Martial God Space Chapter 3387: Douda Sun Tianzun




The map cannon of the Great Sun Tianzun pushed all the emperors who created the Divine Dynasty towards Ye Xiwen.



In addition to those monarchs who share the same enemies, Nan Tianzun and Zhan Zun’s faces are not good. Both of them are hard-liners in the foreign realm. His face, his heart was naturally furious.



Especially Zun Zun, he is the Tianzun who doesn’t live up to the name and is not very good in the mouth of the Great Sun Tianzun.



Besides, these Heavenly Venerates all point directly to their own hearts, and they only do things according to their own hearts. The so-called chengfu is not necessarily deep, but the consideration is far more abyss than the average person.



But at this time, Ye Xiwen, who seemed to have avoided the war at first, finally stood up and said lightly, “It’s a miracle that you can survive until now!”



“What?” The Great Sun Tianzun was stunned for a moment, then immediately cooled down and said coldly.



“I said that it’s a miracle that you have survived until now. Your strength is not enough, yet you dare to be so arrogant!” Ye Xiwen said lightly.



Da Sun Tianzun showed a sneer on his face, and said, “I haven’t seen your strength, but I have seen a bit of your sharp words. Don’t talk nonsense, do you dare to fight?”



“What do you two want to do, do you want to delay this operation?” Nan Tianzun’s expression immediately dropped, and he looked at the two coldly and said.



To him, the most important thing is this operation. He can ignore other things, but if someone dares to threaten this operation, he will be welcome. He knows what is most important.



“Don’t worry Nan Tianzun, it won’t take long to clean up this kind of stuff, and it won’t delay the action!” Ye Xiwen said lightly.



“Okay, what a big tone, I can’t let go here, can you dare to follow me to the starry sky?” Da Ri Tianzun said.



“Be careful, fellow Daoist Wu Zun. Don’t be fooled, this Great Sun Tianzun absorbs the power of the sun and the moon, and is his home in the boundless starry sky!” Zun Zun on the side said quickly.



Everyone looked at the two of them in unison. The boundless starry sky is indeed the place where the general Tianzun solves problems. But if this is the home court of the Great Sun Tianzun, and this is a trap he set, then it is another matter.



“You don’t have to worry, fellow Daoist, treat him the same everywhere!” Ye Xiwen said lightly. “A moment later, everyone!”



After speaking, Ye Xiwen actually took the lead in stepping out and stepped directly into the boundless starry sky. With his current foot strength, he naturally stepped into that vast and boundless place in an instant.






The Great Sun Tianzun snorted coldly and chased after him on the spot. The whole person was like a round sun, walking in the void.



“Wu Zun? It’s interesting, let me see how powerful you are now!”



Nan Tianzun squinted his eyes, but in the end he didn’t stop Ye Xiwen and Dari Tianzun.



Except for him, the undead evil venerable didn’t speak from beginning to end. He just cast his eyes into the starry sky, but the gleaming light in his eyes occasionally revealed that his mood was not very calm at this time.






A loud bang exploded between the universes. The two sides did not wait to line up. The Great Sun Tianzun directly turned into a round of blazing sun and suppressed it towards Ye Xiwen.



He is very strong, and when he comes up to kill, he will kill Ye Xiwen!



Ye Xiwen raised his hand and threw a punch. The first collision between the two sides turned into a terrifying energy frenzy and swept out.



That round of Lunar Sun was broken up, but Ye Xiwen remained motionless. It seems that the astonishing killing methods of the Great Sun Tianzun just now have no effect on him at all.



After that round of Luminous Sun was broken up, the figure of the Great Sun Tianzun finally appeared, and the flames burning on him became even hotter. The blazing light almost chilled the entire universe.



The two sides face each other at a distance, and the laws on their bodies devour each other and erode each other.



When many emperors saw this scene, they only felt that their faces changed slightly, because they found that around the two sides, countless rules were crushed and modified. Then it’s crushed and then modified.



It is constantly being destroyed and modified like this. This is the method of Tianzun’s battle. Only Tianzun can resist.



This kind of modification of the rules is the most well-known, enough to make an emperor unable to exert his strength at all.



Both of them are not at the level of the Heaven-devouring Demon Emperor. Although the Heaven-devouring Demon Emperor has entered the realm of Heavenly Venerate, he has only just entered the realm, and the realm is not stable. Such a shocking result.



Before the battle between the Great Sun Tianzun and Zun Zun, it seems that there has never been such a large-scale law confrontation.



“There are some tricks, Wu Zun, I have heard that you have killed Tianzun at the peak emperor stage. Is this the only level?” Tianzun said coldly, as if mocking.



“It’s more than enough to clean you up!”



Ye Xiwen said coldly, stepping on his feet slightly, and suddenly an incomparably mysterious acceleration formation appeared below him, making him seem to be stepping on a formation.



This formation contains a very mysterious speed law, which can almost be said to have evolved the speed law to the extreme.






Suddenly, Ye Xiwen appeared in front of the Great Sun Heavenly Venerate in an instant, just like responding to what the Great Sun Heavenly Venerate just said, but using his hand as a sword, he turned into a terrifying kendo wave and moved towards the head of the Great Sun Heavenly Venerate. shave off.



There was a terrifying light in the eyes of the Great Sun Heavenly Venerate. Ye Xiwen’s almost unparalleled sword was cut directly from the Great Sun Heavenly Venerate’s body, but it was directly pierced through the body of the Great Sun Heavenly Venerate. through the past.



As if nothing at all happened, the Great Sun Tianzun knew that he counterattacked almost instantly, with a flaming flame spear in his hand, and the spear pointed directly at Ye Xiwen’s face.



Ye Xiwen stepped on his feet and retreated tens of thousands of miles in an instant, but this long spear followed him like a shadow, like a long dragon, straddling the starry sky for thousands of miles, and came directly in pursuit.






Ye Xiwen let out a long whistle, and suddenly a terrifying wave of laws erupted, swaying like a storm around him, so that his figure could not be clearly seen.



This shot pierced into the fluctuations of these laws, as if entering a maze in an instant. Ye Xiwen was clearly in front of him, but he stabbed it from his ear. Looking at it from a distance, it was like Ye Xiwen could Kansas avoided this shot.



“What? I missed it!”



There was a somewhat surprised look on the face of Tianzun Dayu, but he couldn’t kill Ye Xiwen directly. This was something he never thought of, and he couldn’t even hurt him a little.



After the spear that passed by Ye Xiwen’s ear missed a single hit, it turned into a fire that filled the sky, burning the whole world, and the void was burned into a huge crack, and chaos poured out of it. come out.



These flames formed a frantic flame storm, which completely engulfed Ye Xiwen in an instant, but soon, everyone discovered that these flame storms fell on Ye Xiwen’s body, and was actually absorbed by his body. The flame that burns through the world cannot help Ye Xiwen.



“It’s interesting, the body is blurred, I haven’t encountered this ability for a long time!” Ye Xiwen didn’t care about the many flames around him, but said with great interest. “Do you only have this level? Use all your strength, you are not worth my shot at all!”



There was a bit of annoyed expression on the face of the Great Sun Tianzun. Although he shot most of the shots just now, in fact, all kinds of attacks could not help Ye Xiwen, and Ye Xiwen’s casual blow forced him to expose With the hole card that he can virtualize, this is something that has never happened even when dealing with Zhan Zun, the most intense time.



This Ye Xiwen looked far more troublesome and more difficult than Zhan Zun.



“Okay, then I’ll do what you want!” Dazun Tianzun didn’t know if he didn’t show any ability, I’m afraid he really couldn’t deal with Ye Xiwen, his whole body was glowing, the void was distorting, all the laws were In the modification, and the scope of this modification is getting wider and wider, the entire battlefield has been completely turned into a sea of ​​fire, all other laws here have been eliminated, and it has been completely turned into its own home field.



Here, within his domain, he is the only master, even if he is a veteran Tianzun, he is not afraid.






It was just an instant, an unimaginable wave emerged, and then the Great Sun Tianzun turned into a flame and slammed towards Ye Xiwen at once.



This speed is really fast to the breaks through the common sense in the universe, almost reaching a level that is unparalleled in the world.



Not only is he unparalleled in attack power, but his speed is also extremely fast.



“That’s… so fast!”



Everyone only felt that the speed was extremely fast, especially the emperors, their primordial spirits couldn’t keep up, they couldn’t even see it, only Tianzun could see some.



But they also have to be impressed, and it’s fast enough.



It’s not for nothing that Dasun Tianzun has such self-confidence.






This blow hit Ye Xiwen directly. The flame that destroys the sky and destroys the earth is the essence of the sun’s essence fire. Even Tianzun can’t stop such a surprise attack.



However, such an attack suddenly stopped three inches in front of Ye Xiwen, as if encountering a transparent city wall.



Ye Xiwen sneered slightly: “You may not know what the scene of my calamity is, do you want to hurt me with this level of flame? I will let you know today, did I get a false reputation, or did I pick it up? It’s cheap!”



His big hand suddenly shot out, turning into a monstrous hand and slamming directly at the flame.



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