Marvel: Unlimited Possession Chapter 100: Mask man



New York, an ordinary day.


The stock price of Stark Industries continues to fall. In the major financial programs in New York, more than one expert has threatened that Stark Industries will decline, and a large number of retail investors choose to sell their stocks.


Tony Stark’s title has also been reduced from the most successful businessman and genius scientist to the idiot who brought down the Stark industry by himself.


At the same time, the Austen Group announced in a high-profile manner that it would work with the military to develop a weapon that meets the requirements of the US military, intending to seize the gap left by Stark Industries’ withdrawal from armament production.



Speeding through the crowds, ignoring New York’s traffic rules and the screams and curses on both sides of the road, the speeding car continued to move at a speed far exceeding the required speed at the beginning of the downtown.


“Hurry up, drive faster!”


Inside the car, the gangster with tattoos all over his body and even his face urged his companions in the driver’s seat while looking back at the police car that was constantly chasing.


“F***K, I also want to be fast, but there are so many people in front of me.”


“I’m still worried about what to do at this time, just hit me directly!” Turning around, he glanced at the police car that was getting closer and closer behind him, and the gangster ordered with gritted teeth.


“Shit, you’re crazy!” Even the companions in the same car were frightened by his fierce speech.


“Do you think we still have a way out now? We robbed so much money and shot a bank security guard. If we were caught, we would be imprisoned to death…”




Obviously, the accomplice driving the car is still a little hesitant. His purpose is to rob the bank, and the security guard is not murdered by him. If he is caught, the sentence will definitely not be so severe.


“F***K, if you don’t do what I say, I’ll shoot you right now!”


The constantly approaching police car behind him made the gangster in the car extremely excited. Seeing the hesitant look of his companion, he directly took the gun in his hand and aimed it at his head, threatening.


“F***K, you’re crazy, I know, be careful, don’t pass by.”


Facing the threat of firearms, the robber in the cab decisively chose to do as the other party said.


“Sir, I think you should be a little more calm.”


At this moment, along with the sound of light footsteps falling, a slightly immature voice came from the roof.




Hearing the sound, the two robbers in the car all looked surprised. The robber holding a pistol hurriedly peeked out from the window, and immediately saw a man wearing a red hood and a rough knitted mask. child standing on the roof of the car.


“Damn, how on earth did you get into the car!”


“You said this, I grew up from the previous building…”


Before the masked man could answer the question, the robber in the car raised the machine gun in his hand and glanced at the other party.


Facing the machine gun fire, the masked man on the roof exclaimed, but his movements were extremely sensitive to avoid the flying bullets.


“F***K, you can’t say you’re shooting first!” At this moment, the robber driving in the car couldn’t help but cursed.


“Drive your car well!” He bowed his head and scolded, but the bandit looked up again and found that the voice standing on the roof had disappeared: “What?!”


“Are you looking for me, sir?”


With the tender voice, the gangster turned around and saw the masked man appearing at the back door of the car with one hand grabbing the door handle in a posture beyond normal people’s imagination.


Seeing the gangster’s attention, the masked man immediately changed his posture, raising his leg and kicking the gun in the opponent’s hand with a movement that only gymnasts can do.


“Damn!” Looking at the submachine gun that fell on the road and was crushed by the traffic behind, the robber’s expression was distorted, and he quickly got back into the car and found another submachine gun. However, this time, the robber was not as impulsive as before, his eyes swept over the figure buckled on the door, and he shot directly from the car.


In the car, bullets were continuously fired from the muzzle.


Outside the car, the masked man’s movements were exceptionally dexterous. Often, the robber had changed positions before the bullets were fired from the muzzle of the robber.


Obviously it is a moving car, and the masked man stays on the car as if walking on the ground.


“Damn, what kind of monster is this.”


He fired dozens of shots in a row, but he couldn’t get rid of the guy hanging outside the car. The tattooed robber couldn’t help but get anxious. If it goes on like this, they will be caught by the police chasing behind them sooner or later. arrive.


“There’s a car ahead!” At this moment, the accomplice in the driver’s seat suddenly spoke.


“Just hit it!” The tattooed robber said without looking back while shooting at the masked man on the roof.


“Can’t hit, the other side is a big truck.”


“Turn, turn quickly!” Turning around, looking at the huge truck in front of him, the tattooed robber hurriedly shouted. Although he doesn’t care about the lives of pedestrians on the road, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about his own. If his life is gone, what is the use of him robbing so much money.


In fact, without his reminder, the robber in the driver’s seat suddenly turned the steering wheel and drove to the other side.


On the other side of the road, a pedestrian who passed by apparently did not notice the imminent crisis, and was about to be hit by a car on the roof of the car. The masked man saw this scene and jumped up quickly. body, and pounced on the opponent’s body.


“Be careful!”


After successfully rescuing the pedestrian, the masked man stood up, but saw that the car the robber was in did not stop, but instead hit a red fast food truck parked on the side of the road.


Seeing this, the masked man couldn’t help but issue a reminder.




Accompanied by a harsh and violent crash, the food truck was directly knocked into a concave shape, and was hit by a fast-moving car and walked forward for more than ten meters before stopping.


Seeing this scene, the masked man’s running footsteps slowly stopped, silently watching the crash scene, looking a little stunned.


“You bastard, can’t you dodge?!” Shaking his head, the tattooed robber got out of the car, glanced at the deformed and smoking hood of the car that was also hit, and couldn’t help turning his head to face the driver The roommate scolded.


“What can I do, the steering wheel has been killed, and I have no time to react. Who knows that there is still a fast food truck in front of it.”


“Forget it, let’s not talk about this. Before the police arrive, let’s get the money and run.” The robber who also walked out of the deformed car door touched the blood on his head and hurriedly said .


“Wait a minute.” Ignoring his accomplice’s advice, the tattooed robber noticed the masked man standing not far away, stretched out his hand to take out the submachine gun from the car, and said with a grin, “I want to get rid of the trouble just now. Get rid of it.” If it wasn’t for the masked man who suddenly appeared on the roof of the car, maybe they would have escaped successfully just now.


“It’s you two who crashed my food truck into this look?”


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