Martial God Space Chapter 3456: The secret of Mr. Huang



“This is the Heavenly Sealing Talisman specially refined by the Heavenly Lord of Fortune in order to remove the ancient era. It can temporarily seal the heavenly way of the ancient era and prevent the heavenly way from affecting us. Unfortunately, this is the only one left. What a pity!” Dong Tianzun said regretfully, “After using it this time, this Heavenly Sealing Talisman will also lose its function, otherwise, a few more ancient epochs can be removed to achieve supreme merit!”



The words of Dong Tianzun are extremely regrettable. At his level, there are very few things that can make him feel extremely longing, but this celestial talisman is one of them.



This is a very important means especially for breaking into the Ancient Era.



These people are outsiders to the Gengjin Era. Intruders, like viruses that invade the human body, will be killed by Tiandao in every way possible. Although Tiandao cannot directly take action, there are too many indirect means. , For example, turning the world upside down and the tsunami kept on, so that the strength of the masters in the Geng Jin Era increased a lot in an instant, making them extremely lucky, and they went out to pick up artifacts to fight against foreign enemies.



This will become the biggest problem for them to conquer the Gengjin Era. This is also the means of the Gengjin Era’s way of self-preservation. The more perfect the way of heaven, the more terrifying their means of self-preservation.



Because of this, it is necessary to use something like the Sealing Talisman to seal the Heavenly Dao, so that the Heavenly Dao of the Gengjin Era will not be opened for the masters of the Gengjin Era.



This used to be the means used by Heavenly Creation to remove some of the most frantic ancient eras, but unfortunately only this last one remains, and it was only the celestial talisman that Dongtianzun used many methods to obtain. of.



For those ancient eras who wanted to invade the God of Fortune Dynasty, especially to capture a military city like Moon City, naturally there were corresponding means to deceive and even seal some of the heavenly ways of the martial arts era, so that they could succeed.



There have been so many encounters in each era. There are more or less such means, otherwise, if you want to attack the Heavenly Dao of an era. That is simply impossible to achieve, and the Heavenly Dao of that era alone can make the invaders die as much as they come. If you want to compete with the way of heaven with one person’s strength, that is not courting death.



“But it’s amazing to have this amulet



! “Zhan Zun couldn’t help but said. At this time, he understood where Dong Tianzun’s confidence came from. For this battle to destroy Gengjin Era, I’m afraid that Dong Tianzun has been preparing for a long time, thinking about everything. very thoughtful.



“Having such a chance, I’m already very satisfied!” Dong Tianzun nodded. After all, he wasn’t so arrogant yet dared to compare himself to Heavenly Lord Fortune. That is the strongest person in all time, even after countless years after he disappeared, no one can shake this throne.



For the time being, all he wants is to become Zhongtian Zun.



“Okay, there are not many words to sigh, let’s take action directly, destroy the Gengjin era, and sacrifice to their heaven!”



And the army under his command also seemed to have received an order, and finally started to move, these incomparably powerful armies. Like a war machine, indifferent, powerful and terrifying to the extreme.



An army of tens of millions charged. Covering the sky and the sun, endless, almost like a dark cloud, it instantly obscured the great world of Gengjin. From a distance, it was extremely terrifying.



Ye Xiwen and others also followed and rushed into the great world of Gengjin.



And when they just rushed into the edge of the Gengjin Great World, the Gengjin Great World’s counterattack had already arrived, although the Heavenly Dao was sealed. But the instinctive rejection of outsiders made Gengjin Great World react instinctively.



The countless spirits of Gengjin that were originally cruising on the edge of the Great World of Gengjin manifested in an instant. Turned into an endless weapon, there is a long sword of Gengjin. There are also long knives, halberds, arrows, all kinds, endless, almost instantly culled.



However, without the command of the will of Heaven, these attacks would not pose a real threat to the elites and leaders of these martial arts eras. Only some were beheaded in the spirit of Gengjin, and most were still After being blocked, he still rushed into the great world of Gengjin with an unstoppable momentum.



At this time, the masters in the great world of Gengjin finally reacted. It seems that it was because they never thought that someone could attack and kill here, so everyone did not have much defense.



However, their response was also very fast. After all, the Great World of Gengjin had suffered an invasion. After learning from that time, emergency measures were immediately established.



“Who dares to invade our Gengjin world?”



A dignified shout came from it.



He responded that tens of millions of arrows were shot directly into the great world of Gengjin like a violent storm. These are the top masters in the martial arts era. It is also extremely accurate. Any arrow here has the terrifying power to shoot up a mountain and destroy a landline.



Suddenly, at this time, in the great world of Gengjin, countless Gengjin laws suddenly emerged, and the splendid light of the laws illuminated the whole world of Gengjin, and these overwhelming arrows rained Under the action of this Dao Gengjin rule, it was completely stagnant.



It’s like time has stopped, like countless big hands grabbing out, directly grabbing the endless arrows into their hands.



All of a sudden, I only heard a loud shout, and I saw this endless arrow rain suddenly turned and flew away in the direction from which it came, and the army was about to shoot into the martial arts era. In the middle, I suddenly saw a big hand grabbing over, and the arrow rain that was all over the sky was instantly turned into powder. It was at the critical moment that Dong Tianzun shot.



At this time, in the great world of Gengjin, a figure full of golden light, like a figure cast from gold, has appeared in front of everyone.



He carries a maddening aura about him, as if he can create and destroy the world.



Seeing the appearance of this figure, Mr. Huang’s eyes turned red all of a sudden, and he flew out and said, “Jinjin Ancestral Emperor, do you still remember me?”



“It turns out that it was you, a traitor, who not only betrayed the Geng Jin Era, but also led the people from the Martial Dao Era here, **** it!” The Ancestral Emperor of Fine Gold, like a cast of gold, glared angrily, two golden yellow The pale eyebrows rose upside down.



He obviously also recognized Mr. Huang’s identity, and he is no stranger to the people of the Martial Dao Era, because the Martial Dao Era is the protagonist of this era, and the breath on his body is too obvious, how to recognize not come out.



He almost didn’t need to think about it, he had already guessed what was going on. It was Mr. Huang who led the way and led the masters of the martial arts era, but it was also the insiders who led the way. Road, they can find the Gengjin Era so easily. The so-called **** of a thousand miles was destroyed in the ant’s nest.



Thinking of this, the anger in his heart surged like a river overturned.



Ye Xiwen slightly foreheaded, although he had long guessed that this Mr. Huang was probably from the ancient era, but he never thought that this Mr. Huang was really the Tianzun in the Gengjin era. It is because of the hatred for the Gengjin Era that he will lead people to destroy the era he is in.



As a Tianzun who came out of the Gengjin Era, the destruction of the Gengjin Era must have a huge impact on him. Could it be that there is something hidden in it?



“Hehe, traitor!” Mr. Huang sneered slightly, “Jinjin Ancestral Emperor, it’s really ridiculous, when you say this, you don’t feel guilty? You deliberately forced me away, you should have thought Today is it!”



“Win the king or lose the bandit, what else do you have to say!” The Jin Jin Ancestral Emperor said firmly, as if he had no intention of repenting.



“Hahahaha, what a winner and loser, if that’s the case, then it’s fine, you shouldn’t give your little sister to the Demon Era’s Joyful Demon Venerable as a gift for the sake of lingering. I am willing to leave the Gengjin Era, and swear that I will never set foot in the Gengjin Era, the only requirement is that you take good care of her, but what about you, how did you do it?” Mr. Huang looked ferocious, almost going crazy looks like. “You promised very well before, but in fact, hehe, do you still have the face to accuse me?”



Ye Xiwen and the others were in an uproar. They didn’t expect that there would be such a hidden secret here, especially the last time the Five Elements Era Alliance was attacked by the Era of Magic, but it survived in the end. There was such a thing in it.



“It turned out to be Demon Venerable Huanxi. That guy is notorious. Even I have heard of his name. Although he is quite powerful in the Era of Demon Dao, he is disgusting as a human being!” Yinyue Tianzun said, looking at the fine gold ancestor with a bit of contempt on his face.



“What do you understand? All of this is for the survival of the Gengjin Era. How weak have we become? The next time the world is shattered, it may be time for us to perish. You pat your **** and leave. After all, do you know how difficult it is to maintain the Geng Jin Era?” Jin Jin Ancestor Emperor finally began to feel a little excited, and the little junior sister was also a pain in his heart forever.



“In order to keep the Geng Jin Era alive, you sent the little sister out. Did you know that the little sister was sucked up by the Huanxi Demon Venerable and turned into a magic puppet? Hehe, since that’s the case, then I Destroying this Gengjin Era in person is already a craving, isn’t it? If that’s the case, then destroy it!”



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