Martial God Space Chapter 3051: Ancestor of the Golden Swallowing Fierce Python revives



The golden fist is like the sharpest weapon, piercing the chest of the emperor-level swallowing python in an instant. ○


In an instant, this emperor-level swallowing python transformed into its deity. The huge body immediately filled the space, and blood spurted out like a mountain torrent, completely dyeing the surrounding seawater a golden yellow.


The body of this emperor-level swallowing python was still twitching slightly, but it was already dead, and his primordial spirit was completely blown away by Ye Xiwen in this punch.


One blow was completely beheaded by Ye Xiwen.


And all this has taken a long time. In fact, it only took a short period of time. A fourth-level emperor-level swallowing python was killed in Ye Xiwen’s hands, and he was not his opponent at all.


After beheading this emperor-level swallowing python, Ye Xiwen also took the body of this emperor-level swallowing python into the bag. The value of an emperor-level creature’s body is inestimable. It can be sold. Even the emperor will be moved by the extremely high price.


Then Ye Xiwen opened his big hand and grabbed the remaining dragon veins at once. Although the dragon veins are theoretically dead without the spirit of the dragon veins, it is impossible to continue brewing and strengthening the dragon veins, but The remaining part of the dragon vein is still very valuable.


Ye Xiwen wants to absorb the rest of this dragon vein, which can be used when he enters the fifth realm.


Originally, he still felt that all this was still far away. Even the peak of the fourth realm was a journey that would take him a long time to reach. Even if there was an elixir from Emperor Pill, it should be used in a short period of time. Not right.


It’s just to plan ahead, but now that he has swallowed most of the dragon veins, his skill has risen to the peak of the fourth realm, which is many years earlier than the original plan.


Those who were not prepared before had to be prepared in advance. With this dragon vein and the medicinal pill, it was enough to send him to the fifth realm in one fell swoop.


This dragon is coming to him. Nature is extremely important.




Rumbling sounds exploded in the void. In the distance, various emperor-level emperors were constantly confronting each other, and various laws and ripples were continuously rolled back. staged.


And the positions are all in different directions, because Sen Lao and others rushed in from different directions, and with the heavy responsibility of cultivation, unless they encountered an emperor-level creature, it was impossible to stop them.


Ye Xiwen even felt the terrifying aura raging, swallowing the sky and the vicious python clan. There are also experts from Gaidai, so even Sen Lao and others are reluctant to come in.


Now that they are making such a big move, they are just trying to provide cover. Someone can break in and grab the Phaseless Spirit Bone, which is naturally the best.


After Ye Xiwen received the dragon vein and the body of the Swallowing Serpent, without any hesitation on the spot, he flew towards the deeper part of the Swallowing Serpent family. heavy.


Ye Xiwen broke through all the way. I don’t know how many members of the Heaven-Swallowing Serpent Clan I met on the way. As the battle became more and more intense, more and more Heaven-Swallowing Serpents were awakened from their slumbers, and they happened to meet Ye Xiwen. All were beheaded by him.


These ferocious swallowing pythons, which are not even at the imperial level, can’t stop Ye Xiwen’s footsteps. As long as they are stained with a little of Ye Xiwen’s blood, they will be burned into ashes.


Assault all the way, it didn’t take long before Ye Xiwen rushed to the cemetery of the Swallowing Fierce Python clan. It’s dark, the laws here are completely different from other places.


One by one, the yin spirits that swallowed the sky were flying in the sky, and it was obvious that the fierce battle outside had also alarmed them.


Though these swallowing pythons are dead. But their obsessions never dissipated, and they turned into Yin spirits and scattered above the sky.


As soon as Ye Xiwen rushed in, countless yin spirits that swallowed the sky charged towards him, instinctively guarding the tomb and attacking him.




The Taiyue Sword in Ye Xiwen’s hand burst out with amazing rays of light, and the sword fell, and the Yin spirits of the fierce swallowing pythons that rushed over were instantly blasted away, and I don’t know how many they killed.


But there are still more yin spirits of the Swallowing Serpent. Over the past countless years, the Swallowing Serpent family has no idea how many tyrannical masters have died. Their yin spirits are all haunted here. Only in this extreme environment is it possible to keep these Yin spirits immortal and not dissipate cleanly.


Because the Yin spirit itself is a special form of energy, Yin spirits cannot be produced anywhere, even if it is a tyrannical creature, if it is not in an extremely suitable environment, even if the Yin spirit is born, it will be very difficult. Go away.


Facing these Yin spirits, Ye Xiwen looked indifferent, just snorted coldly, every pore in his body was spewing hot flames, and the surroundings burned into a sea of ​​fire in an instant. Yin Lingjian seemed to have encountered a nemesis, and before she got close, she was burned to ashes.


However, under the leadership of the last obsession before his death, these Yin spirits still slaughtered like moths to a flame. Although they could not stop Ye Xiwen’s footsteps, they still kept slaughtering them.


Ye Xiwen didn’t care about these Yin spirits. His whole body was cremated into a flame field, which completely isolated these Yin spirits. Once approached, he would be burned to death, but he kept walking towards the depths of the cemetery. fly away.


He could feel the strength of the blood and energy left in the bones of these Heaven-Swallowing Pythons, and could easily judge whether it was the phaseless spiritual bone left by the Heaven-Swallowing Python that he needed.


The closer you get to the inside, the stronger the corpses left behind by these Heaven-Swallowing Pythons will become stronger, and even the existence of emperors is not uncommon. It started to move, like the resurrection of the bone demon, and slaughtered towards Ye Xiwen.


However, if the bones of these emperor-level swallowing pythons were still alive, they might have caused some threats to Ye Xiwen, but they have been dead for a long time now, and they were all split by Ye Xiwen’s sword and flew out.


When he rushed into the center of the cemetery of the Swallowing Serpent, he suddenly felt a terrifying aura rising to the limit.


In the center of the countless corpses of the Heaven-Swallowing Serpent, a huge golden-yellow skeleton spread out for an unknown number of miles and slowly began to emit a terrifying energy.


“Who wants to disturb my long sleep!”


A cold, cold voice came.


A terrifying air force locked Ye Xiwen, and Ye Xiwen instantly felt as if he was being targeted by something extraordinary.


Ye Xiwen’s expression didn’t change, but he said coldly, “It’s just an obsession. If you were still alive, I would still be afraid of you for three points. Now it’s just an obsessional ghost, and you want it in front of me. Scare me away?”


Ye Xiwen’s eyes were like torches, and he could see through it in an instant. It was the yin spirit of the huge corpse that swallowed the sky.


The yin spirit of this ancestor swallowing the sky is attached to the entire corpse. Compared with other fierce swallowing pythons, the yin spirit of this ancestor swallowing the sky does not know how many times more tyrannical , died countless years ago, but this obsession persists, and once it remains here, it can be said to be very powerful.


“What a foreign intruder!”


Suddenly, the sky-devouring vicious python roared, and the entire huge mountain of golden skeletons began to shake slowly, and the surrounding seawater also began to roll back in all directions following the shaking of this golden skeleton.




A huge roar erupted from the golden skeleton, and in an instant, it was as if an extremely fierce sky-devouring python was resurrected. On his huge golden skeleton, flesh and blood began to grow. It seems to have returned to the trend before his death.


It’s just different from other ferocious swallowing pythons, this one is not black, on the contrary, it is golden-yellow, like it is made of gold, exuding a blazing brilliance, as if it wants to take the entire sea area. to illuminate the same.


A monstrous ferocity surged over the sky, and in an instant, it formed a mighty trend, and it evolved into a fierce python that swallowed the sky, slaughtering it towards Ye Xiwen.








This golden swallowing python was slaughtered in front of Ye Xiwen at once, with great momentum.




The Taiyue Sword in Ye Xiwen’s hand slammed, and then fell suddenly.




This phantom of the swallowing python was chopped up on the spot, as if it was a piece of paper, and then it was chopped open.


Ye Xiwen had just split the phantom of the Heaven-Swallowing Fierce Python when he saw that the ancestor of the Golden Heaven-Swallowing Fierce Python had already opened his mouth and bit him in his direction.


Suddenly a mouth is a magical power that fills the A magical power that swallows the sky and devours the earth, even the sky and the earth can be swallowed, let alone a person, if it is really bitten, even the emperor has to take off a piece of Layered.


This skeleton of the ancestor of the Heaven-devouring Fierce Python is obviously just a corpse, but it can burst out the fighting power of an emperor level. .


Ye Xiwen understood that the phaseless spirit bone he was looking for was on top of the corpse of the ancestor of the Heaven-Swallowing Serpent. No matter which aspect he considered, he would behead this ancestor of the Seriously Swallowing Serpent. Killing is imperative.


Although the supernatural power that he spewed out from his mouth was far less than that of the previous emperor-level swallowing python, the power of the supernatural power was far more terrifying.


In an instant, the world seemed to have turned into a huge mouth, swallowing Ye Xiwen, wanting to bite him to death one by one.


Ye Xiwen smiled coldly, “Give me a death, and hand over the soulless bones together!”(To be continued..)


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