Marvel: Unlimited Possession Chapter 98: Transformation



Facing Ye Wen’s name, Natasha’s expression remained calm.


Not impatient to ask questions, Natasha turned the conversation around and asked, “So, you and Ah Xing, who appeared in New York before, come from the same place?”


Nodding, Ye Wen did not deny: “Yes, in fact, I came from Penglai because of Ah Xing.”


“What about Ah Xing?”


“He had an accident in New York.” Ye Wen lowered his face and replied with a neither sad nor happy expression.


“Sorry.” As an experienced agent, Natasha knew very well how to win the favor of the client, and she deliberately made an apologetic look, she immediately changed the topic: “I didn’t know this news. .”


“No, it’s not your fault, ma’am, and you don’t need to apologize to me.”


“Actually, my name is Natasha Romanov, you can call me Natasha directly.” Reducing the expression on her face, Natasha took advantage of the situation and said: “Subordinate to the Homeland Strategic Defense Attack and The Bureau of Logistics, which specializes in special events, such as the previous battle in Chinatown.”


“…Homeland Strategy…Security Bureau…”


Suppressing his inner turmoil, Ye Wen maintained his elegant image and pretended to be puzzled: “Are you from the US government?”


“It is semi-official. We have contacts and cooperation projects with various countries, and it is currently under the jurisdiction of the International Security Council.” Natasha briefly explained the current operation mode of S.H.I.E.L.D., and then pulled the topic back. On top of the events in Chinatown.




After a moment of silence, Ye Wencai said: “The battle in Chinatown is actually a continuation of what happened in Penglai a few years ago. The legendary ultimate murderer, the evil **** of fire cloud, appeared in Penglai and killed him a few years ago. He took the people of Penglai and stole the Penglai immortal method “Tathagata Palm”…”


[From Natasha Romanoff’s reputation +100]


Natasha is worthy of being one of the super agents of SHIELD. Even if her heart is shocked by what Ye Wen explained, she still has a calm expression on the surface.


Waiting quietly for Ye Wen to describe the cause and effect of the Chinatown battle, Natasha immediately pointed out the key point: “Since the evil **** of fire cloud has died, then why did you still stay in New York, Master Ye?”


“Because of what Huoyun Evil God said before his death, he once revealed that he had fought with a mysterious person, and this mysterious person is likely to appear again?”


“The mysterious person?” Ye Wen’s question and answer made Natasha frown subconsciously. The whole incident was more troublesome than she had expected: “Can you identify who it is?”


As soon as these words were said, Natasha knew that she had asked a stupid question, and if the other party knew her identity, she would not be described as a mysterious person.


Sure enough, facing the questioning, Ye Wen shook his head: “It’s not clear yet, but the opponent’s kung fu should be very high, Huoyun Evil God was seriously injured in the battle with him, in fact, if it wasn’t for this reason , the battle in Chinatown might have turned out quite differently.”


A mysterious but dangerous being.


According to the clues given by Ye Wen, she silently gave a definition in her heart. Natasha can already imagine what kind of expression Nick Fury will show when he hears the news.


In short, it must not be too happy.



Afghanistan, a vast desert.


A group of figures with guns and live ammunition are constantly rummaging for something.


“Found it!”


With a strong Dari voice, a dark-skinned man raised a rough metal mask from the gravel and shouted.


Soon, I saw a bald man with a burnt face approaching. If Tony was here, he would definitely let him go. The other party was the terrorist who kidnapped him before.


He stretched out his hand to take the mask. The pain from the sand blowing through the wound made the man twitch the corners of his mouth and said in a low voice, “Contact Obadiah and say we have something for him.”



“Jarvis, report your current progress.”


New York, Cliff House, basement.


Putting down the tool in his hand, Tony breathed a sigh of relief, rubbed his stiff face and shouted.


“Okay, sir.”


In the basement, Jarvis replied in the same tone: “The assembly of the arms, shoulder armor and back has been completed, and the power system is also being deployed. However, sir, I need to remind, You haven’t slept for more than 24 hours.”


“It’s not important.”


“According to the survey results, when a person does not sleep for more than 24 hours, whether it is mental or…”


“I know my physical condition, Jarvis, so continue with the previous report.” Frowning, Tony interrupted Jarvis’s advice.


“Okay, sir.”


As an artificial intelligence, Jarvis is not angry, so in the face of Tony’s inability to interrupt he still maintains his usual tone.


After squinting, after listening to Jarvis’ report, Tony thought for a moment, then said, “I think we’re going to enter the experimental phase next.”


“But sir, you can’t guarantee that these things are absolutely safe, and you may get hurt sir.”


“Don’t worry, I will grasp the scale.” Facing Jarvis’ concern, Tony replied with confidence.


In the basement, in the center of the empty experimental site, Tony manipulated some of the armor under his feet to stand still, turned his head and glanced at the recording camera not far away, and took a deep breath.


“Phew, okay, let’s start officially, the first armor activation experiment.”


Although he was full of confidence in the face of Jarvis, Tony was a little nervous in the face of the experiment.


Shaking his head, swept away the chaotic thoughts in his mind, Tony refocused on the camera: “Start, for the first time, let’s see if 10% energy can achieve the effect of promoting the ascent, the countdown begins, three , two, one…”






Following Tony’s order, the next second, the figure that was still standing in the same place, with the huge driving force of the foot armor, quickly lifted into the air and slammed into the roof of the basement.


“Jarvis.” Lying on the ground, Tony felt the sharp pain all over his body, especially the sore touch coming from the tip of his nose, which made his eyes turn red. He groaned and propped up his body. The voice shouted with an uncomfortable look.


“Yes, sir.”


“Delete the scene you just filmed.”


“Okay, sir.”


“Also, you’re right, I do need a break.”


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