it stands to reason that although Chu Yan forced Liang Goudan back with one sword, it does not mean that he really defeated Liang Goudan.

Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons, is still very powerful and extremely terrifying.

That’s why many monks believe that Chu Yan should take action slowly!

The other part simply felt that Chu Yan didn’t have such an extremely explosive method.

However, Chu Yan’s attack was so powerful that it stunned them.

As the saying goes, bystanders know better, and this is still true for bystanders now, let alone the protagonist Liang Goudan!

Liang Goudan, one of the Nine Sons, was completely shocked.

I never expected that Chu Yan would be so powerful when he struck out. He wanted to resist, but was a beat too slow!

“Flowing Fire Heavenly Cauldron!”

Liang Goudan gritted his teeth, knowing that he must withstand this attack!

You can only advance, not retreat!

Once you retreat, you lose, you lose!

The result is not something Liang Goudan can afford!

Boom, boom!

But little did he know that the explosion of Chu Yan’s sword was so shocking. The sword almost cut through the sky with one strike!

Even Liang Goudan’s most precious treasure, the Flowing Fire Heavenly Cauldron, is still difficult to resist!

Although he was not cut down by Chu Yan’s sword, he kept falling back and could not withstand the power of this sword!

As a result, after Liang Goudan backed up repeatedly, he finally opened his mouth and spurted blood!

Puff, puff, puff!

Liang Goudan’s mouth was full of blood, and his breath suddenly became much weaker. This made everyone change their minds… Liang Goudan couldn’t have lost to Chu Yan, right?


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