Martial Peak Chapter 1: Sweeping the floor.



When the sky was getting bright, Yang Kai woke up, after a little washing, he took the broom by the corner and walked out of the lonely house.


   stood at the door stretched out, glanced at the whiteness of the fish belly that emerged from the sky, closed my eyes and enjoyed a moment of peace, then opened my eyes and danced the broom in my hand, burying my head in cleaning the dust and fallen leaves on the ground .


   dressed in Tsing Yi, plain and clean, the old-fashioned clothes are plain and white to set off how many years old the boy is. Yang Kai’s waist was as straight as a javelin, and even when he was doing the lowest level of work, the look on his face was meticulous. The movements were very calm, the hands holding the broom didn’t use much force, and the body didn’t even swing much. With just the turning of the wrist, the broom was like a finger with an arm. The dust and debris accumulated on the surface magically moved, as if two legs had grown in vain.


   Yang Kai is a trial disciple of the Lingxiao Pavilion. He has advanced to the sect and started practicing for three years, but he has only cultivated to the third level of body tempering until now. The brothers who started with him have already surpassed this stage a long time ago, and each had the opportunity to worship the middle and high seat of the introductory middle and high class to fly to Huang Tengda, but he could only sigh.


   Three years of body tempering in three years, this kind of qualifications can no longer be described in ordinary words, it can be said to be mediocre.


   Helplessly, Yang Kai could only take a sweeping job in the sect, and practice hard while maintaining his livelihood.


   The Lingxiao Pavilion is a relatively special school. This particularity is reflected in the cruel competition among the disciples under the school. In this school, the capable people are in the top position, the incompetent are eliminated, and the iron rule of the weak eating the weak is vividly deduced in the Lingxiao Pavilion.


  The other sects may have some friendship and brotherhood, but they are not in the Lingxiao Pavilion! If you want to climb up, you can only be qualified if you step on the shoulders of the so-called brothers and step on their blood.


   The strict rules under the Lingxiao Pavilion are well-known throughout the Han Dynasty. Although it is not a super genre, the cruelty of the disciples’ fighting is second to none! Because of this, the disciples are all sturdy martial arts, and few people dare to provoke them when they go out and walk the rivers and lakes.


   There is a rule in the Lingxiao Pavilion that disciples under the age of fourteen, no matter who they are, three years from the beginning is a trial period. During these three years, the sect was responsible for all meals, accommodation, and transportation, and the disciples could just cultivate. If you can break through the tempering period within three years, you are eligible to join the masters of the sect as apprentices, and let these masters teach you the practice. Of course, you can also practice without a teacher. Is completely different. To a certain extent, Lingxiao Pavilion’s rules are somewhat free.


   Those who have not broken through the tempering stage within three years will either leave the sect or be demoted as trial disciples.


   Trial disciple is Yang Kai’s current identity! It is also a shame in the High Heaven Pavilion!


  Different from ordinary disciples, the living environment of trial disciples is more demanding, because at this point, you have to take care of food, clothing, housing and transportation by yourself, and the sect will not waste any cultivation resources on you. Once you are demoted as a trial disciple, you will basically never have a head start in this life. Unless your strength rises sharply in a short period of time, the other sect thinks that you have the capital you can invest in.


   The entire Lingxiao Pavilion has three thousand disciples, but how many disciples are there in the trial? But ten fingers! Yang Kai is fortunate to be one of them!


   Trial disciples want to survive in the Lingxiao Pavilion. It’s as difficult as climbing to the sky. For example, Yang Kai’s hut now lives in. It was built by himself, one by one, with a few broken roofs. I don’t have time to take care of the cave, and when it rains, water accumulates in the house. He bought his clothes, he made his own food, and he was responsible for everything.


  Even the location of the hut is in the most remote and unattended place of Lingxiao Pavilion.


   Such a terrible treatment is difficult for ordinary people to bear. This is also due to the small number of disciples in the Lingxiao Pavilion trial. Basically, the disciples who have not broken through the body tempering state after the trial period will choose to leave the road of Lingxiao Pavilion. But Yang Kai stayed.


   has been swept out once, how can it be this time?


   After being demoted to a trial disciple a few months ago, Yang Kai took a sweeping job in the sect to maintain his livelihood.


   It can be said that Yang Kai is now not only the trial disciple of the Lingxiao Pavilion, but also the sweeping servant of the Lingxiao Pavilion. But this sweeping work, sometimes unable to maintain Yang Kai’s food and clothing, from time to time, he was hungry and full, and the wind and cold were unaffected, and the life was miserable. Even so, Yang Kai has never retired. He is alive, decades old, and he has chosen this path, so he has to keep going. It is not a man’s work to give up halfway.


   Yang Kai has a resilience, the resilience of not hitting the south wall and not looking back!


   The sky gradually brightened, and Yang Kai swept the ground for a while, and everything he passed by was clean and dusty.


   Although I didn’t waste any effort to sweep the floor, he moved for so long without eating or drinking early in the morning. Yang Kai was also sweating all over his body. This had nothing to do with his strength, it was entirely because of his poor physique.


   There are two hungry meals out of three meals. No matter who lives in the environment of Yang Kai, his physique will not be good.


   gradually surrounded some disciples of the Lingxiao Pavilion. These disciples all got up early, and they were surrounded by Yang Kai when they didn’t go to practice. Many people looked at Yang Kai with interest, and even more people looked at him. Very greedy, as if Yang Kai is now a naked beauty, with a compelling fragrance.


   And among the Lingxiao Pavilion disciples who gathered around Yang Kai, there was also an atmosphere of tense competition spreading, and they looked vigilantly at the brothers around them, all of them looked bad.


   Someone in the crowd showed their faces and whispered softly: “There are so many people, it’s a bit too much.”


   Right now someone replied: “You can leave if there are too many people. No one wants you to stay.”


   just one sentence made the man confuse, everyone knows why they are gathered here, and everyone knows why they are staring at Yang Kai, now they are waiting for that moment to come. The time limit is coming soon, isn’t it a pity to leave now? If you can grab the top spot, today will be another gain.


   Yang Kai naturally knows the movement around the week, but his expression has never changed. I have to go through this kind of battle every five days, six times a month. It’s really nothing to make a fuss about, and the number of people in front of me is slightly less, probably because it hasn’t arrived yet.


   So he has been sweeping the floor, regardless of people around the week, sweeping all the way.


  With the passage of time, more and more people gathered around Yang Kai. It is roughly estimated that there are at least 30 or 40 people.


  Yang Kai stopped suddenly, just sat in the middle of the road, took a slow breath, and recovered the strength he had expended early in the morning.


   Upon seeing this movement, everyone gathered around Yang Kai immediately dispersed, surrounded him in groups, and the atmosphere of intense competition suddenly rose to a new level, as if even the air was no longer flowing.


   Everyone sees who is not pleasing to the eye, but they all look forward to Yang Kai very much.


   If someone who does not know the truth sees this scene, they will think that the person surrounded by the crowd is a super master. Otherwise, how can they send so many people to deal with him? But in fact, Yang Kai was just a trial disciple of the third-tier body tempering realm, and anyone present was better than Yang Kai.


   “Yang Kai, don’t bother to worry about it. You’ll be obediently telling me to wait and get down. Everyone will save time?” Someone suddenly felt a little disdainful when they saw Yang Kai like this.


  A three-layer quenching body is still restored, what do you do? Anyway, it’s all about losing, so why don’t you stay so lingering?


   “Yes, yeah, Yang Kai, at any rate, please be considerate of the feelings of fellow apprentices. Everyone is different from you. We have to practice after this game.”


  ’s words, it seems that Yang Kai should be quickly defeated by them, and Yang Kai who was involved in regaining his strength now seems to be disrespectful to them.


   Yang Kai turned a deaf ear, just like an old monk entering Dhyana.


   Time continued to pass, and suddenly, a melodious and empty bell rang. It was the morning bell of the Lingxiao Pavilion. The sound of the bell reached everyone’s ears, and the disciples gathered around Yang Kai were shocked.


   the bell rings nine times, the eastern sun rises, and it’s a new day!


   The breathing of everyone suddenly subsided, and he gazed at Yang Kai who was surrounded by him. Yang Kai slowly got up, held the broom in his hand, and glanced lightly at the circle of people around him.


   “Choose me, Brother Yang!” Someone shouted, “I’m very light, I promise you won’t hurt you!”


   “Fart! Choose me, I will give you a happy one, and it will be over with one punch, absolutely not wasting everyone’s time.”


   “Choose me…”


   “Choose me…”


   There is a lot of noisy in the market, just like a vegetable vendor in the market selling the vegetables in his field, and comparing who is fresher.


   “Yang Kai, don’t you break the rules you set!” someone reminded.


   Yang Kai chuckled lightly, and threw the broom he was holding into the sky, dozens of pairs of eyes looked up together, waiting expectantly for the moment when the broom landed, and he kept praying in his heart: “Choose me , Choose me!”


   Time seemed to slow down, the broom swung a few times in mid-air, then fell down, bounced on the ground, and stopped moving.


   The front of the broom pointed at a burly teenager in the crowd.


   There was a sound of regret, full of resentment and unwillingness. On the contrary, it was the burly boy who walked out of the crowd with a laugh, clasped his fists and smiled at everyone: “Brothers ~ I won this battle today, I hope you are not surprised.”


   “Grass, **** luck!” Someone was jealous.


   “Why can’t you choose me? Lao Tzu comes once every five days. It’s been a full month, Yang Kai, did you deliberately?”


   “Don’t mention it, I have been here for three months, and I have never been selected once!”


  ”Brother, you are worse than me.”


   “It’s not miserable, it’s not miserable, it’s a good show.” The two brothers looked at each other and smiled intently.


  In the field, the others have dispersed, leaving only Yang Kai and the burly boy looking at each other.


  ”Training disciple Yang Kai, body tempering three levels!” Yang Kai looked at the other side.


   “Ordinary disciple Zhou Dingjun, body tempered five floors!” The burly boy reported himself to his family.


   The disciples of the Lingxiao Pavilion are also divided into levels. From bottom to top, there are five levels: trial disciples, ordinary disciples, seat disciples, elite disciples, and core disciples. Zhou Dingjun said that he is an ordinary disciple, that is, he has not yet come to the master of the sect, and he has not received guidance from a mentor. If you break through the body tempering period and worship the master of the sect, you will be a higher-level disciple. The elite disciples at the next higher level are all outstanding, selected from among the disciples under the seat.


   And the core disciples are the hope of the next generation of Lingxiao Pavilion, but the clan uses these people as future successors to train them.


  The disciple hierarchy of    may seem unkind, but it can well inspire the blood and competitive consciousness of young people. This is also the foundation of the cruel system of Lingxiao Pavilion.


   And the fundamental reason why Yang Kai was scrambled by countless people was another rule of Lingxiao Pavilion, the rule of challenge.




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