Nine Star Hegemon Body Art Chapter 5593: 4 party alliance



“My condition is very simple, I will lead you to the core surrounded by demons, and you will protect me for a stick of incense.” Long Chen said.


“Guardian? What are you going to do?” These people immediately became vigilant.


“They have arranged a magic circle here to seal the endless power of destiny, and my goal is to absorb the power of destiny here.” Long Chen said.


“You want to absorb the power of destiny here?” Everyone was surprised.


“You are crazy, right? The power of destiny here has been imprinted with the aura of magic. How can you absorb it?”


“Are you kidding me? It’s impossible. You must have other plans. Tell the truth quickly.”


Obviously, everyone didn’t believe Long Chen’s words. The strong demons had set up a large formation here, and the laws of heaven and earth had changed. The power of destiny here could not be absorbed by outsiders at all.


Don’t say it’s an outsider, except for the Supreme Demon Race, no one can absorb it. How can the Demon Race make wedding dresses for others?


This is the most basic common sense, and these people are well-informed arrogance, so naturally they don’t believe in Long Chen, thinking that Long Chen is lying.


It’s just that what they don’t know is that Long Chen’s star source has been activated. As long as he has enough power of destiny, he can condense the dragon energy of Tianmai.


No matter what demon imprint you have, once it enters Long Chen’s body, it will be violently erased.


“Since you don’t believe it, forget it, you go ahead, I won’t disturb you.” After Long Chen finished speaking, he pretended to leave.


“Wait a minute…” Su Yu stopped Long Chen.


She looked at Long Chen and said firmly, “I believe in you, but there is one thing I can’t promise you.”


“Huh? It seems that I only ask you to promise me one thing!” Long Chen was a little speechless.


“We went deep into the devil’s lair this time, in order to destroy them and advance to the Nine Meridian Heavenly Sage, it is very likely that we will perish with the enemy.


We will try our best to buy time for you, but we are not sure whether we can buy time for a stick of incense.


So, we can only promise to do our best to help you, but we cannot guarantee the time. “Su Yu looked at Long Chen and said every word.


Long Chen’s heart trembled slightly, this Su Yu was upright and fearless, no man could match him.


Long Chen fought all his life, and he saw a lot of treacherous people, but it was the first time Long Chen saw such a heroine.


The most important thing is that her eyes are as clear as water. Only those with the heart of a child can have such pure eyes.


“It seems that my knowledge is short. I never thought that there would be such a generous and elegiac person in the human race.” Long Chen praised secretly in his heart.


According to Su Yu’s calculations, there must be more than one Bamai Tiansheng here. Their goal is to severely injure the promoted person, interrupt his advancement, and buy more time for the people.


“Okay, let’s make a decision like this, as long as you can help me, let it be as long as possible.” Long Chen reluctantly said.


He likes these people in front of him very much, and wants to make friends with such warriors, but he dare not, because his identity does not allow him to do that, because getting too close to them will only hurt them.


Although Su Yu is already a powerful Heavenly Sage with Eight Meridians, compared with Long Chen’s enemies, Su Yu doesn’t even have the ability to protect himself.


Aside from other things, Li Changgeng, Brahma and others are not comparable to Su Yu, not to mention there is a Minglong Tianfeng with the backing of the Emperor of the Underworld.


Seeing Long Chen agreeing, a smile appeared on Su Yu’s face, he stretched out his jade hand, clenched it into a fist, and faced Long Chen.


Long Chen smiled, stretched out his fist, and lightly met her. The two fists faced each other, indicating that the verbal contract was reached.


For most people, a verbal contract has little meaning, but for those who value faith and righteousness, a single action can guarantee life and death. The gap between people is just that big.




Long Chen waved his hand, took the lead, and led everyone to rush towards the demon army.


The demon army has always maintained a rapidly rotating formation, like a huge storm group. Seeing Long Chen and others coming, they shouted loudly and were ready for battle in an instant.


“The direction is wrong, the center is not there.”


Seeing that the direction of Long Chen’s impact was skewed, someone shouted loudly.


However, Long Chen ignored it, holding a dark spear, and rushed towards the demon army obliquely.


“I see…”


When she saw this scene, Su Yu exclaimed, her eyes were full of ecstasy, and she understood Long Chen’s intention in an instant.




Su Yu’s spirit was lifted, and he shouted loudly, the dragon energy of the eight heavenly veins unfolded, and the strong wind howled, and the strong demons in front of him were beheaded one after another.


I have to say that Su Yu is still very smart. Seeing what he knows, he can see Long Chen’s strategy at a glance, and at the same time secretly scolded himself for being too stupid.


The large vortex formation of the Demon Race is a typical consumption formation. She rushes straight from the outside. As the team is stretched, the power will be dispersed and pulled by the centrifugal force. The bigger it is, the more spread out the team will be.


However, Long Chen chose to follow obliquely and charged straight into the vortex. Although the impact he faced was huge, most of the impact was borne by the front of the team, and the force suffered by the middle and rear was very small. Being pulled, thus forming a strong cohesive force.


In just half a stick of incense, the entire team has already embedded in the demon army, going upstream, rushing wildly, although the speed of implementation is slow, but it is indeed approaching the core area step by step, which makes everyone see hope. They couldn’t help but be ecstatic.


“Friend, I underestimated you before. If you can survive this time, welcome to our Southern Alliance. You friend, we have made a deal.” Loudly.


They didn’t like Long Chen before because they hated the arrogant tone of Long Chen’s words. Now, seeing Long Chen easily lead them in, they immediately changed their views on Long Chen.


“Southern Alliance?” Long Chen was taken aback. He seemed to have heard of this name, but he always thought that this was an alliance of a certain tribe, just like the Sky Demon Alliance. Unexpectedly, it turned out to be an alliance of the human race. .


The word alliance has been around for a long time. People’s hearts are too complicated. It is extremely difficult for them to form an alliance.


But seeing the powerhouses of the Southern Alliance, Long Chen suddenly thought of the Tianwu Alliance. For a moment, he felt mixed feelings.


“Our Southern Alliance is one of the Four-Party Alliance, which is composed of four parties.


There are more than 3,000 forces in total. Although we are not the strongest among the top forces, we are the most united. Even in the Tianyuan world, not many forces dare to bully us. “Su Yu proudly introduced the Quartet Alliance to Long Chen.


“It’s rude to just think about killing the, my name is Su Yu, and I don’t know your surname and name, and where do you come from?” Su Yu suddenly felt a little embarrassed.


“My name is Long Chen, and I come from…Lingxiao Academy.” Long Chen originally wanted to say that he was from Fengshen Haige, but he is not a disciple of Fengshen Haige after all, so it is more appropriate to report to Lingxiao Academy.


“Lingxiao Academy?”


Su Yu and the others were stunned. Obviously, they had been living in the Tianyuan world, and the name of Lingxiao Academy had been submerged in the long river of history, and they had never heard of it.


“Be careful, a master is coming.”


At this moment, someone exclaimed, and then the devilish energy struck, and dozens of figures rushed towards Long Chen and the others like lightning.


“Damn human race, you have ruined Lord Tiantong’s affairs by delusional thinking, go to hell!”




A magic spear pierced through the void, carrying supreme magic power, and stabbed straight at Long Chen.


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