Martial God Space Chapter 3384: Second realm peak



After getting these rare treasures, Ye Xiwen immediately entered the retreat.


Although the time to go to the road of creation is not long, it is enough for him. He will raise his cultivation to the peak of the second realm in one breath, and it will be even more difficult to kill Emperor Hunyuan at that time. It’s easier.


In any case, this is his best chance to kill Emperor Hunyuan, and he will never let such an opportunity slip through his hands.


The existence of such a character is too great a threat for him to be cautious.


If you are not careful, you may lose all your achievements. When you want to kill Emperor Hunyuan next time, I am afraid it will not be so simple.


After all the formations were set up in Wuzun Hall, Ye Xiwen began to retreat. His body gradually became transparent and completely integrated with heaven and earth, as if he was born a part of heaven and earth. .


Every time he breathes, he has to breathe into a huge amount of spiritual energy. If there is no support from that incomplete king-level dragon vein, I am afraid that his cultivation speed can only be continuously lowered.


The speed of perception is one thing, and whether the resources can support it is another matter, but the price of Ye Xiwen’s amazing cultivation speed is that this incomplete king-level dragon vein has been fully consumed. one third.


It only took more than 10,000 years to complete, and if it spreads, it will undoubtedly cause an uproar. I don’t know how many people will scold Ye Xiwen for being a prodigal. Dragon veins are not used like this.


If the dragon veins are used so rudely, how many dragon veins can be wasted in that day.


But it’s nothing to Ye Xiwen. As long as he improves his strength, he can endure all the losses.


It’s not that he doesn’t know that there are many people who attack him, especially the incomplete king-level dragon veins have actually entered the eyes of many people, but because of the creation of the key, it was too late to take action against Ye Xiwen. When they wanted to make a move, Ye Xiwen had already taken the position of Tianzun.


However, this definitely does not mean that they will give up their thoughts. King-level dragon veins are really important to Yu Tianzun.


Because of this, he will spare no effort to improve his strength. Only when his strength is strong enough can he keep everything he has now, and everything else is a cloud.


This kind of philosophy has accompanied him all the way to the current position, how could it be changed because of other people’s ideas.


After swallowing enough spiritual energy, Ye Xiwen opened his mouth wide, and suddenly swallowed the mass of Tianzun’s origin into his body as if he was inhaling the Yangtze and Yellow Rivers.


In an instant, in his mind. As if it exploded, countless information poured into Ye Xiwen’s mind at once.


These are the things contained in the source of the Heavenly Venerate. For Heavenly Venerate, this is the most fundamental thing. Even if the fleshly body is cut off, it doesn’t matter. As long as the source is still there, everything is easy to say.


Even if it is the primordial spirit, it is only evolved from the source.


These are the many insights left by the ancestor of the Scarlet Scales. It is extremely complete in all aspects, coupled with the endless power contained in it.


It can almost be said that a top expert of Gadai gave Ye Xiwen a super empowerment. This empowerment was at the cost of all the skills and insights of the ancestors of the Red Scales.


If it weren’t for the physique and skills of the Red Scales, they were special. I’m afraid it can’t be popularized.


Another thought popped up in Ye Xiwen’s mind, is it possible to learn from the characteristics of the Red Scales and create a system of exercises, so that the predecessors continue to lose their own perception and skills. Then it becomes more pure, and these things can be left to future generations.


If it can really be developed, the strength of the human race will usher in a skyrocket in a short period of time. It is also just around the corner. At that time, it is not impossible to become the head of the ten powerful clans.


It is impossible for ordinary people to open it up, because the Scarlet Scales can do this because of their special physique, just like the Sky Devouring Monster Race, as long as they keep devouring blood food, their strength can rub off. It is a talent bestowed by God, not something that other people can imitate if they want to imitate it.


However, he has a mysterious space. He believes that if the deduction is carried out at any cost, there should be a way to deduce it. This mysterious space can deduce all the avenues, and the blood of the Scarlet Scales is only one born under the avenues. It’s just a kind of blood, and it can take shape, there must be his principles, but ordinary people can’t know what his principles are.


I’m afraid even the Scarlet Scales themselves don’t know the reason why this bloodline has such abilities.


But now it’s just an idea in Ye Xiwen’s mind. It will take a long time to turn this initiative into a result. At least in a short time, Ye Xiwen can’t care about it.


He really couldn’t care about it at this time. The thought just now was just a small thought that passed by, and it was quickly drowned in the sea of ​​thoughts.


Because he has to deal with too much information, these are the insights of the ancestors of the Scarlet Scales. From these insights, Ye Xiwen can see that the ancestors of the Scarlet clan must be above the fourth realm of fear exists.


Because of the information here, most of them are the perception of the third realm and all the skills of the masters of the third realm.


According to the characteristics of the people of the Scarlet Scales, which are like shedding skin, since these are the perceptions and skills of the third realm, at least they must be at the realm above the fourth realm to be able to do it.


If Ye Xiwen wanted to rise from the second realm to the peak of the second realm, he would not only be able to achieve it by inhaling a huge amount of skill, but also a huge amount of spiritual energy. Otherwise, he would have already broken through to the peak of the second realm.


You still need to have enough insights. Originally, these insights took time to accumulate, but now it is different. With the insights of the ancestors of the red scale clan, Ye Xiwen can save a lot of time.


Although not all of them can be used, but after all, it is even higher than Ye Xiwen’s realm cultivation base. Many places can get the second realm insight through reverse pushes.


So while comprehending the insights left by the ancestors of the Scarlet Scales, while devouring his skills, Ye Xiwen’s skills were advancing at an astonishing speed.


Although it is said that the skill of the ancestor of the red scale clan cannot be fully used, and only a part of it can be transformed into a skill that he can use, his skill progress is still very amazing.


Because he can hardly talk about how much time it takes to comprehend, it can almost be said that he can comprehend wherever he sees. With the help of the mysterious space in his body, he can do it completely.


This is his biggest advantage. The only downside is that the consumption of spiritual energy is really amazing, far exceeding the normal consumption.


However, the more he comprehends, the more he feels how amazing the insights left by the ancestor of the red phosphorus are. The second realm is much more tyrannical than the first realm, but the third realm is more tyrannical than the first realm. From the second realm, it is much stronger.


The huge amount of information contained in it also makes Ye Xiwen ecstatic. For him, there is no problem that cannot be digested, only the problem that the information about the Dao is not enough.


Although there is a gap in the realm, at his level, it can be said to be by analogy. Many problems were just not thought of at first, but once they are thought of, then these problems are no longer problems.


Like a sponge, he is madly absorbing this information and strengthening himself. He is not the same as what the ancestors of the Red Scales cultivated, but one mile connects a hundred miles, and many principles are common. of.


He can naturally absorb what he wants to absorb and what he needs to absorb.


His strength is rapidly improving, constantly approaching the peak, an absolute peak.


I don’t know how long it took, but Ye Xiwen finally opened his eyes suddenly, and the power of his whole body was restrained and not leaked at all.


As soon as he counted the time, a full month had passed. This month is almost a flick of a finger for a Heavenly Venerate, but in this month’s time , he actually went from just entering the second realm to the peak of the second realm in one step.


The effect of the origin of the Heavenly Venerate of the ancestors of the Crimson Scale clan is so great, it can be seen that it makes Ye Xiwen travel as fast as a light-speed spaceship.


The only shortcoming is that in the source of this Heavenly Venerate, whether it is the information about Heavenly Dao or the power stored in it, although Ye Xiwen is constantly absorbing it, it is also dissipating at a faster rate.


In other words, this resource cannot be used repeatedly. If not, the origin of the Heavenly Venerate left by the ancestors of the red scale clan is not only enough for Ye Xiwen to cultivate to the third realm, but even enough for him to quickly cultivate to the peak of the third realm.


But now it’s obviously only enough for him to break through to the third realm, and a large part of it is lost like this. Ye Xiwen also feels a pity, but there is no other way.


He can only make a breakthrough as soon as possible. Fortunately, he still has half of the incense stick in his hand. As long as he lights up this incense stick, with his current skill and perception at the peak of the second realm, he can basically break through to the third realm. It’s not a big problem, and even the breakthrough time can be greatly shortened. It doesn’t take tens of thousands of years to break through from the first realm to the second realm.


But when he was going to continue to retreat and break through to the third realm, a message passed into the Wu Zun Hall.


That is, the Heavenly Venerate who is going to participate in the action this time from Outland has arrived. Originally, this should not be a big deal.


That is, someone in the outer domain Tianzun challenged Zun Zun, and Zhan Zun was defeated! (To be continued.)


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