Martial God Space Chapter 3248: Young masters talk about Taoism



On a beautiful peak on Buzhou Mountain, the sacred mountain of the human race, people come and go early in the morning.



The entire mountain seems to have been cut into a plane by someone, and paved with hard jade to form a huge field.



At this time, there was already a lot of people on the square, and at a glance, I could see that people of all races gathered on the square and took their seats.



These masters of various ethnic groups are all high-spirited and youthful, and they are all young masters of various ethnic groups.



There are many outstanding children from various tribes of the human race next to them, but they are considered to be the best of the generation on weekdays, and they are not even qualified to be seated, so they can only accompany them to the side.



Among the human race, only three or five people are qualified to sit among the hundreds of people.



“It’s so strong. The breath of these people is more terrifying than the other. It’s really unimaginable. Are they really under five hundred years old?” The human race waiter looked at the hundreds of strong people and couldn’t help but feel a little frightened.



The few human servants next to him also nodded with lingering fears, agreeing very much.



Not only them, but the followers they brought, and they are even more terrifying. Anyone who is placed in the outside world is a young master of Gedai, but here, they can only stand aside. Followers are nothing more than them, and they are not much stronger than them.



They used to be arrogant one by one, and each of them was a super genius among the human tribes, otherwise they would not have been selected to serve in the human race Buzhou Mountain.



Among the human race, Buzhou Mountain is a holy mountain, a holy place of martial arts that countless people yearn for, and it is also the birthplace of the human race in the world of creation, and it is also the residence of many emperors of the human race today. Extraordinary.



It is a great honor for them to be chosen to serve here. I don’t know how many people are envious, jealous, and hateful. Under such circumstances, they are inevitably proud. They feel that although they are not the best in the world, they are also The number one person in the world.



But now I just found out that I don’t want to say that I am compared with the hundreds of people, but I am compared with their followers. That’s a far cry.



“This is the top teenage genius within dozens of prefectures. It’s so powerful. I don’t seem to have seen as many teenage powerhouses in my life as I am today!”



Some people grit their teeth, and some people admire them. More people feel that they have been stabbed by a huge sting. In their hearts, they have suddenly changed from the number one person in the world to a person of the ninth class.



Each of these people is an outstanding genius who can dominate a state, and is also a treasure of various ethnic groups. Among the human race, there are only a few people who can juxtapose with these people. The development of these people has also received huge benefits.



In the previous year’s conference of young masters on Taoism, it was difficult for the human race to get a place. Just like that, they were already the top figures in the human race. They were invincible and swept their peers. Even so, in this Taoism At the conference, it can only be regarded as ordinary.



And those people are already the most outstanding geniuses in the human race, and it is easy to see the identities behind them.



Some of them are from Queen Sui, some are the disciples and grandsons of the current emperor, and some are the most outstanding children of the Fengyi clan.



Each of them has a prominent background and has a great connection with several emperors in the human race. Even so, in front of the strongest young powerhouses in these big states, they can only be regarded as medium level.



Because other people’s backgrounds are also bigger than each other, most of them have one or more emperors standing behind more or less, and they are not ordinary people.



Those who can stand out among these young powerhouses of Gaidai are all Gaidai people who are expected to become emperors in the future.



Although this group may not be one of them, it is closer to the realm of the emperor than the others.



And although it is said that people under the age of 300 are eligible to participate, in fact, many people who really participate are only over 100 years old, more than 200 years old, and those who are really close to 300 years old. There will be no mood and face to participate.



Even if there are some long-lived races, they are only under 300 years old in terms of age.



Because of this, the arrogant children of the human race can be left speechless, because they are often older than those who participated, but their strength is far inferior, so they can’t help but not Admiration and admiration.



This kind of Taoism conference is held every hundred years, but the right to host this time has unexpectedly fallen into the hands of the human race. This is also the first time that the human race has held such a youth Taoist conference.



In the eyes of these young children of the human race, this also proves that the status of the human race is rapidly improving, and it is even enough to be on an equal footing with those giants that can only be looked up to in the past.



In fact, this is indeed the fact that the surrounding races finally took a high look at the Human Race. Although there is still a threat from such a behemoth as the Sky Devouring Monster Race, they have to admit to the tyranny of the Human Race. Every ethnic group dared to challenge the Sky Devouring Monster Clan, and they fought and won.



Although it was due to Ye Xiwen’s strength, isn’t the top powerhouse part of the strength of a group.



I don’t know how many times this kind of young masters’ Taoism conference has been held. It is not unusual in itself. It is natural for the human race to apply for it.



But even so, there are still many young masters who do not recognize the status of the human race at all, especially the young masters of the human race, in the eyes of the top masters, they are not enough to convince everyone.



The words were even more rude, with a hint of ridicule.



The more the waiters of the human race listened, the worse their faces became. The words of these people were not polite at all, especially some of the powerhouses at the bottom of the ranking were even more resentful that the human race was able to grab the right to host the race, and it was vaguely pointing to the human race. The few super masters who were seated meant that if they hadn’t taken up the light of the organizer, why would they have the right to sit side by side with themselves and others? That’s simply impossible.



Several young strong men from the human race also showed anger, and they are also peerless figures sought after by everyone in the clan. If it is said that they are not the top existences among these people, they also recognize them, but they must say that they came in through the back door. , that is really intolerable or unbearable.



Many human servants couldn’t help but feel very depressed. On their own territory, they dared to make unceremonious sarcasm. If they were on someone else’s territory, wouldn’t they have to suffer all the grievances?



For a while, I originally thought that the human race had risen, and many of the descendants of the human race who had made other big clans take a high look at it really understood that the other races were only initially accepting it.



Perhaps their Majesty the Emperor Wu goes out and is a guest no matter where he goes, and no one dares to look down on it, but that is only Emperor Wu, not them. If you want to gain enough respect, you have to rely on your own ability. get.



The world itself is the strong prey to the weak. Only the strong have the right to speak. Emperor Wu Ye Xiwen was unparalleled in the face of the emperors of other races. The name of the strong clan, but they are weak compared to the young masters of other clans, obviously angry, but there is no way to fight back with words, it is too weak, and it is impossible to get others to improve.



“Jueli, this time when I came out of the retreat, I heard that your Heaven Devouring Monster Clan was beaten badly, and even the ancestor of the Sky Devouring Monster Clan was beheaded?” The ranking among the hundreds of people is extremely reliable. One of the young masters in front spoke, and looked at the face of the young Sky Devourer who was seated at the front. The face of this Sky Devourer youth had two mouths, which was the best way to identify it. It was obviously different from the others. Clan are different.



As soon as that person’s voice fell, it immediately attracted the attention of many people, especially the battle between the Human Race and the Sky Devouring Monster Race, which is a major event in the Eastern Territory recently.



In terms of their level, the opening of the crack in the path of creation is just a myth and legend, not something they can participate in, but the war between the human race and the sky-devouring demon race is different, enough for them to discuss It’s been a long time.



Especially this person and the youth of the Sky Devouring Monster Clan, Jue Li, have already had deep grievances. The two sides have played against each other many times, but they have not been able to take advantage of them.



The young man of the Sky Devouring Monster Clan had a cold and arrogant expression on his face, and said, “The Emperor Wu Ye Xiwen is just a despicable villain who takes advantage of the dangers of others. Seriously injured, how can he be arrogant!”



If it was said that the young masters of the human race could endure it, when it came to Ye Xiwen, the most powerful warrior of the human race, everyone couldn’t help it.



They all grew up under the brilliance of Ye Xiwen. Since their birth, Ye Xiwen has been the Optimus Prime of the human race, supporting the sky of the human race. In this important battle, there are countless admirers and spiritual followers in the human race.



These young masters are the backbone and main force among them. They are young and enthusiastic, and they can’t stand the old rules. Since Ye Xiwen served as the patrol Mu Qi, compared to other people, is naturally more recognized.



Those young human masters stood up abruptly and glared at him.



“Jueli, what are you talking about, dare to talk about our emperor behind his back, do you want to die?” said a young human master coldly.



“Am I right? Feng Yitian, it seems that you didn’t learn the lesson from the last time, and you dare to jump out. You really don’t know what to do!” Jue Li just glanced at the human youth indifferently. said.



Feng Yitian, the young master of the human race, suddenly blushed and choked for a while. Obviously, he suffered a big loss from the previous fight.



“You dare to humiliate my human emperor, don’t want to leave easily today!” Another young human master said loudly.



“Then I will teach you a lesson together. Anyway, the Daoist Conference will have to do it. Are you going to attend one by one, or together?” Jueli didn’t care, just said lightly,






The young masters of the human race were angrily rebuked.



Suddenly, at this moment, a crisp sound came from outside.



“You brothers don’t need to be angry, you’re just a clown jumping off the beam. How about you leave it to the younger sister if you don’t bother the brothers?”



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