My Post-Apocalyptic Shelter Levels Up Infinitely! Chapter 1088: Desperate for the distance, Hades’ “vision”!



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The hunting tiger raised a question.


Proud Hades, no, the proud Clear Harbor Sanctuary will cooperate with the Western Suburbs Alliance?


He doesn’t think that the ordinary materials that the alliance is trading now can make Hades lower his figure and talk about cooperation.


Besides, even if you really got the 30% supplies, it might not be able to bring much help to this behemoth.


What the city really desperately needs right now is force.


It is a new type of weapon that can replace guns and cannons to deal with dwarves who may launch a second attack at any time.


If they want to cooperate, it can only be Sumo handing over the thing that just exploded to the Clear Harbor Refuge.


But. Is it possible?


“Mr. Tiger Hunter, with all due respect, no one in your shelter told you


In fact, your talent as a commander is far better than that of a manager? “


Kevin said with a sincere suggestion.


However, what surprised him was that Lie Hu turned around and You Qi nodded, and replied honestly:


“Hey, how do you know, many people said that.”


“But that was ten years ago, and the people who said that about me are now several meters high on their graves!”




This guy is really a reckless man.


Kevin froze for a moment, but seeing the teasing smile on Liehu’s face, he realized that the big bald head was not that stupid.


It is useless to say whether it is suitable for a manager or not. The development of the past ten years has proved everything.


Just like what Hades said, the Flat Beach Refuge did not decline and disappear under his leadership. Instead, it miraculously escaped from the siege and got mixed up to where it is today.


Of course, there must be reasons for the location of the flat beach, as well as the reasons for the division of interests in the city’s chaos over the past few years.


But no matter how you say it, the results are here.


Except Liehu himself said that he is not suitable for managers, no one else is qualified.


Unless that person is


“I see it too, when managers stay in the shelter and sit at their desks.”


“It’s too much to bury your talent!”


Su Mo shook his head dumbfounded, and continued to whisper under Liehu’s surprised gaze:


“I mean if, what if you choose?”


“Stay in the flat beach shelter and lead the development of the residents, or take tens of thousands of people out to fight, what would you choose?”


“Go out to fight?”


Liehu paused with a smile, then repeated the sentence after thinking about it, and then snorted sullenly.


Sure enough, there is nothing to play with such a smart person.


Who is a serious manager who would consider taking tens of thousands of people out to fight? That is obviously the commander’s duty.


Managers need to be more responsible for the economic development of the shelter, as well as population allocation and other livelihood issues.


As long as he will consider this proposal, it will already explain a few things.


Is it a trick?


“Let’s go, I don’t know how to cooperate, after all, this guy is an antique from more than a hundred years ago.”


“But I think he will definitely not keep silent, and most importantly”


Stretching out a finger, Su Mo shook it lightly.


If the information obtained from Katerina is correct, Hades will only be active for a month at most.


Unless he is willing to accept the increased risk, extend his activities to continue as a manager.


Otherwise, within this month, a decent decision must be made.


Based on what I have learned so far, and the close contact with Hades today.


Su Mo prefers that this smart guy will not choose to die now.


Although the power of the Western Suburbs Alliance is strong, there is still a big gap with Qinggang, and it will not be able to catch up in a short time.


In this case, he kept it, and could only do some leftover work to wait and see what happened.


It’s better to continue to sleep and wake up when a better opportunity comes.


But what Su Mo couldn’t guess was.


Hades does intend to continue to sleep.


But the real reason is not what he thought of, but another “reason” that cannot be said.


At this moment, the circular meeting room is empty.


Twain knocked on the door and entered with an apprehensive face, and saw Hades still sitting in his seat in a daze.


He stared at where Sumo was sitting before, in the direction of the western suburbs.


Hades was still muttering to himself.


It can be seen that he really cares about the “rules of the wasteland”.


And this is also the biggest reason why smart people are often trapped in a corner by themselves.


Think too much!


“Master Hades, we have sent engineers to conduct a preliminary inspection of the disappearing wall. It is estimated that the success rate of complete restoration is very high. There is at least an 80% probability that it can be restored to the same level as before, and the other 20% is After the repair is completed, the stress structure of the wall will be damaged to some extent, but it will not affect daily use.”


“We inspected the explosion site and looked back at the video during this period, but we didn’t find out how the other party planted or dropped the bomb, and we didn’t detect any radiation performance.”


“At the scene, the only blast remnant we found was this”


Take out a fragment of a baby’s fist from the file bag, and Tang En gently places the fragment in front of Hades.


A piece of stone that looks like it has been manually polished and flattened.


There are dense patterns remaining on it, which not only looks mysterious but also has a strong special beauty.


“Is this thing blowing up our walls?”


Hades finally came back to his senses, picked up the fragment and took a deep look, his face was full of dignity.


“I don’t know.”


A look of annoyance floated on Tang En’s face.


“Our engineers didn’t detect any anomalies in this fast fragment, just like some special substances we found in this wasteland, they are so mysterious, and we haven’t found the way to the mysterious shore yet.”


“I’m sorry, I really don’t know.” Tang En stared blankly at the location in the direction of the western suburbs, and sighed: “I didn’t expect such a big killer in the hands of this small western suburbs alliance.” They may be related to Tianyuan Refuge, they are the aborigines of this wasteland world, and they know too much information that we don’t!”


“The natives of the wasteland world.”


Hades was not angry, but repeated the sentence again.


Suddenly, his slack and gloomy eyes lit up, as if he had realized something.


“You mean this. Sumo, he knows a lot of information that we don’t?”


“Sure, Mr. Hades, I can be 100% sure that as long as we can catch him, we can definitely interrogate a lot of information, including the sudden appearance of metal aging. I sent people to collect Pingtan And the changes in the giant city, they were preparing other weapons long before the appearance of metal aging, they definitely knew this information!”


Looking at Hades’ brighter and brighter eyes, Tang En smacked his mouth, and continued.


“Do you still remember the previous video, that is, the video where our helicopter was taken away by two radiation beasts. , They are secretly carrying out some secret activities that we don’t know about!”


“If we don’t take action, they will only become more and more arrogant and draw other shelters in the city to jointly resist our Clear Harbor Sanctuary!”


Hades nodded.


He knew that what Tang En said now was not alarmist.


In fact, when he saw the video for the first time, he also had the expression of seeing a ghost.


Physics and weaponry are not his majors, but biology and energy are his strong points.


If he hadn’t been kicked out by the college that year, he would have at least started as a second-level professor with his talent and hard work.


If you are lucky, you may even have the opportunity to be a first-level professor, vice president and the like, and step into the top class of Blue Star.


But that’s exactly what happened. First, I saw an inhuman creature who learned to fly a plane in just a few minutes in the video.


I also witnessed the dwarves who came to attack the city with special weapons.


It was only then that he realized that the world had indeed changed. There were too many biological studies that only existed on paper in the academy before, but living examples could be found here.


It is reasonable to wonder whether this world also has a solution to the big problem of not being able to stay awake for a long time in the dormant cabin.


Or is there simply a way to increase the lifespan of human beings?


After realizing this, Hades didn’t blame the reckless Edmund and Tang En who indulged him. He even praised the two of them, affirming their hard work and dedication during this period.


After all, plunder the population, plunder resources, form a team that can explore the outside world, and run ahead of other blue star forces.


Edmund’s thoughts coincided with his now.


If it wasn’t for Sumo’s appearance, after the meeting, most of the city’s resources would have been taken away by him with the threat of the Eternal Water God, which would have left a large amount of extra expenses for the exploration team.






Hades completely denied the previous idea.


At this moment, he felt that his previous thoughts were simply committing a crime, did he really fall asleep?


Why do you want to set up an exploration team to go farther and take risks to explore information that may not be found?


Damn it, isn’t that the neighbor next door?


If it hadn’t been for the preconceived notions of these old guys in the refuge, he would innately think that the Western Suburbs Alliance is now the enemy of the Clear Harbor Refuge, and the Tianyuan Refuge is also the enemy’s minions.


Otherwise, it would be over if you just go to Sumo directly, so why bother? ? ?


“Why don’t we cooperate with Tianyuan Territory, why not cooperate with this Sumo?”




Twain swallowed, his eyes were extremely strange.


Isn’t this still criticizing the other party? Why did they suddenly mention cooperation again?


But having said that, why did the Sunshine Harbor Refuge stand on opposite sides to the Tianyuan Refuge?


Twain did not express this doubt, but kept it in his heart.


To tell you the truth, he is quite confused. He has many enemies for no reason while staying underground.


Forget about the refuge in the southern suburbs. There is no need to provoke the ones in the western suburbs. It is Edmund, an idiot who insists on going out to cause trouble and carry out his broken basket plan.


“Master Hades, this is all Edmund. It is the result of the chaos he caused outside. In fact, we sent people to Tianyuan Refuge at the beginning, and Sumo also came to participate in our first Meeting, is the attitude still kind?”


Compared with the aggressiveness of today, the silence at that time must have been extremely kind.


“Since we are kind, why don’t we cooperate with him and force him to cooperate with people in the western suburbs?”


“Uh…” Tang En was a little embarrassed, and didn’t know how to speak for a while.


Good guy, he has clearly become the leader of the Western Suburbs Alliance.


It’s not that he wants to find those shelters to cooperate with, it’s obviously these shelters who came to him.


“Go, since the other party didn’t blatantly detonate in the new city or even underground today, but only blew up a section of lightning wall to warn us, it means that Sumo doesn’t want to start a war. There is still a buffer opportunity!”


“He’s right, this is not Blue Star, but Wasteland, and Wasteland should have the rules of Wasteland!”


“Instead of fighting to the death and benefiting others, it is better to cooperate and win-win.”


Hades doesn’t care about the aggrievedness and difficulty of continuing to negotiate and cooperate, anyway, it’s not him.


He stood up, picked up the stones on the table, and took Tang En’s hand again.


“Twain, I know you want to be a manager. After all, your father is one of the best managers in the shelter. You have inherited his genes, as well as the humility and wisdom of the oriental people. Clear Harbor Sanctuary Giving it to you is indeed a reassuring thing for me.


But…you are still too young. As the deputy manager of the shelter, it’s like being tightly restrained by those old guys in the shelter recently but unable to break the situation. Do you think that every time this kind of thing happens again in the future, I need to wake up and deal with it? “


When the word “young” was said, that face appeared in Hades’ mind again.


Is Tang En young? He is indeed young.


He is only forty years old now. For a manager, with Blue Star’s biotechnology, he still has at least fifty years to live, and he has not completed half of his life.


But the manager of Tianyuan, he is at most thirty years old, maybe even younger.


After all, the future of this world still belongs to young people. The old guys who count on the refuge can maintain stability in peacetime. When encountering such a turbulent situation, they need more bold people to take over the management.




“This negotiation with Tianyuan Refuge is the time to witness your ability. If you can succeed before I wake up next time, then I will be able to transfer the position of manager of the Refuge to you with confidence. .You know, I never tell lies!”


Hades showed an involuntary expression, indicating that he had made up his mind.


In fact, according to the normal development process, if he can wake up normally this time, Tang En will be appointed as the manager.


But being awakened early now, dealing with this mess in the Vault is just one of the little things.


He still intends to put more energy into researching this new world.


Especially those captive way of forcibly covering the brainwaves of key questions is simply too abrupt.


If it can be cracked, maybe you can get the production methods of those new weapons in their hands.


The current shortage of weapons in the refuge can be solved smoothly!




Twain nodded, his heart was in a mess, so he could only agree to this matter temporarily.


Now, we can only hope that the two sides have not completely torn their faces, and see if they can relax.


If it can be successful, then the next cooperation will naturally be pushed forward slowly until the unhappiness during this period is repaired.


But if the other party sternly refuses.


Recalling the oriental face with the same origin as himself, Tang En clenched the stone in his hand, and could only pray secretly in his heart.


(End of this chapter)


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