Martial God Space Chapter 3449: Supreme Ancestral Talisman



Chapter 3449 The Supreme Ancestor Fu Fuwei Novel: Wushen Space Author: Fu Xiaochen Word Count: 3006 Update Time: 2016-01-3023:18



In an instant, the endless starlight fell, forming a portal, looming in the void, and as time passed, it became more and more solid. Above this portal has unimaginable power, heaven and earth. Countless starlights all condensed together, giving him terrifying power.



This portal finally condensed under his summons, and then slammed down at Ye Xiwen.



This portal locked everything in an instant, and the chaos was fixed. The chaos that was like a shocking turbulent was also fixed under this portal, as if time had frozen, and it looked extremely terrifying.



“Wu Zun, you can actually force him to this point and summon the Gate of Stars, but you can only stop here!”



Demon Venerable Wanxing laughed loudly. Above his head, the portal was getting bigger and bigger. In an instant, it actually grew to a thousand feet. There were endless stars flowing on it. It was the collection of all the avenues of stars. The origin of everything related to reaching.



“The Gate of the Stars, he actually practiced the Gate of the Stars, this kind of supernatural power of super ancient chance!” Even someone like the Demon Lord, who is also a Demon Venerable, was completely shocked, because for the Gate of the Stars, He has only heard of it once, but this kind of magical power has been lost for many years, and it is impossible for anyone to practice it again. With one move, no master of the Fourth Realm can compete.



Once the gates of the stars are condensed, it almost represents a kind of invincibility, and everything between heaven and earth must be dominated by starlight.



At this time, Ye Xiwen also felt the terrifying pressure brought by this gate of stars, that is, the three thousand martial arts in his body were crushed one by one by this gate of stars. Like thumping, extreme horror.



“It’s not moving like a mountain!”



Ye Xiwen let out a loud roar, and the mana from his body began to surge out, like a sea-fixing needle, to stop the wave of terror engulfing him.



The broken laws in the body and the shattered incarnation of martial arts have all recovered. Under the gate of the stars, Ye Xiwen showed an extraordinary foundation and heritage.



Because his foundation and background are far beyond ordinary people, when facing the blow of the gate of the stars, the avenue in his body will not collapse in an instant.



If you change to a fourth-level Tianzun, I’m afraid that you won’t be able to hold on all of a sudden, and the avenues will collapse.



“If you want to defeat me like this, it’s impossible. You, the gate of the stars, are not perfect enough. You can’t beat me with an unfinished magical power!” Ye Xiwen said directly with bright eyes.



“Humph, you are right, this is indeed not perfect, because my avenue is not perfect, but it has already accommodated most of the avenues of stars through the ages, and defeating any strong enemy will Enough!”



The Demon Venerable Wanxing opened his hands and grabbed the terrifying portal that was as high as 10,000 feet. Suddenly, the portal of the stars fell down at an even more astonishing speed.



Everyone did not expect that the situation suddenly changed so quickly. The strength that Ye Xiwen had displayed was actually higher than that of Wanxing Demon Venerable. The unique skills of the door suddenly turned the situation around.



Especially those emperors and quasi emperors, they really saw the fight between Tianzun. When Ye Xiwen hit the extreme demon emperor and the snake demon, he didn’t use any violent methods at all, because From the beginning to the end, Ye Xiwen was crushing the two to fight, and the two of them were almost beaten by one person with one knife. One was severely injured and the other died tragically.



But unlike Wanxing Demon Venerable, Wanxing Demon Venerable is the same as Ye Xiwen, both are super masters standing above the fourth realm. In the battle of the masters, they were fascinated by it. Although many methods were incomprehensible, in the end, after they were embodied and displayed by means of martial arts, supernatural powers, and magic, they all showed great power.



“It’s amazing. In the end, the Wanxing Demon Venerable should be stronger. Once the gate of the stars comes out, even Wu Zun can’t compete!”



“Wu Zun has been able to persevere until now, it is very difficult, but he has no tricks that he can contend with!”



“And the people of the previous era must be, although the people of this era are stronger and stronger, but they lack a bit of background!”



“Yes, in the same realm, the understanding of the Tao of Heaven is very different!”



“This battle is so exciting, I just feel that I will soon have an understanding and a breakthrough!”



But just when everyone thought that Ye Xiwen was about to be unable to resist, suddenly, in the endless chaos, the speed of the falling of the Gate of the Stars, which had fixed everything, suddenly slowed down, and then it actually stopped.



Wan Xing Demon Venerable’s expression changed: “You want to stop my gate of the stars, do you think it is possible?”



It was Ye Xiwen who resisted the falling of the Gate of the Stars, and there seemed to be a big hand firmly grasping the Gate of the Stars, preventing him from falling.



At this time, from the gate of the stars, a sword of stars was condensed, turned into a terrifying attack, and fell down at Ye Xiwen.



This is to kill Ye Xiwen on the spot while he is fighting against the Gate of Stars with all his strength.






In the city, Bian Xiaoyue shouted out worriedly.



And at this critical moment, Ye Xiwen’s body radiated endless rays of light. This ray of light turned into an incomparably gigantic fist and slammed it out. It was shattered, and it was impossible to get close to Ye Xiwen at all.



However, when Ye Xiwen moved, the gate of the stars began to fall again, and this was precisely the purpose of Wanxing Demon Venerable. There was a smug smile on his face, just to disrupt Ye Xiwen’s actions. , let him fall into his own trap step by step.



All of this is under his control, and just when he thought he was going to get a plan, a talisman flew out of Ye Xiwen’s body. This talisman exuded infinite power. , in an instant, it flew up, and then suddenly crashed into the gate of the stars.






Everyone only heard an incomparably huge bang, and then everyone only saw that the large piece of chaos that was originally fixed by the gate of the stars began to roll again, and brought higher waves. .



Immediately afterwards, the gate of the stars, which seemed to be extremely powerful, began to shake violently. Under the impact of this talisman, it shook violently, and then under the eyes of everyone, It broke apart inch by inch.






Wan Xing Mozun spat out a mouthful of old blood, but felt that the blood was spraying all over the sky.



He tried his best to summon the gate of the stars, but now the gate of the stars has been bombarded.



It directly caused him to vomit blood on the spot, and was attacked by the broken Stargate.



He finally showed a look of extreme fear on his face, but in just a moment, the trump card he was proud of before, the gate of the stars was broken, like a defeated general, in his eyes Full of despair and madness.



“Impossible, what is that, how could it be possible to blast through my gate of stars casually!”



He was still in disbelief.



“That’s… the Supreme Ancestral Talisman…” He finally remembered it all at once, and then said with a frantic expression. “It turns out to be the Supreme Ancestral Talisman, no wonder I can break through the gate of my stars, Tianfu Xianzun, you bitch, actually used the Supreme Ancestral Talisman in exchange for him to bless you, why do you do this, why, if you want to bless you If so, we can’t do it in the Era of Demon Dao, why give him the Supreme Ancestral Talisman!”



He’s hysterical, he’s crazy.



Although the Demon Lord next to him did not suffer such a blow, his face also showed a somewhat unbelievable look, because he knew how important the Supreme Ancestral Talisman was to the Rune Dao Era. , and how important it is to them.



That’s why they kept chasing and killing Immortal Venerable Tianfu, but they didn’t expect that this would actually fall into the hands of the current Ye Xiwen, becoming Ye Xiwen’s trump card and the biggest trump card.



“Why do you want to ask me? Because you destroyed my and made me feel like a bereaved dog. No matter how humble I am, I can’t take refuge in your Runeworld, let alone what you are. , I also want to take refuge with me, and I don’t need a mirror to look at who I really am. If I hadn’t been injured, it’s up to you people, with your ten courage, would you have the courage to chase and kill me?” A celestial talisman came from the city. Immortal Venerable’s voice, her voice was full of disdain.



Ye Xiwen knew that after the Supreme Ancestral Talisman was broken by Wanxing Demon Venerable, he probably couldn’t keep the secret, but he didn’t care anymore.



Anyway, as long as he uses the Supreme Ancestral Talisman, he will be known sooner or later, and it doesn’t make any difference to him sooner or later.



On the contrary, the possession of the Supreme Ancestral Talisman is not only a trouble, but also a deterrent to him, which makes many people who are just around the corner dare not do anything.



He has too many opponents to face in the future, and he doesn’t care about more.



After Ye Xiwen used the Supreme Ancestral Talisman to break the gate of the stars at once, after re-inserting the Supreme Ancestral Talisman into his body, he stepped out and attacked the Demon Venerable Wanxing directly. He was like a whole body. A golden **** of war radiating golden light.



He suddenly rushed to the front of Wanxing Demon Venerable, and punched him out.



Wan Xing Demon Venerable was not prepared at all, he was hit on the spot, and the whole person flew out in an instant. “To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to ◤Starter◢ to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation. Mobile users, please read. 』【】


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