Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5670: Dragon Swallowing Golden Python



Yue Changfeng saw that Lu Qingshuang didn’t listen to him, and he couldn’t help it. At this time, another boy ran out, ignoring all of them, and he was furious.


Yue Changfeng’s horse slanted sideways, with a long spear blocking the way, and blocked in front of the young man. Seeing Yue Changfeng’s appearance, Lu Qingshuang suddenly felt powerless.


Yue Changfeng became like this, although it is due to Tumeng, but it is also due to his nature. He has been sealed for too long, and his brain will be broken.


This young man looks weak, but he can walk in front of everyone without arousing everyone’s perception. Even if you think about it with your ass, you know that this person’s strength is absolutely extraordinary.


He has no grievances with you, why are you stopping him? Isn’t this full of food?


The boy was concentrating on fiddling with the dominoes, when he was stopped suddenly, his hand shook, and the dominoes fell to the ground.




The dominoes are long and strip-shaped, with a total of six pieces. When they landed, they were lined up neatly.


Suddenly being blocked by someone, a look of anger appeared on the young man’s face, but when he saw the domino shape on the ground, he couldn’t help being stunned:


“The dragon swallows the golden python, the image of ungrateful self-eating, great evil!”




The strong members of the Golden Armored Knights didn’t care about the boy’s self-talk at all. Seeing Yue Changfeng block the way, the team immediately dispersed, forming a huge encirclement circle, surrounding the boy in the center.


“Boy, what is your intention to sneak close to my Golden Armored Knights, come here honestly, don’t ask for trouble.” A core strong man in the Golden Armored Knights sternly shouted.


The appearance of this strange man at this time can just attract everyone’s attention, and he can be used to divert the conflict between Lu Qingshuang and Tumeng.


“Don’t worry about my intentions, you should worry about yourselves.” The boy slowly picked up the dominoes on the ground, blew the dust on them, and said calmly.


“Little brother, are you a divination technique? You have been divination all the way before, targeting us?”


Lu Qingshuang saw that this young man was very unusual. For the safety of the Golden Armored Knights, she had to temporarily put aside her grievances with Tumeng, put away her dagger, and came to the young man with a pleasant expression.


Lu Qingshuang saw that this young man’s eyes were black and white, as bright as a mirror. In front of him, everything in her heart would be reflected, and she couldn’t help being surprised.


The boy glanced at Lu Qingshuang, slightly surprised and said: “It’s strange, but you are not in the elephant.”


“Boy, don’t say something incomprehensible, tell me quickly, what is your purpose of approaching us.” A powerful man under Tumeng couldn’t help shouting.


This person is very discerning. Seeing that Lu Qingshuang was polite to the young man, he chose to be rude and used this method to express his attitude.


The young man didn’t even look at that person, and said to Lu Qingshuang: “I was trying to figure out the cause and effect with one person along the way, but I still couldn’t figure it out.


You stopped me just now, and the dominoes fell like an image. This seems to be due to your cause, and the result has nothing to do with me. “


Lu Qingshuang was startled, and hurriedly asked: “The so-called dragon swallowing the golden python, forgetting righteousness and devouring itself, is a big murder, why?”


The boy looked at Lu Qingshuang and said, “Do you have any blood spar on your body?”


“Heavenly Blood Crystal?” Lu Qingshuang was taken aback.


“I have a piece”


At this time, a strong man from the Golden Armored Knights stood up, holding a palm-sized blood spar.


“Give it to me!” said the boy.


“Give it to you? Why?” The man couldn’t help but sneered.


“Xiang Xie needs money, so it’s okay if you don’t give it, let’s get out of the way, I’m leaving.” The boy said lightly.


This day the blood spar is extremely precious, he obtained it unintentionally in the Tianmai Profound Realm, how could he give it away at will? The man was about to taunt, but Tumeng gave him a wink.


The meaning is obvious, give him something, and after he finishes speaking, kill him and get the things back.




The young man reached out to take the flying blood spar, put it in his pocket, and said:


“The dragon swallows the golden python, according to the simplest appearance of the hexagram, it is the dragon swallowing its own descendants.


Golden python, only after gaining the grace of the real dragon, use the dragon blood to remove the dross for it, derive golden scales, and give birth to sacred air, and the golden python has since become the most respected species of python.


But the golden python is greedy by nature, thinking that the power given to it by the dragon is too little, and more power should be given to it, so that it can directly transform into a dragon and rebel instead without hard training.


This is the so-called ungrateful self-phagia.


Forget righteousness and self-eating, the words are concise and do not need to be explained. As for the dragon swallowing the golden python, the dragon can be interpreted as the dragon family, or it can be extended to be a person whose surname is dragon, or who cultivates the supernatural powers of the dragon family.


As for the golden python, it is the same, it can be compared to the python clan, or the golden scales added to the body, and the kindness will be revenged…”


“Shut up…”


Yue Changfeng’s brows stood upright when he heard it, and his eyes almost spewed fire. How could this be divination? Is this obviously a curse?


“Damn it, what do you have to do with Long Chen?” Tumeng said with a gloomy face, gritted his teeth.


“Long Chen? Could it be the Brother Long that the big man said? That person who obviously doesn’t know him, but can make me feel restless, but he can’t figure out the cause and effect?”


The boy was taken aback for a moment, and couldn’t help talking to himself.


Looking at the young man, Lu Qingshuang couldn’t help being shocked. She even suspected that this young man knew Long Chen and came to humiliate them on purpose.


However, outsiders should not know such details about Long Chen and her, and based on her understanding of Long Chen, Long Chen is not the kind of person who likes to show off everything, even if the two know each other, Long Chen may not tell him.


The most important thing is that the so-called ingratitude just happened on the forefoot, how would this young man know?


Moreover, looking at this young man with clear eyes, he doesn’t look like that kind of treacherous person at all, and there is no playful intention in his expression. Could it be that he really predicted this? It would be horrific if true.




Suddenly a spear in the hand of a strong man pointed straight at the boy’s throat, and shouted sharply:


“If you don’t want to die, bring it in quickly.”


The runes flashed on the spear, and the sharp tip of the spear, carrying a murderous aura, was less than three inches away from the boy’s throat.


The young man was pointed at by the spear, frowned, looked at the owner of the spear slowly, and said coldly:


“It’s a gift from heaven, you shouldn’t die by my hands, but you make me very uncomfortable, that’s all, I won’t charge you, let me change your life!”


“Be careful”


Suddenly Yue Changfeng exclaimed, his qi had been locked on the boy, and suddenly the boy disappeared from his qi lock, this was a situation Yue Changfeng had never encountered before.




A white light pierced the man’s eyebrows, and flew out from the back of his head, bringing a rain of blood, and the vitality was cut off in an instant.


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