Martial God Space Chapter 3407: Everyone returns, creating a storm



“The two of you, if you need any help in the future, don’t hesitate to speak up, as long as you are within your ability, you will do whatever!”



This time, I still owe the two of them a huge amount of favor, and they all opened their mouths. As long as Ye Xiwen and Zun Zun’s demands are not excessive, they will agree.



The grace of saving lives is beyond words!



As for the favors of the God Dynasty, that is another matter. They will repay in other ways. This is all necessary. A force may not be trustworthy, but for them personally, this is not enough. It is very necessary, otherwise, if something happens next time, I am afraid that we will never be able to expect reinforcements. This is the most terrifying.



“Hahaha, good fellow Daoists, if there is any need in the future, I will not be soft-hearted!” Ye Xiwen cupped his hands and laughed.



“Fellow Daoists all the way!” Zhan Zun also bowed his head and said.



At this time, after saying goodbye to the two of them, and saying goodbye to the East Heavenly Venerate and the Space-Time Heavenly Venerate who are here as representatives, they couldn’t wait to leave.



Of course, there are also a few who belong to the direct power of the God of Fortune itself, but they also have their own ethnic groups and sects, and they have to return.



Seeing these people scattered in a hurry, Ye Xiwen sighed with emotion, because he knew very well that when these Heavenly Venerates returned, a new round of shuffling was about to start in the Dynasty of Fortune.



Will those Heavenly Venerates who have returned to the major domains have a huge conflict with the newly rising forces in the local area? Even in the Eastern Region, several Heavenly Venerates have returned this time.



Originally, the power structure in the Eastern Territory was headed by the East Tianzun Mansion, which was the most powerful, followed by Tiandao Sect, then the Yinyue Clan, and then the Human Race as a rising force.



These four major forces are almost the strongest in the entire Eastern Territory, and they have basically divided up the interests of large and small in the Eastern Territory. Other forces can only rely on the breath of these four forces to survive.



As a newly rising force, the human race is considered the weakest, and in the next shuffle, it is definitely the most unfavorable. If those returning Tianzun want to regain their former power, then the weakest human race will undoubtedly be the weakest. It’s the best part to break through.



This kind of situation will be staged everywhere, even among the gods of good fortune. Among the people who returned this time, there are many of the original four Heavenly Venerates, and even the Middle Heavenly Venerate, the old and new Heavenly Venerate. The alternation between them and the competition for interests will make the situation of the entire Divine Dynasty become complicated and confusing.



In fact, Ye Xiwen didn’t understand why the current Heavenly Venerates of Time and Space would actually agree to let the original Heavenly Venerates return and break the obvious power pattern, especially the original Four Heavenly Venerates in the southeast, northwest, northwest, etc. All can directly threaten their authority.



There must be something in this that he doesn’t know yet!



But the good thing is that although these Heavenly Venerates have returned, they have been trapped for so many years, and they have long since ceased to be their peak. In the place of the road of creation, there is no spiritual energy at all, and they have no way to recover, only It can weaken little by little.



It is not something that can be done overnight.



Moreover, he participated in the rescue of the Heavenly Venerates. Even the Heavenly Venerates in the Eastern Region owed him a lot of favor. At least until the favor was exhausted, they were unlikely to directly attack the human race.



These all bought Ye Xiwen some time, allowing him to have the ability to adapt to the next turbulent times.



Next, as long as he enters the third realm, he will be standing on the same starting line as most of the Heavenly Venerates. Although they will have an advantage, in the short term, Ye Xiwen is enough to be on an equal footing with them. With his three thousand martial arts cultivation path, once he cultivates to the third realm, he is enough to surpass most emperors in the third realm. If he cultivates to the peak of the third realm, it is enough to crush all competitors.



This makes him enough to become the leader among the Celestial Venerables. Except for those Celestial Venerables who have already broken through, he is the strongest and invincible.



In the turmoil that followed, at the very least, he was invincible, and there was nothing to fear.



He could even launch an attack first to eradicate the confidant, Tianhuo Shenzun. After beheading Emperor Hunyuan, Tianhuo Shenzun has become the number one enemy that threatens Ye Xiwen.



In this regard, Ye Xiwen has listed many plans to eradicate him, but the premise of all this is that he can enter the third realm, otherwise everything is equivalent to talking in vain.



Originally, he still needed a lot of time, but this trip on the road of good fortune, especially the battle with the four emperors of Hunyuan, made him gain a lot, and the time to really enter the third realm can be Greatly shortened, this is part of the advantage he has won again.



“Hey, I don’t know how many storms will be caused next time!” Zun Zun sighed and said, with his strategic vision, how can he not see what might happen soon, but many things, with his current The strength is also uncontrollable.



“Yeah!” Ye Xiwen thought about it a lot. Now the human race is still too weak. Although it has made rapid progress in recent years, it is only in peacetime. The power is insufficient, and the key to this is him. The stronger he is, the stronger the human race will be. If he falls, the human race will be beaten back to its original shape, and it may not even be slaughtered by many angry people.



So he has no way back, and he can’t go back.



After completing the execution of the road of creation, Ye Xiwen did not stay in the God of Fortune for a long time, but went straight back to the Holy Mountain of Buzhou and went into retreat in order to break through to the third realm.



However, at this time, in the world of creation, there was an uproar because of the return of these heavenly deities. Although the action of the God of Fortune made a big splash, those who were able to know about this action were those who were closer to the God of Fortune. , or the core tribes in the outer domain, and the tribes and sects of the gods who have their own gods stranded in them can know.



To the outside world, all of this is still a very confidential operation, and because of this, when these Heavenly Venerates return collectively, the stormy waves that are set off can be seen in general.



No one thought that it was just overnight that so many Heavenly Venerates suddenly appeared, and the pattern of the entire creation world was greatly affected. The forces have been affected, especially those forces adjacent to the tribes and sects where these returning Tianzun belong, must have been greatly affected.



However, those forces and tribes that originally possessed Tianzun have also been greatly impacted. They were originally high and their supremacy was also greatly threatened.



Especially the super-great sects and super-powerful clans with Tianzun in charge, their forces are all changing. In a large domain, there are not many super-great sects and super-powerful clans. There are many competitors, and they The benefits that can be received will certainly fall sharply.



For them, it is also a huge test.



It’s good for the Celestial Venerables who created the Divine Dynasty. At least there is a co-owner in name. Under the suppression of the major Celestial Venerables in the south, south and northwest, they will not break out a violent conflict, or it is too late at this time. Outbursts, especially the Tianzun who have just returned, are trying to restore their own strength, and they also know that only with enough tyrannical strength can their backs be straight.



So now it can be regarded as calm, and there is no violent conflict, but the clans and sects who have the return of Tianzun are very happy, just like welcoming their own heaven back, in fact, this is exactly the case. Without Heavenly Venerate, they are two completely different concepts. Without Heavenly Venerate, they are just ordinary tribes and forces, and the situation is precarious. But after Heavenly Venerate is in charge, they will suddenly become a super-great sect, a super-powerful family, don’t be afraid They are no longer aware of the threat of other people. Many years ago, they were also former super teachers and super strong people.



While the undercurrents were still surging inside the God of Fortune Dynasty, but the surface was still calm, the Outer Domain couldn’t help but fight.



In the stormy sea area, a returning old zodiac-level old zu learned that his original tribe had been swallowed up while he was trapped in the path of creation, and the pure bloodline had been slaughtered. It was clean, and there were only some subspecies with some bloodlines left. Even so, there were two or three kittens, surviving tremblingly.



On the spot, the old zu was furious and uprooted the tribes who were involved in this matter one by one. He even slaughtered thirteen tribes overnight, all powerful tribes with emperors in but it was useless , In front of Tianzun, their pillars, their gods, their emperors were simply vulnerable, and they were directly crushed to death.



The blood flowed into a river for a while, and I don’t know how many creatures were killed. After learning that his ethnic group was wiped out, the tyranny of this Tianzun Laozu broke out, compared to the killing before the Emperor Pan Tianhuangzun. How much terror.



And in the end, the old Tianzun went directly to the mastermind behind all this, another super strong family with Tianzun in charge.



If you kill him directly, you will kill a mountain of corpses and a sea of ​​blood. Even the emperor has been pinched to death, let alone the emperor below. The Heavenly Venerate who was in retreat was startled.



For a time, a world-shattering battle broke out between the two Heavenly Venerates, and the creatures in the entire Stormwind Sea were shivering under the offensive of the two peerless powerhouses.



The war lasted for ten days and ten nights, and finally ended with the returning Tianzun Laozu defeated and fled. After all, he is no longer at the peak.



However, that super strong clan didn’t get a good deal either. Being killed in such a way, their vitality was greatly damaged and their strength was greatly reduced. If it wasn’t for the elder zu, I’m afraid the entire clan would be greatly affected.



However, this is only the beginning.


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