Martial God Space Chapter 3247: The collective view of the decline




Time is unprecedentedly lacking for Ye Xiwen now. The road to creation is about to begin. It seems that the Heaven-devouring Demon Emperor and the mysterious Heavenly Fire God are about to leave the border. Make yourself strong enough.



Only in this way can we deal with these dangers.



Although Ye Xiwen has entered the stage of retreat and cultivation, the outside world has fallen into a strange calm because of the previous shocking battle.



As the victors of the war between the two races, the human race did not intend to go further and pursue the victory. On the contrary, they simply retreated, as many people originally expected to enter the territory of the sky-devouring demon race, at least It is also necessary to occupy one or two large states of the Sky Devouring Monster Race. This is the minimum reward for the victor, and no one will use their brains on this.



Not to mention the existence of the legendary Heaven-devouring Demon Emperor, no one dared to continue to make decisions, so everyone’s hope is that Ye Xiwen can continue to act as the first bird to deal with the Sky-devouring Demon Clan.



The internal struggle of the God of Creation Dynasty, although it is officially controlled by the God of Creation Dynasty, is within a certain range, but in fact, in terms of cruelty, it is not at all compared to the war between the God of Creation Dynasty and the outer domain. Difference.



Clan ups and downs are a common occurrence.



Who ever thought that the human race seemed to not listen to their thoughts at all, so they simply retreated, and then laid down layers of defense on the border. With this painful lesson of being swept away by a billion human race this time, The human race did not dare to take it lightly.



On the other hand, the Heaven-devouring Monster Race was beheaded by several emperors, and at the same time, it was invaded by the Terran army and plundered countless resources. The place is to regain lost ground.



And after this incident, there is no action anymore, just like someone who has nothing to do, what to do. Although there is no emperor-level existence, it still handles many things in an orderly manner.



The biggest thing for the emperor-level masters every day is to cultivate, and they don’t have so much time to deal with those trivial matters, so although the Heaven-devouring Monster Clan now has no emperor in charge. But it doesn’t really matter.



The two clans are just like normal people, and there is no larger-scale conflict as many people expected, which undoubtedly makes many people quite disappointed, let alone some who plan to take advantage of the fire. people.



Now that the situation is not as chaotic as they hoped, they naturally have little chance to take advantage of the fire. Make trouble.



However, many people with discerning eyes can see that the two clans are only temporarily suspending the military and truce, and it is impossible to let it go.



On the one hand, it is impossible for the Heaven-devouring Monster Clan, which has suffered huge losses, to really let go of this hatred. Once the Heaven-devouring Monster Emperor returns, the real war will break out, and for the Human Race, they cannot really be content with it. Death, which laid the fundamental factor for a renewed war between the two races.



Therefore, in the eyes of many discerning people, there will inevitably be a further war between the Terran and the Sky Devourer, until one side is destroyed.



As for when the war will break out again. Then it depends on which of the two sides prepares faster, whether the Human Race is ready first, or the Heaven Devouring Demon Emperor is the first to return.



All in all, this battle is unavoidable, and the next battle is bound to be a battle of winners and losers. No matter which side wins, it will be a disaster for the other side.



It’s just that in comparison, the powerhouses of basically all ethnic groups are more inclined to the Sky Devouring Monster Clan. After all, the background is too far apart, even if it is the key to determining the outcome of this battle, the comparison of top masters, the human race Martial Emperor is compared to the long-established Heaven Devouring Demon Emperor. All are quite different.



Everyone guessed that once the Heaven-devouring Demon Emperor returned, it would be a crushing battle.



Regarding the rumors and rumors from the outside world, the human race did not say anything, but the whole clan entered a situation of crazy cultivation because of the danger this time.



No one knows when the next war will come. But they all know that the next time is the time to truly decide the outcome. Once successful, the human race will rise in one fell swoop and become a peerless strong family that no one can underestimate.



Although there are not many people in the human race who are optimistic that the human race can win, but as many people have guessed, the human race has been driven to a dead end, and it is no longer their choice whether to fight or not. , the fate of becoming the blood eater of the Sky Devouring Monster Race.



After the emperor and others have also explained various things to many quasi-emperor strong men, they enter the retreat and prepare for the next battle. They are also very clear that once the real fight begins , whether it is the two emperors in Shizhou, or the many emperors in the land of Lei Ze, they are all unreliable. Maybe they will be the first to defect, and the only one who can be reliable is themselves.



So from the outside world, the whole scene looks very strange. It is obviously a loser, but the Sky Devouring Monster Race is not so nervous, and the Human Race is obviously the winner, but it is in a precarious situation. , The feeling before the storm is coming and the war is coming.



And time passed by minute by minute with such a strange atmosphere, although the two groups of wars were once frightened for a while, alarming the entire Eastern Region, and they all cast their eyes on it.



But for the entire God of Fortune, the battle between the Human Race and the Heaven-devouring Monster Race is not really big news, because the Eastern Region is only a part of the God of Fortune, not to mention the fact that the Heaven-devouring Monster Race and the Human Race occupy it. Just a part of the Eastern Region.



Being able to attract the attention of the Eastern Regions is the limit. Unless it is a collision between the two top ten powerful clans, it is possible to arouse the continuous attention of the God of Fortune.



Obviously, neither the Human Race nor the Sky Devouring Monster Race have really reached this stage.



During this period of time, within the entire Divine Dynasty of Fortune, and even within the realm of Fortune, the only thing that attracted everyone’s attention the most was that the legendary path of Fortune that contained supreme Fortune finally opened again.



In other words, it’s just a crack. It’s not the time when the path of creation really opens, but even if it’s just this, it’s still the focus of the entire world of creation.



There is good fortune in the road of good fortune, which is well known by everyone, or it has become the consensus of everyone, and the representative of success is the heavenly king of good fortune. Although it is the only successful example, it still blocks I can’t stop the people’s supreme yearning for creation.



No one knows what good fortune is, but they also know that good fortune is a supreme state, reaching an unprecedented state.



Once someone can get good luck from it, the future prospects are simply limitless.



It is even possible to repeat the miracle myth of the God of Fortune and become the next supreme ruler of the world of creation. Even if the probability of this is very low, it still cannot stop countless people from yearning for the path of creation.



And this time the crack of the road of creation appeared in the Nether Sea in the north, which is undoubtedly a test. Unlike the chaos and disorder in the Stormy Sea, the Nether Sea has been under the control of the Nether Heavenly Venerate since ancient times. It was because Emperor Pan’s rule in Stormwind Sea was disintegrated, but the Nether Sea was still firmly in the hands of Nether Heavenly Venerate.



It is not easy to cross into the Nether Sea, and then enter the path of creation. As time gets closer, more and more strong people begin to approach the Nether Sea, and they begin to interact with the Nether Sea. Fierce conflicts broke out among the powerhouses and ethnic groups in the sea area. For a time, all kinds of swords were drawn, conflicts continued, and even some fierce battlefields caused heavy casualties and could not be counted.



But the more this is the case, the more attractive the path of creation is to everyone. No one wants to go and see what the real path of creation looks like.



As the opening time of the crack in the path of creation is getting closer and closer, there are more and more rumors about the path of creation, especially some ancient secrets are gradually excavated.



After many people watched it, they only felt that they were shaking all over. It was a shock, not a surprise.



Among the many ancient mysteries, although the sources of the records are from different ethnic groups and different periods, most of them evaluate the path of creation as dangerous. Among them, the three words “big terror” are mentioned. many.



In these books, there are many records from the path of creation. Many of the records of the books are those who have broken into the path of creation. However, they only have time to say a few words~IndoMTL .com~ then disappeared on the road of creation and never appeared again.



However, those few words made many people feel as cold as falling into an ice cave. It seemed that there was some extremely terrifying existence on the road of creation that was devouring the lives of many strong people.



It is not the first time that a crack has appeared in the path of creation. The last time, or even the last time when a crack appeared, someone went in and even saw the terrifying scene of emperor bones everywhere.



That is the emperor, not the Chinese cabbage on the side of the road. If you die, you will die. Although there are many emperors in the world of creation, they are definitely only a few of the top ones at the top of the pyramid.



A powerhouse of this level is dying everywhere. How can this not make everyone feel terrified and horrified?



Especially the emperors of many other worlds who came to the world of creation through the road of good fortune also confirmed this statement from the side, and it is not groundless, because they all walked on that road, but they did not know it at that time. There is good fortune in it, and it is so important.



All kinds of news and rumors are flying all over the sky, and even many people have no idea how many people are fishing in troubled waters and how many people are spreading rumors.



This storm of the path of creation intensified, until the cracks in the path of creation were finally stabilized, and one could truly enter.








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