Martial God Space Chapter 3050: Destroys the King-level Fierce Python



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The supernatural power that the Swallowing Serpent had erupted was torn apart alive by Ye Xiwen’s hands.


At this time, Ye Xiwen’s aura is improving every minute and every second. As time goes by, Ye Xiwen has mastered more and more of the skyrocketing strength, and his combat effectiveness will be stronger.


Under Ye Xiwen’s boundless mana, the endless sea water around him started shaking violently, and then evaporated instantly.




The one who swallowed the sky has reached this level. How could he easily admit defeat? It was a kind of magical power, it exploded in an instant, and the terrifying power absorbed from the void rushed towards Ye Xiwen.




Ye Xiwen also roared loudly, but that was the only sound. His breath became even more violent. The Martial Emperor Seal on the top of his head twitched and swept out three thousand martial arts. After shaping the general, the flow of all laws is clearly visible.




The seal of Emperor Wu fell down directly, as if it had driven the whole world to fall down with it, Gedai Wushuang’s blow fell on the spot.


Originally, Ye Xiwen wanted to leave some trump cards in this world of creation, and some of the past methods were not intended to be used lightly. Only fighting with the Taiyue Sword was enough to defeat most opponents.


But now he can’t take care of that much anymore. In order to solve this ferocious python that swallows the sky in a short period of time, he must use his full combat power.


The various magical powers of this Heaven-Swallowing Serpent exploded in every village in an instant, turning into the most terrifying piece of golden fragments, which were rolled back, and many of them directly hit the Sky-Swallowing Serpent’s body.


The Martial Emperor Seal is Ye Xiwen’s strongest means, and it is also his destiny’s martial arts, once he makes a move. Naturally, it was invincible, and as soon as he made a move, he completely broke the offensive of the Swallowing Vicious Python.


The huge body of the Swallowing Serpent is also constantly twisting, and the seal of the Martial Emperor in the distance keeps falling, crushing the heavens and suppressing all directions.


There was a bit of shock in the eyes of the swallowing snake. Although he was tyrannical, he was not without wisdom. In the same realm, he had never seen such a fierce and invincible opponent, even those Among the ethnic groups that have competed for territory with the Swallowing Vicious Python Clan for many years. Never seen it either.


There are many means, and the body is even more tyrannical to the extreme, and one punch can actually inflict heavy damage on himself.


Ye Xiwen seems to be in the center of heaven and earth. He is the only heavenly emperor between heaven and earth, and everything must be used for him.




The Swallowing Serpent’s mouth opened wide, and countless spiritual energy rolled back into his mouth. At this moment, his entire body was completely transformed into a Taoist body, but it was an ugly man in black scales. It is his incarnation of the Tao body.


In his hand, there was an extra dark whip, which opened and closed, and slashed directly towards Ye Xiwen and towards the Emperor Wu’s seal.


The whip in his hand is not a Taoist weapon. But in fact, the power is no less than that of the Taoist weapon, because it does not contain the Taoist laws necessary for the Taoist weapon, but it is made by the transformation of his tail, and it really starts to fight. The power is not inferior to Taoist weapons.




This long whip collided directly with the Martial Emperor Seal, both of which were already emperor-level weapons, exuding the power of the extreme way. The entire region of the dragon veins began to collapse, inch by inch of the mountain collapsed in the sea, without the spirit of the dragon veins, the entire dragon veins have lost their vitality, and there is no way to resist the raid of such a level of power.


Ye Xiwen leaned out directly holding the seal of Emperor Wu, his whole body was surging with terrifying energy, the golden blood swept all directions, his body stood upright, just like the legendary Pangu who opened up the world The power of the power played a mythical field.


Numerous martial arts laws bloom with brilliance, surrounded by the breath of the strongest.


“Death to me!”


The emperor-level swallowing python shouted loudly. His jet-black hair stood upside down and his eyes were wide open, as if they were about to split. He had already seen Ye Xiwen’s fierceness. He must not be left alone, not to mention that he also destroyed the dragon veins and broke the foundation of the Heaven-Swallowing Serpent Clan.


However, until now, he also knows that it is impossible to deal with this person in front of him alone. The only way is to delay until other people come to support him and kill him.


The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became. The overlord of their dignified Outer Territory Stormwind Sea has suffered a big loss here, which is simply a great shame.




The long whip in the hands of this swallowing fierce python swayed out like a mountain range, and fell towards Ye Xiwen. His counterattack was fast and ruthless, and he used offense instead of defense. Ye Xiwen must be left behind.


Completely different from him, Ye Xiwen didn’t waste so much time, let alone let him delay until other emperor-level masters came to support him.


“Go away!”


Ye Xiwen let out a loud shout. There was only an astonishing killing intent brewing in his eyes. His breath became even more violent. It seemed that it was impossible to repel him. He saw this swallowing the sky. Fierce Python will delay his determination even if he desperately wants to die. In this case, he can only be beheaded completely.


In his body, the mana was lifted to the extreme, and the blood was pushed to the highest point. The whole person was wrapped in golden blood, as if it was made of gold. It was directly transformed into various Taoist texts, as if an ancient scripture was entangled in him.


“Wu Di Seal!”


The Martial Emperor Seal in Ye Xiwen’s hand grew bigger and bigger, and it was completely integrated with his martial arts, and it fell directly at the long whip.




A shocking and terrifying collision sounded, and the entire sea area turned into stormy waves. Originally, it was difficult to set off such stormy waves in the deep sea area. The terrifying collision rolled back in all directions, instantly annihilating countless ferocious pythons.


And an even more astonishing scene happened. The extremely hard long whip actually began to have dense cracks, spreading from the collision point toward the whole body.


“No way!”


Rao is the one who swallows the sky and has a lot of knowledge. At this time, he was almost not frightened. His long whip is comparable to a Taoist weapon. It will also be seriously injured in an instant, there is no other possibility, and the person in front of him actually shattered his weapon inch by inch, just a blow.


“Come again!”


However, Ye Xiwen wouldn’t give him time to think about anything at all. With a roar on the spot, he bullied him again. The Emperor Wu Yin grew bigger and bigger in Ye Xiwen’s hands, and fell down again.








Ye Xiwen’s offensive continued, and the Sky-Swallowing Serpent had no choice at all at this time, but could only meet the enemy with the long whip in his hand, and was constantly hit by the Emperor Wu’s seal.




Suddenly, a huge explosion sounded, and the long whip that was constantly injured exploded in an instant, and countless fragments of the long whip turned into black lights, rolled back and stabbed directly. After entering the strong body of this swallowing python, blood spurted out, and even bones were directly broken.


At this moment, Ye Xiwen smashed this magic weapon, which was comparable to a Taoist weapon, alive. The quality difference between the two sides was too far.


“I’m obsessed, you had a chance to escape before, do you still want to escape now?” Ye Xiwen shouted, holding the seal of Emperor Wu, his entire body was freed from trouble, his hair fluttered in disorder, turning into a blue figure, and smashed towards Tun Tun. Fierce python.


The ferocious python that swallowed the sky was screaming in the sky, and its whole body was bathed in jet-black light, like a black iron **** of war. Although there was no long whip, the fierce bloodline in its bones broke out at this moment, and there was no trace of it. The meaning of being afraid, on the contrary, he also slaughtered at Ye Xiwen and confronted Ye Xiwen head-on.


And for Ye Xiwen, this is also falling into his arms. In terms of physical strength, within the same realm, he is not afraid at all.


“Six reincarnations, send you to hell!”


Behind Ye Xiwen, a six-path roulette has evolved, constantly turning, spewing out the power of the six-path, suppressing everything between heaven and earth, between heaven and earth, all creatures belonging to the six-path will be affected by this set of boxing techniques.




The two sides collided directly, their fists collided, and blood splattered from the fist of the swallowing python. Although it was protected by black scales, his body itself was tyrannical and unparalleled, but with Ye Xiwen In comparison, it is obviously far from enough, and it can even be said that it is far from Ye Xiwen’s opponent.


The proud traces of the Great Dao on the fist of the Fierce Swallowing Python, and the coverage of divine powers, were all wiped out under the bombardment of Ye Xiwen’s golden qi and blood.


“Come again!”


Ye Xiwen burst out Continuously shot, even the body that swallowed the sky and the fierce python was proud of, it was completely vulnerable under Ye Xiwen’s continuous attacks. The scales of his clothes were also completely shattered in the continuous crit, and they were completely vulnerable, and the fragments flew away in all directions.




Another punch, Ye Xiwen collided with the fist of the Swallowing Vicious Python, and then only heard a huge roar of collision, the arm that the Swallowing Vicious Python transformed into was directly beaten into a blood mist by Ye Xiwen.


There was a bit of panic in his expression, and he completely recognized the fierceness of the person in front of him. He stepped back again and again, trying to distance himself, and if he continued like this, he would only be beaten to death.


However, it was too late at this time, Ye Xiwen stepped forward and smashed him in front of him, punching his chest with a punch.


Blood bursts and bone fragments fly. (To be continued…)


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