Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5876: New interpretation of old lamp


“I refuse”

When he heard the word “deal”, Long Chen’s expression suddenly changed.

Liu Changtian was stunned for a moment, then said angrily: “Do you think I would trade with my daughter?”

“No?” Long Chen was stunned.

“Of course not, who do you think I am?” Liu Changtian was so angry that he almost cursed the word “I”.

But even if he said these two words, it was not wrong. After all, he was Long Chen’s future father-in-law, so there was nothing wrong with these two words.

Long Chen was suddenly embarrassed and quickly apologized with a smile:

“Sorry, sorry, it’s my fault. It’s so rude.”

Seeing Long Chen’s smiling face, Liu Changtian’s anger subsided slightly and he snorted:

“Although this dragon pillar belongs to the Dragon Clan, I have kept it for so many years and I definitely can’t let you take it away in vain.

I can allow you to comprehend the magical powers of the Dragon Clan, but in exchange, you must train all the Emperor Miao-level powerhouses of my Immortal Mingliu Clan to be as strong as Liu Rujiao. ”

When Long Chen heard this, he immediately understood that this father-in-law was not a generous owner, and it was not that easy to take his things.

Long Chen pondered for a moment and said: “I will train others like Liu Rujiao, but I can’t guarantee whether I can reach her level.”

Long Chen also kept an eye on it. After all, it was better to be a villain first and then a gentleman, lest he could not reach that height due to his personal talent, it had nothing to do with him.


Liu Changtian nodded. Although he was extremely calm on the surface, deep down, he couldn’t help but be secretly happy.

He didn’t know Long Chen’s method of training Liu Rujiao. With his pride, he would definitely not peek into Long Chen’s secrets, and he wouldn’t even allow Master Xihua to see it.

Liu Qingyu lost this time, and he was very shocked. At the same time, he was full of curiosity about how Liu Rujiao became stronger.

Now that Long Chen has agreed, his goal has been achieved, and it can be said that everyone is happy.

When the palace door opened, Liu Ruyan and the other two people were anxiously pacing outside the palace. When they saw Long Chen and Liu Changtian walking out of the palace side by side, the three of them were shocked, and Master Xihua even had something in her eyes. There was a look of disbelief.

What she couldn’t believe the most was that there was a smile on Liu Changtian’s face. It seemed that Liu Changtian had not smiled more than five times since she had known him.

Liu Changtian seems to be in a particularly happy mood today. He is no longer lifeless, but has a radiant look. His temperament has also become kinder, as if he has become a different person.

After leaving the main hall, Long Chen deliberately lagged half a step behind Liu Changtian, secretly stretched out a hand, and made a victory gesture towards Liu Ruyan.

Although this action definitely couldn’t be hidden from Liu Changtian, Long Chen believed that he definitely couldn’t understand what this gesture meant.

Seeing Long Chen’s gesture, Liu Ruyan and Chu Yao suddenly showed a relieved smile. At the same time, they admired Long Chen to the ground. I am afraid that only Long Chen can change Liu Changtian to this extent. done.

Outside the main hall, the stars are circulating, and everyone is suspended in the universe. Looking at the surrounding scene, people can’t help but feel insignificant.

“Children, work hard to grow up. Although you are a little unconvinced, you have to admit that the future is yours.

We old guys don’t know how long we can resist you. “Liu Changtian looked at the dots of darkness in the starry sky, like the eyes of a monster, staring at this place from a distance, deep and dangerous, making people shudder.

Hearing Liu Changtian’s tone, Liu Ruyan and Chu Yao couldn’t help but feel shocked. As powerful as Liu Changtian, he would say such depressing words.

But Lady Xihua looked calm. She looked at Liu Changtian’s tall back, her eyes full of tenderness and admiration. She didn’t care about the dangers in the deep space. As long as she could be with Liu Changtian, she would do anything. Afraid of everything.

“My lord, what is that in the deep sky?” Long Chen couldn’t help but ask.

Liu Changtian turned around, looked at Long Chen and said: “It doesn’t matter what it is, you just need to know that there is not much time left for you and this world.”

Long Chen’s heart skipped a beat. Liu Changtian’s tone was the same as that of that mysterious voice. He always said that time was running out. Could it be that he was referring to the same thing?

“Don’t talk about this heavy topic. I really want to know what you meant when you called me an old man that day?” Liu Changtian suddenly changed his words.

Nima, this turn of events is too fast, aren’t you prepared at all? Long Chen was speechless. Liu Changtian’s head was jumping so fast that there was no sign at all.

Chu Yao and Liu Ruyan were also killed and caught off guard. They were calm and calm just now, but suddenly they became tense again. If you have a bad heart, you have to get over it directly.

“You are joking, how can I scold you?” Long Chen suddenly said awkwardly.

But he knew that once Liu Changtian asked, it would be impossible for him to be vague. There was no room for dirt in this guy’s eyes. Long Chen said seriously:

“In our human race, lamps are a symbol of brilliance. They burn themselves and illuminate others, just as you use your own brilliance to point the way forward for the undead clan.

Laodeng refers to the kind of honorific title that has reached the ultimate level of seniority, qualifications, and contribution. ”

“Hold the grass, Long Chen, you are really shameless.”

At this time, the disdainful voice of Qiankun Ding came from the chaotic space. It had just heard Long Chen’s explanation of Lao Deng as a curse.

Now it has become a word of praise in his most important thing is that his explanation is almost perfect and impeccable. From the birth of Qiankun Ding to now, he has never encountered such a shameless person. , a person who adapts so quickly.


Liu Changtian looked at Long Chen and said with a faint smile, obviously he is not that easy to fool.

Long Chen said solemnly: “Of course it is true. When the old lamp burns, it will continue to add oil to let it bloom to the maximum brightness.

Come on, come on, it is to add fuel to the lamp to help its strength, extend its continuation, and increase its energy. Therefore, we often shout, “Come on, old lamp, come on, old lamp.” ”

Seeing that Long Chen said it seriously and seriously, it seemed that this sentence was not a curse, but Long Chen’s tone and expression that day always felt that this word was not a good word.

However, with Long Chen’s explanation, Liu Changtian readily accepted it and stopped pursuing it.

Seeing that the fool was over, Long Chen secretly wiped his hands with cold sweat. The ancients said that accompanying a king is like accompanying a tiger. It is true at all. This temper is really weird.

After chatting for a few more words, Liu Changtian said seriously:

“Originally, I had a plan to implement after the children advanced to the Human Emperor Realm.

However, it seems that this plan can be advanced now. Long Chen, please hurry up. I have an important task for you. ”

“My lord, despite your orders, my son-in-law will go through fire and water without hesitation.” Long Chen saluted hurriedly, looking loyal.

Liu Changtian glanced sideways at Long Chen. This guy was so clever. He climbed up as soon as he was given a pole. He sealed the relationship with just one sentence without giving him a chance to refuse.

Liu Changtian said nothing and turned to leave. After Liu Changtian left, Liu Ruyan and Chu Yao couldn’t help but jump up excitedly and threw themselves into Long Chen’s arms.


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