Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5877: Prepare to die


Latest website: When it was learned that all Emperor Miao-level experts must be trained by Long Chen, countless people felt angry at first. How could the great undead clan be driven by the human race?

But when they thought of Liu Rujiao, her terrifying combat power, and her last move of world-destroying magical power, they all felt excited.

Of course, it doesn’t matter whether they want it or not, because this is the order of the Emperor.

For absolute safety and confidentiality, Liu Changtian arranged a place for Long Chen alone. It was surrounded by mountains and surrounded by many barriers. No one except Master Xihua was allowed to enter it.

Although Liu Changtian believed that the Immortal Clan would never have a traitor, the Immortal Clan was very lacking in formations and could easily be spied on from a distance. This was done for absolute safety.

This absolute safety, on the one hand, refers to the undead clan, and on the other hand, it is also for Long Chen.

Long Chen was able to expose such a heaven-defying ability to the undead clan, which also showed that Long Chen could really give everything he had for Liu Ruyan.

It is precisely because of this that Liu Changtian, who has always been extremely repulsive to the human race, will accept Long Chen. Otherwise, even if Long Chen has the identity of the successor of the Chaos Dragon Emperor, he may not buy it.

Among the mountains, a peak rises into the sky, standing alone among the mountains. Around the peak, there is faint green light rain falling, distorting the space and blocking out all prying eyes.

On the top of the mountain, the Seven Treasure Glazed Trees bloomed, and their huge crown covered most of the mountain.

Under the glazed tree, many powerful emperor seedlings from the Immortal Clan were looking at the huge glazed tree with shocked faces. Many people began to talk about it. They were both nervous and looking forward to it.


While everyone was talking, a figure appeared in front of everyone, it was Liu Rujiao who defeated Liu Qingyu.

Liu Rujiao looked at the crowd and said, “Everyone, today is our first day of training. I will be responsible for everything here…”

“Wait, why you? Where is Long Chen?”

Liu Qingyu was the first to stand up. His tone was not polite. It was obvious that he was still brooding over his defeat at the hands of Liu Rujiao.

“From now on, you’d better add the word ‘adult’ after Long Chen, otherwise it will be too rude.” Liu Rujiao looked at Liu Qingyu and said coldly.

“You…he deserves it?” Liu Qingyu was furious.

“If you think he is not worthy, you can get out, no one will stop you.” Liu Rujiao said coldly.

Liu Qingyu’s expression changed and his fists clenched instantly.

“What? Not convinced? Then I’ll let you taste failure again. This time, I’ll give you a hand.” Liu Rujiao sneered.

“You go too far.”

Liu Qingyu shouted angrily and was about to take action, but at this moment Liu Minghao stood up. Leng shouted:

“Qingyu, calm down, do you want to go against the emperor’s will?”

“But Liu Rujiao, she is clearly a villain…” Liu Qingyu pointed at Liu Rujiao and said with an aggrieved look.

Although his strength at this time is far better than Liu Minghao’s, he knows that Liu Minghao’s potential is amazing. This number one position may still be his in the future, and he does not dare to be too presumptuous.

“Rujiao is right. When facing the strong, you need to maintain awe and humility. If you are not convinced, you can work hard to become stronger and defeat Rujiao, and then let Rujiao call you Lord Qingyu.

Instead of putting on airs for the so-called face, this will only show our incompetence and humbleness. “Liu Minghao said.

After hearing Liu Minghao’s words, everyone couldn’t help but admire him. Liu Minghao was truly worthy of being the number one on the list for a long time. His mind and knowledge alone were enough to impress people.

Liu Rujiao nodded. She had always been very convinced of Liu Minghao. When she heard what he said, she felt a little embarrassed. She said:

“The reason why Long Chen didn’t come is not that I don’t want to tell you, but I’m afraid that you won’t be able to bear it.”

“If there’s anything you can’t stand, just say it directly!” Liu Minghao said with a smile.

“Long Chen said… people at our level are not qualified to get his guidance.” Liu Rujiao said with a bitter smile.

“This… is too arrogant!”

“You are so crazy.”

“Isn’t this intentionally humiliating?”

For a moment, the strong men of the Immortal Clan were filled with anger. This must be too crazy.

“Long Chen expected that you would say such things, and then he said… I hope we won’t be angry, because what he said is true.

In addition, he also said that his words were not directed at any one person, but at all of us. Liu Rujiao sighed.

“Liu Rujiao, you are also the top expert of our immortal clan. How could you let him humiliate us like this?” A disciple said dissatisfied.

“What can I do? In his hands, I can’t survive three moves at all. I want to refute, but first I have to have that strength?” Liu Rujiao said angrily.

“No way?”

“How is this possible?”

Everyone was shocked for a moment.

“This guy has hidden himself too deeply. We have all been deceived by him. In fact, I have long disliked him, but… what can I do?” Liu Rujiao said with an aggrieved look.

She told everyone that just now, she had made a move with Long Chen because of his words that despised the many emperors of the immortal clan.

As a result, Long Chen subdued her with his first move. Knowing that she was not convinced, he tried again, but with his second move, Long Chen tapped her between the eyebrows.

Everyone looked at Liu Rujiao’s eyebrows and saw a burnt black spot. Only then did they believe that what Liu Rujiao said was true. At the same time, they also understood that Liu Rujiao was still with them.

“Sister Ruyan secretly told me behind my back that Long Chen is the best at disguise, and his true trump card will not be known to others.

In other words, the strength we see on the surface is just the tip of his iceberg.

Otherwise, how could the emperor let him teach us? How wise is the emperor? There must be a deep meaning in this. ”

After listening to Liu Rujiao’s words, everyone was filled with shock. Is this disgusting-looking guy really so strong? You know, he is not even an emperor seedling.

But think about how discerning the Emperor is. If Long Chen didn’t have real abilities, how could he let the Emperor Miao of the Immortal Clan learn from the Human Race?

When they thought of, their resistance was reduced a lot. At the same time, they also had a strong desire to win. They wanted to try to see if Long Chen was really that strong.

“Okay, don’t say so many useless things. Get ready, the training is about to begin.” Liu Rujiao said.

“What are you preparing for?” everyone asked.

“Prepare to die!” Liu Rujiao said.



At this moment, the Seven Treasure Glazed Tree trembled, and the seven-colored divine light enveloped everyone in an instant.


In an instant, countless people screamed, and everyone’s eyes were filled with fear. You could see the fear and embarrassment in their eyes.

A smile suddenly appeared on Liu Rujiao’s face: I felt relieved when I saw that you were in such a bad situation.


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