Martial God Space Chapter 3385: Let him know why the flowers are so red



This news was abuzz in the Gods of Fortune, and even Ye Xiwen, who was in retreat, heard the news in Wuzun Hall.


But no matter what, with the arrival of these people from Outland, Ye Xiwen’s retreat is obviously impossible to continue.


The arrival of the masters of the outer domain also means that the road to creation is imminent.


Fortunately, Ye Xiwen had long thought that unless something happened in the outer domain, it would be very difficult for him to enter the third realm before heading to the road of creation.


So he is not in a hurry, his strength has improved a lot, and with the help of all kinds of hands, it is enough to improve his grasp a lot.


Soon, Ye Xiwen, who was out of the customs, has also received the will of the God of Fortune to go to the Heavenly Palace of Fortune for reconciliation and prepare to go to the road of Fortune.


When Ye Xiwen came to the Temple of Fortune, Zhan Zun was already waiting there. He didn’t look too decadent at all. He didn’t look like a defeated person at all. Just seeing Ye Xiwen’s playful eyes, he couldn’t help showing a little bit. A wry smile.


He is not yet fully prepared. Among the emperors, he is indeed invincible, and there is basically no need to worry about the Heavenly Venerate, because if the Heavenly Venerate from the outer domain shoots at him, it is provoking the entire creation. Towards, how could there be any good results.


But once he stepped into the realm of Heavenly Venerate, he went from being invincible at the beginning to a newcomer in Heavenly Venerate, and this change suddenly became big and scary.


He was able to cultivate to the current state, naturally, his mind was firm, like a rock, unmovable through the ages, and a single defeat was not enough to crack his Dao heart, but it still made him extremely depressed.


“You must have heard about me too!” War Zun said with a sigh.


“I heard that you were defeated. What, is it because someone in the outer domain bullied the small, and an old monster shot at you?” Ye Xiwen asked with a smile.


“No!” Zun said with a wry smile.


For him, it would be better if it was an old monster who would bully the small, and losing to an old-fashioned Heavenly Venerate was not unacceptable to him.


But it wasn’t.


Although in terms of age, he is older than most of the Tianzun. It can’t be regarded as small, but in terms of the time he became a Tianzun, he is a standard small.


It’s just a newcomer who has just achieved the realm of Heavenly Venerate.


In this realm, he is nothing.


“A newcomer?” Ye Xiwen said. “During this period of time, someone out of the realm has become a Heavenly Venerate?”


From Zhan Zun’s words, Ye Xiwen can see that there should be a newcomer who has achieved Tianzun, but I think it is also, if it is bullying the small, it is on the site of the creation of the gods. How could the God of Creation watch this happen?


East Tianzun alone is not as powerful as ordinary people can imagine, and it is impossible to let this situation be ignored.


“Yes, we just got the news. Someone in the outer domain covered up the news. We didn’t know it until he crossed the tribulation!” At that time, he was chased and intercepted by the Heavenly Venerate of the Outer Domain.


From this point of view, his counterattack is also a logical thing. If he forcibly shot, at worst it could pose a huge threat to the opponent.


But he didn’t get any news at all, although there was a relationship between the God of Creation and the internal affairs during this period of time. However, some people have achieved Tianzun but no one knows it, which still shocked the gods of good fortune.


“Who the **** is he?” Ye Xiwen couldn’t help but ask, if it’s a newly accomplished Heavenly Venerate, then there is no such thing as bullying the small.


But what made him even more incredible was that Zhan Zun was already the leader among the emperors when he was still the Emperor of War. In addition, he has accumulated so many years of skill and understanding, although he is not like Ye Xiwen. , broke through the limit again and again, so once the catastrophe was over, it was immediately the peak of the first realm.


But it is far superior to other people. After entering the realm of Heavenly Venerate, it will soon be close to the peak of the first realm. According to this situation, in another thousand years, it will not be difficult to enter the peak of the first realm. This is all thanks to After so many years of accumulation in the past, when it was still in the realm of emperors, this kind of accumulation did not show much use.


But once you enter the realm of Heavenly Venerate, it will be completely transformed into realm cultivation.


Among the emperors of the first realm, he is not weak.


And the newly promoted emperor in Outland could actually defeat him?


How strong is he?


Is it possible that you have entered the peak of the first realm?


“It’s also an old rival. The former Outlander, the Great Sun Xingjun, and the current Great Sun Tianzun, haven’t appeared for some years. , is practicing the way of the sun and the moon, because it does not appear often in recent years, so it is normal for you not to know!” Zun Zun said, “Speaking of which, he is also proud of his youth, and he has entered the realm of emperor after not many years of cultivation. , and later it got out of hand, and I cultivated smoothly to the realm of a peak emperor. Many years ago, my cultivation base was not under me. I didn’t expect that this time, I would not be his opponent!”


“Sounds very powerful, what kind of root is he, and he cultivates so well!” Ye Xiwen asked.


If the bloodline can still have a great influence when you are the emperor, after you reach the emperor, you will have to walk your own way. Different ways, the bloodline has too little influence on the emperor level.


How can this person not be shocked by this person’s cultivation to the level of the emperor.


Although Ye Xiwen seems to practice faster, only he knows how much suffering he has endured and how many times he has walked on the edge of life and death in order to reach such a state. It is by no means smooth sailing.


Zhan Zun is also a little powerless now. He glanced at Ye Xiwen. Anyway, when it comes to smooth wind and evil spirits, it seems that no one is more exaggerated than you.


Yes, from his point of view, Ye Xiwen’s cultivation speed can’t be described as a normal miracle, it’s just an exaggeration, completely beyond expectations.


Compared to Ye Xiwen, the Great Sun Heavenly Venerate is nothing.


“The Great Sun Heavenly Venerate was born from the reincarnation of the primordial spirit in the sun. He was born to raise his feet, and his feet were very good. However, when he was just born, he was adopted by an old guy in the outer domain. I just joined Outland, and speaking of it, he is not the same as those outland creatures!” said Zun Zun.


“It turns out that the root is really amazing!” Ye Xiwen said, it is really amazing to be related to the sun. In the heavens and the world, there are also two characters related to the sun, namely the two emperors of the demon clan, the demon The emperor and the demon emperor were the three-legged golden crows created by the Sun’s Yuan Lingtuo, and they were terrifying for eternity, and there are legends about them from all walks of life.


And this Great Sun Tianzun is obviously also a powerful character.


But Zun Zun’s face is still extremely depressed. The strength of the Great Sun Tianzun is extraordinary, but he is no ordinary person, how can ordinary people dominate one side, and he is the first under Tianzun. people.


It can only be said that outside the mountain, there is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the people!


“Hey, my name in this life!” Zun said, in front of Ye Xiwen, he has nothing to hide.


At the beginning, he didn’t take the challenge of the Great Sun Tianzun to heart. In terms of his cultivation, even if the Great Sun Tianzun was good, he couldn’t help him. How could he know that the cultivation of the Great Sun Tianzun was so profound.


“But even so, in terms of pure skill, he shouldn’t be as good as you, right?” Ye Xiwen said.


Anyway, Zhan Zun has already cultivated. For so many years, he also followed Fortune Tianjun to fight in the South and the North. This is the greatest qualification.


“Accordingly speaking, he should not be as good as me, but he is different. He was reincarnated from the primordial spirit in the sun. Before his primordial spirit was formed, he did not know how many great suns he absorbed in the sun. Essence, as soon as something goes wrong, it is the cultivation of the king of God, and when he completely develops spiritual wisdom and embarks on the path of cultivation, he will already be a quasi emperor!” Zhan Zun is also very His accumulation is deep and unimaginable, but This Great Sun Tianzun is obviously not an ordinary person.


Ye Xiwen was stunned in secret. It was really amazing. He cultivated from the beginning until he reached the realm of a **** king. ‘s pet.


This kind of natural spirit is more troublesome and more terrifying than those so-called geniuses born from big clans.


Like the monkey in the legend, he has only practiced for a few years and can fight for thousands of years. The heavenly soldiers and heavenly generals who have practiced for thousands of years screamed. In addition to his unique talents, he was absorbed when he was still a stone body. Countless years of heaven and earth aura, sun and moon essence.


“You have to be careful, the Great Sun Tianzun heard about your achievements and is clamoring for you to challenge!” Zun Zun couldn’t help but reminded. “The time for him to achieve Tianzun is still short, and you and I are all of the same generation. If he wants to challenge you, even the gods of good fortune can’t say anything!”


There is a bit of depression in the words of Zun Zun. It is precisely because of this that he had to accept the challenge of the Great Sun Tianzun. Avoiding and not fighting is even worse than defeat.


The reason why Tianzun is so high is not because of his outstanding virtues, but to be more naked, because he relies on a big fist, and the one with the big fist is the king.


What made him even more depressed was that people from outside the realm, in a short period of time, everyone knew about the trouble, which made him lose face.


“Don’t worry, I’ve avenged this revenge for you. If he doesn’t come to trouble me, it’s fine. If he dares to come to trouble me, then I’ll let him know why the flowers are so popular!”


Ye Xiwen said confidently. (To be continued.)


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