My Magic Has No Attack Power Chapter 154: : 3 years



After returning to the tunnel via the Dauphin worm train, send a message to Enyong to report safety.


He temporarily put aside the digging of the tunnel for the rest of the time, and instead used his brain to think about how to trade with the dwarves.


Liquor, he brews, is an alternative beer brewed from wheat.


When I first started brewing, it was for Andrea, who often talked about drinking.


But beer is not a good thing. After it was brewed, Xiang En didn’t give it to Andrea, who was still pregnant, let alone now.


There is now a lot of wine in the cellar, which can be sold to the dwarves, who can then use the dwarves’ former hire dwarves to help him build the tunnel.


In the boring days that followed, there were many big changes with the opening of the underground tavern.


Although the dwarves speak vulgarly, as long as they give money and drinks, they really dare to go.


Xiang En was also freed from his original toil and handed over the digging of tunnels to more professional dwarves.


After reporting to the upper level, the dwarf general Nora’s precious mount, the Dauphins, was rented and used its own mouthparts to dig an underground tunnel leading to the capital of the Austin Empire.


The digging speed of Dauphinis is very fast. Its intestines can secrete a corrosive mucus. After the sharp mouthparts swallow the gravel, the stones that enter the cavity will be quickly dissolved by the mucus.


The bodily fluid deposited in the cavity will overflow from the skin, making the rough stone wall relatively smooth, and it will also stabilize the stone wall.


The Dauphin worm is born a combination of shield machine and subway. Its main food is also stone and metal, and occasionally some meat is added. It will only lay three eggs in 30 years.


If it wasn’t for the dwarves’ protection, Xiang Endu would like to get a Dauphin worm.


In the blink of an eye, more than half a year has passed, and there is only one year left before Sharon and the others return to the capital.


In addition to running underground taverns, digging tunnels and expanding underground shelters, Xiang En also keeps an eye on the surface.


Hella is one year old this year. She has passed the unattractive age of Ma Ma Lai Lai. Her face is fair and soft, her eyes are clear and bright, and she laughs every day.


Xiang En was very relieved and handed her over to Sharon to take care of her temporarily, while he and Andrea asked for more free time, otherwise there would be no chance in the future!


For more than half a year, the tunnel has been dug near the capital.


The tunnel is not straight, but twists and turns. If you don’t know where this tunnel leads in advance, anyone who falls into this tunnel will go crazy in the boundless darkness of fear.


When the Dauphin worm digs a tunnel, it will bypass various terrains such as underground rivers and large underground caves.


The total length of the tunnel is more than 3,000 kilometers. After the passage is completed, Xiang En asked York and Mira to build a platform on the side of the tunnel, which can carry the rails.


The Dauphin is an important means of transportation for the dwarves. Xiang En can only rent a tunnel to dig a tunnel. It is impractical for the Dauphin to serve them all the time.


After using poker and cards to squeeze the wallets of the dwarves, Xiang En obtained the labor of a large number of dwarven artisans, and the rails and platforms were laid almost simultaneously.


A rest station is set up every 500 kilometers to lay the rails. This laying took another half a year.


It was not until the time when Sharon returned to the capital to return to life that the vast underground project was finally completed.


On the day it was completed, Xiangen was generous with meat, repeatedly tortured and slaughtered five yaks, cooked several carts of meat himself, and shared it with the dwarf craftsmen who were exhausted to death.


As soon as the little wine is drunk, the beef is in the stomach, and the dwarves call Xiangen from “vampire” to a good boss.


There’s nothing that a meal can’t fix, and if there’s one, add the wages.




This evening, Xiang En returned to the underground shelter below the manor and walked through the bright and super large space.


The trolls are resident in the rest stop of the tunnel. He has been at the tunnel construction site for a long time for efficiency. Of course, the first time he gets home is to spend more time with his wife and children.


The underground hall, under the care of trolls and gold, has become a huge underground crop breeding center, providing food and drinks to the dwarven customers of the underground tavern.


The dwarf taverns will never know that the hamburger they eat is actually a mouse…




When Xiang En stepped into the underground plaza, the daily interaction between Andrea and her daughter immediately began.


Andrea bent over with an encouraging smile on her face, stretched her legs and stepped back, guiding Hela, who was begging for a hug, to walk tremblingly.


Children in this world grow faster, and a little kid who is close to two years old can almost walk, and looks like three or four years old in the normal world.


Hella inherited her mother’s red hair, but she still can’t grow silky long hair at the age of two, and now only has some hair on her forehead, looking like a tomboy.


Beeeeeeeeeeeering threw herself into Andrea’s arms, and Hela finally saw Xiangen beside her and stretched out her small arms for hugs.


Xiang En is not stingy with his physical strength. He leaned in and dawdled for a while, and his happiness rose steadily.


The family returned to the surface, and it happened to be dusk.


Xiang En had been cooking for a long time and made a sumptuous dinner. The people who participated in the dinner were not only his employees, but also the troll high-level living next door, and a group of dwarf generals led by the dwarf Nora.


To celebrate the opening of the tunnel, and to commemorate this historic time.


It has been five years since the end of the world.


From the beginning of fleeing, to having a fixed place of residence, and then **** after **** to farm.


Now they have achieved self-sufficiency, and they still have surplus food to sell to dwarves, plus high-quality underground crops obtained from dwarves, survival is no longer difficult.


A group of people gathered around the bonfire, eating all kinds of fried food, singing and dancing, laughing, giving people a dreamlike illusion.


Xiang En hugged Hela, fed her some cornmeal, and turned to look at Andrea, who was biting her ear with Sharon, thinking about how long this life would last.


The palm of her left hand was spread out, and a white bird condensed in front of Xiao Hela’s The bird that appeared in the migratory bird skill impresses Hela’s interest, she babbled, stretched out two The chubby hand grabbed it, but the bird formed by magic flew directly into the sky.


“Wow wow wow!”


Seeing the bird flying away from her hand, Hela looked up, the more she looked, the more anxious she became, and then she started crying…


Xiang En did not appease his daughter for the time being, but instead connected to the migratory birds, looking down on the present earth from above.


The field of vision gradually increased, fearing the heavy responsibility of the fire as small dots, and then saw the bonfire rising from the troll camp across the wall.


Looking away from the manor, the trees that had grown around had all withered after a long period of unattended care, and looking outside, the originally endless grassland was completely occupied by the desert.


The slime mold, which gives people a sticky texture, is irregularly distributed on the ground, so desolate that there is no trace of life, and there is not even a single dead thing on the ground.




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