My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! Chapter 1184: The changes in the western suburbs are soaring!


After Duoduoshuo registered the information and left an attachment to hand over to the shelter manager, Roman’s slightly dark face was still flushed with excitement.

His excitement can be understood by everyone present.

For these shelters in the city now, the meaning of Tianyuan Shelter is actually equivalent to the former Foundation merchant ship. It is the only way for everyone in this city to live and survive.

Even if it is undeniable, the goods produced by the Foundation are much better than those of Tianyuan Shelter, and there are many more categories.

But are there any choices now?

This is the only choice, and it is the choice they must believe in.

“Captain Mandalay, you are such a good man.”

“Thank you so much, Silver Shelter will always remember your help!”

After being sent outside the checkpoint by Mandalay, Roman still kept saying thanks, not bearing any regrets about the awkward situation of being roughly **** and pressed to the ground just now.

“Ha, didn’t you say that?”

“This is not my help, you deserve it.”

Mandler shook his head, unable to accept this gratitude calmly.

Speaking of which, the other party sent the four members of the Fan family to this checkpoint, which actually brought him an opportunity.

Think about it from another perspective, if the other party was sent to another checkpoint, wouldn’t it be someone else who is happy now?

“I understand, I understand, but thank you, thank you alliance!”

“Let’s go back quickly.”

Waving Roman away.

Looking at the departing pickup truck, Mandalay’s eyes were filled with emotion.

The establishment of order cannot be achieved overnight.

Once upon a time, he was no longer Roman, and he would bow his head in front of the powerful Sanctuary.

But now, Megacity Sanctuary has joined the Alliance, and he has become a soldier of the Alliance.

The person has not changed, and the strength has not changed, but the platform has changed.

The status seems to have undergone earth-shaking changes.

And if you don’t realize who gave all this.

For the next promotion that may come, he may choose some more leisurely and lucrative positions.

But now.

“Alliance. Tianyuan Shelter!”

Looking to the west of the city, Mandalay’s eyes were slightly obsessed.

On the other side, the convoy that continued to pass through the Fifth Ring Road also descended from the Gaohuan Ring Road to the main road.

It is different from the previous ruins and mutated plants everywhere.

Since the strange thing about hunting tigers led the National People’s Congress to carry out a wave of infrastructure construction, and the sudden drop in temperature in winter destroyed the environment for plant growth, the western suburbs now finally look a little normal.

The building ruins that were once piled wantonly on both sides of the road have now been brought back to the shelter in batches by the Tianyuan scavenging team, and have been processed into excellent infrastructure materials.

The potholed main road has also been filled with soil and auxiliary materials, eliminating those scary potholes, allowing vehicles to drive on it unimpeded.

There are different buildings on both sides of the road.

Compared with the monotonous high-rise buildings in the city center, the architectural styles in the western suburbs are extremely rich.

There are four- and five-story small western-style buildings that look like they are in their final years, and there are also complete bungalows with only the first floor facade left.

There are some single-family square factory buildings, as well as the iconic Triumph Twin Buildings.

Previously, because the alliance had not completely brought the western suburbs under its control, the scavengers came here to explore during the day, and had to return quickly when it was getting dark to prevent danger.

Now, with the further improvement of the defense line in the western suburbs, this building complex has been brought into the protection range.

The Tianyuan Territory has also issued different policies accordingly, further clarifying the scope of activities of the scavengers.

First of all, there are development rights and overnight rights.

As long as these ownerless buildings are approved, scavenger teams of all sizes can transform them into temporary settlements in Qinggang City for transit and rest during daily exploration.

Even if the renovation can pass the review, you can even have permission to stay overnight.

Secondly, it is the clarification of the “three guarantees” policy.

If each team wants to turn the temporary station into a long-term station or a permanent station, they must actively cooperate and participate in the process of rebuilding the western suburbs.

Starting from the station itself, then to the neighborhoods near the station, and the environment surrounding the station.

There is a clear contribution value to measure the contribution of each scavenger team, and different benefits can be unlocked when reaching the specified value.

At this time, it was close to noon. There were many teams of scavengers operating near the western suburbs, and some old residents of the territory were staying here to do business.

Either setting up a big pot for cooking at the door, setting up a stall to trade items, or providing various distinctive services.

There is a lot of traffic, at least a few hundred people at first glance.

Most of them are residents from Pingtan and Jucheng.

For these people, although residents in the alliance can apply for unlimited times to go behind the security wall, or to the outpost, or to the Hope Village further back.

But every time I go there, the fare and customs clearance fees I have to pay are real.

One round trip costs five iron coins, plus one iron coin for the security wall clearance fee.

A full six iron coins.

This is enough for them to eat and drink at the small market in the western suburbs.

So after thinking about it, most people, after seeing the world behind the security wall, finally returned their attention to this temporary small market in the western suburbs. So lively! ”

Fan Jing and Fan Han were lying next to the window of the command vehicle, looking at the bustling scene of people coming and going in the market in the distance, and they suddenly felt fascinated.

Although similar trade fairs are occasionally held in the Taihu territory, most people just go to join in the fun, and no one is willing to trade food.

But this small market is different.

The few food stalls that were set up were all filled with people, and as soon as a seat became available, others filled it.

One bowl after another of hot meals was brought out, and the air was filled with the aroma of the food.

There is also a lot of traffic in front of the nearby stalls.

Some sell weird gadgets, and some sell handmade cold weapons.

Some sell ceramic products of different shapes, and some sell various styles of clothing.

Although most people in front of the stall are just looking at it, the transaction volume will inevitably increase when there are more people.

With the promotion of consumption, naturally some people also follow the impulsive consumption.

And the most surprising thing is that there are people from Blue Star working in this small market.

Although it was just a simple barber stall, washing the hair of customers who came.

But such a degree of integration has almost broken the stereotype of Blue Star people on the World Channel.

“Is this the territory?”

Fan Fuzheng was also a little shocked, looking at the scene outside the car window and saying in shock.

Such a lively scene, if he thought about it carefully, he had only seen it at the inn along the coastline.

However, the reason why the inn is so lively is only because of the huge flow of people.

The coming and going of people naturally leads to the prosperity of transactions.

Once the migration of survivors in the deep sea ends, the station will quickly become deserted and become like the Taihu Territory.

In comparison, this small market is completely different.


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