Martial God Space Chapter 3457: Protect the law for me, I want to sacrifice to heaven



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“Looking for death, do you think you can destroy my Gengjin Era with such a few people?” Ancestor Jingjin sneered, he has complete confidence, although Gengjin Era is relatively weak among the ancient eras, But no matter how weak it is, it is also an era that once dominated the world. Just relying on the scale of Dong Tianzun and other people, he wants to destroy them. In his view, it is no more than a dream. http://%77%77%77%2e%76%6f%64%74%77%2e%63%6f%6d


“It may be a little worse in normal times, but since you dispatched a large army to capture Yuecheng, how much power can you save here?” Mr. Huang said indifferently, “Without the help of Tiandao, it’s up to you guys. Want to stop us too?”


Although it was the Geng Jin Era who gave birth to him and raised him, in his eyes, he didn’t have the slightest pity, he just wanted to destroy him and vent his hatred.


“Then let’s try it!” Jinjin Ancestral Emperor just sneered.


“You go and attack separately first, and he will leave it to me!” Mr. Huang waved his hand.


“Well, be careful yourself!” Dong Tianzun didn’t say much. Obviously, he already knew the hatred in Mr. Huang’s heart. For a person from the ancient era, if he didn’t know the bottom line, he had already figured out his mind. How could this be possible? trust.


Even Dong Tianzun also said so, Ye Xiwen and the others naturally have no opinion. They know that it is the right way to capture the Geng Jin Era as soon as possible. You must know that although the seal of heaven can temporarily seal the way of heaven, it is not the right way. Eternity, once the war is deadlocked, it may be broken out by the Tao of Heaven. At that time, under the blessing of the Tao of Heaven, the strength of the Geng Jin Era will increase exponentially, which will pose a huge threat to them.


Under the command of Dong Tianzun and others, the army marched out in a single file, circled from both sides, and directly attacked the Gengjin Era.


“Thinking about it, have you asked me?” The Jin Jin Ancestral Emperor roared, and with a wave of his hand, he tore apart the void in an instant, covering the army of the Martial Dao Era in one fell swoop.


“What a terrifying strength. I’m afraid this Jin Jin Ancestral Emperor has the strength of the seventh realm or above!” Ye Xiwen was secretly shocked. Unlike the God of Fortune, the foundation of these ancient eras naturally cannot be compared with the era of martial arts. Every time Heaven and earth are shattered, and ordinary creatures will suffer heavy casualties.


But the top experts among them can withstand the shattering of the world again and again, this accumulation. It is really deep and terrifying, although because the way of heaven is broken. It is difficult to be like the masters in the martial arts era, who are brave and diligent, and get the blessing of heaven, but they are still terrifying over time.


Even if it’s just a turtle crawling, but with the passage of time, after so many shatters of heaven and earth, it will become a Gedai strong.


Say it in one sentence. That is, as long as it can cultivate for countless years, even a pig can become a master of the world. Of course, the premise is that the pig can survive for so many years.


This is the seventh realm of the Celestial Venerable Realm and above, and most of the world can be reached, and almost all of them can be said to be rampant. Such a top expert has already been sold, and it is almost a situation where the sky is falling apart.


This hand is really terrifying, as if opening up the world, one hand can cover a galaxy, what kind of defense is in front of this big hand. Can’t stop it at all.


And just when this big golden hand covered the tens of millions of troops in the Martial Dao Era, suddenly, another big hand clapped out, and another big golden hand clapped out.




The two big hands were slammed together, and the big hand shot by the Jinjin Ancestral Emperor was instantly turned into powder.


At this time, Mr. Huang took a step forward and said, “I’m here, you can go, don’t worry about me!”


It was Mr. Huang who shot just now. This easily blocked the attack of the fine gold ancestor.


“You’ve completely surrendered to the Martial Arts Era, hum, let’s see how you die!”


Jinjin Ancestral Emperor sneered. He didn’t know when a golden long spear had appeared in his hand. The spear shot directly at Mr. Huang. The light emitted by the stars in the Gengjin Great World was blocked.


This shot is really too terrifying. Even if ordinary creatures are just wiped by the aftermath of the explosion, it will cost millions of deaths and injuries, and it is impossible to fight.


At this time, Mr. Huang had a golden long stick in his hand, and the stick smashed and fell down, colliding with the long spear.




A terrifying aftermath of the battle broke out between the two sides, but nothing splashed out. All were blocked by a ripple. It was Jin Jin Zuhuang and Mr. Huang who joined forces to seal the aftermath of the battle. .


Mr. Huang didn’t want the aftermath of the battle to hurt the army of the Martial Arts Era, and the Jin Jin Ancestor didn’t want to destroy the great world of Gengjin.


Both of them consciously began to control, and this did not cause a terrible storm.


At this moment, the endless army of Martial Dao Era directly rushed into the great world of Gengjin. Although the Ancestral Emperor of Jinjin took the lead in recovering, blocking and delaying time, he only delayed for a short period of time. time.


It is simply not enough for the army of the Gengjin Era in the Gengjin Great World to be completely organized. Often, they organize themselves individually, and then soar to try to stop them, but they were defeated in just a short moment.


In front of the army of the Martial Dao Era, which had absolute strength, the army of the Gengjin Era was not an opponent at all and could not be stopped. It was almost killed in a short period of time.


Without the help of Gengjin Era’s Heavenly Dao, they really couldn’t compete with the army of Martial Dao Era with huge difference in strength.


So the army of Martial Dao Era marched almost all the way and swept all the way, and there was no way to stop it, because in the end it was going to sacrifice Gengjin Era, so they didn’t keep their hands, it didn’t seem like they were doing good fortune The internal expedition of the Divine Dynasty requires some attention to eating. Here, it is enough to kill them all.


No matter what kind of creature, it will be shot and cannot survive.


It’s just that most of these Gengjin era creatures were born with the spirit of Gengjin, and they are quite powerful, and they are more powerful than the ordinary creatures of the God Dynasty.


Of course, the Epoch Times of Gengjin has experienced many catastrophes. Where can any real ordinary creatures survive, those ordinary creatures can’t even survive, let alone anything else.


This is not a vendetta, but a conquest of two eras. There is only one reason for the martial arts era and the ancient era to fight each other, and that is to survive. Killing ring, plundering resources, plundering the avenues, and luck, so that they can more calmly survive the next world catastrophe.


And the martial arts era also wants to break through these ancient eras and sacrifice them to the sky to prolong the life of the martial arts era. As a creature in the martial arts era, the longer the martial arts era exists, the more they benefit. , the stronger the strength, the more likely it is to truly penetrate the avenue of eternal life.


No hatred, just to survive!


This kind of slaughter all the way, finally alarmed another Tianzun-level ancestor in the Geng Jin Era, and he killed it all at once. Watching the people of the Martial Dao Era slaughtering wildly, he couldn’t help but glared at this scene. , almost as if the blood had flowed backwards.


With a loud roar, he directly killed thousands of the elites of the Martial Dao Era, and then brazenly shot at the Martial Dao Era army.


“Let me come!” At this moment, Yinyue Tianzun shouted loudly, and then rushed out, directly confronting the ancestor of the Tianzun level in the Gengjin Era, and immediately dismissed him. blocked.


The battle between the two sides broke out in an instant, directly entering the depths of the galaxy of the Gengjin Era, and cracking the endless stars in an instant, as if the world had opened up.


The two sides also showed their own almost unimaginable secret techniques in an instant. Although the Great Way of Gengjin Era was created very early, it also has its own is very good, while the other side , Yinyue Tianzun is by no means an ordinary person, holding a silver moon in one hand, smashing everything, and no one can stop it.


The two sides are like opponents, and they will meet with good talents.


“Go, let’s move on!” Dong Tianzun just glanced at the battlefield between Yinyue Tianzun and the ancient Tianzun, and then continued to order, this scene was not enough to move him.


Because they were fighting the era of eradication. In the face of the era of era war, the eradication of the country and the war of genocide were nothing more than pediatrics. He had no extra time to waste, because it was impossible for Fengtian Talisman to block the era of Gengjin forever. the way of heaven.


At the order of the East Heavenly Venerate, the army continued to sweep and entered the depths of the Gengjin Era, and Ye Xiwen and Zhan Zun, like two arrows, took on the important task of sweeping, and neither of them was there. Retaining their identity, they shot directly, and constantly defeated the resistance of the Geng Jin Era. They also knew that time was running out.


The army of the Martial Arts Era followed closely behind the two of them, sweeping away the remnants.


The speed of this army sweeping is too fast, but in a short period of time, it has already reached the central area of ​​the Gengjin Great World. During this process, Dong Tianzun has not made any shots, but has been watching indifferently. , it’s just that he has been preparing for something, and there is a faint wave of powerful mana on his body, forming ripples flying up and down around him.


When the army swept all the way into the center of the Gengjin Great World, Dong Tianzun finally made his move. With a long whistle, the mana on his body formed a large formation in a strange way, with himself as the core, and spread directly. Going out, the entire Gengjin Great World was completely surrounded.


“Wu Zun, Zhan Zun, protect the law for me, I want to sacrifice to heaven!” (To be continued.)


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