Martial God Space Chapter 2938: One shot to shock the world



Especially this centipede, it can be said that the visitor is not good, and the strength is even the peak quasi emperor. I don’t know where it came from. It is obviously planning to make trouble.



A terrifying aura came over the sky, covering the sky and the earth directly.



“Where the **** is this centipede?” Someone couldn’t help but ask, with so many experts present, there are still people who dare to make trouble.



It’s really impatient to live, especially Ye Xiwen is not alone, Ye Mo, Ye Qianqian have made an amazing reputation over the years, Ye Wudi, Hua Menghan, Xiao Kunpeng will definitely help him, he Still so confident.



“It’s the great sage of the centipede. Apart from him, there is no other centipede in the world with such power!” Someone said.



“It turned out to be him. Legend has it that he once made troubles before, and later offended the emperor. He was severely injured. He has been sleeping and recuperating until now. These years have been very prestige, and he has played a big role, but how could he be so ignorant? Zhi, what’s going on with Ye Xiwen, it’s not just someone who can be provocative!”



“The Great Sage Centipede? It’s really impatient to live!” Xiao Kunpeng suddenly stood up, and he was about to transform into his real body to fight the Great Sage Centipede.



Although the Great Sage Centipede is very powerful and its body is ridiculously long, the blood of ordinary mythical beasts and beasts is a dead end, but Xiao Kunpeng is different. He has the pure Kunpeng blood in his bones, which is Taikoo Ten. The head of the big vicious beast, can he be more vicious than him?



Everyone looked at Ye Xiwen, but saw that Ye Xiwen was just drinking tea from the cup next to him. He had no intention of intervening, but everyone found that the aura of the centipede was broken. It was clean, and not a single bit could fall down.



Xiao Kunpeng transformed into his true Kunpeng body, which is tens of thousands of feet tall and incomparably huge, but compared with this great centipede, it is much smaller, but even so, his aura is not at all. Not weak.



A gigantic black light came from the sky, but saw that the centipede’s leg directly cut through the universe, faster than lightning, and directly stabbed the huge body of Xiao Kunpeng, fierce and decisive. The powerful mana is terrifying.



This leg turned out to be like a cold and powerful spear, tying the world with a huge button, and it was unparalleled in sharpness.






There was a huge roar of collision, but when Xiao Kunpeng stretched out his huge claws and collided with the centipede’s legs, it was like a roar of gold and iron.



The collision between the two sides caused the heaven and the earth to shatter together, sparks scattered, forming a raging fire, burning all directions.



“Kunpeng vertical and horizontal art!” Xiao Kunpeng roared, and the huge body fell towards the centipede as if it was an ancient sacred mountain.



At the same time, his two claws were like two incomparably sharp weapons.



This great centipede was blasted out on the spot, and the incomparably huge body was directly rolled back in the starry sky. I don’t know how many stars were damaged, and they all collapsed along with it.



“Fuck you, let you pretend!” Xiao Kunpeng immediately chased after him, turned into a big golden hand, and patted the Great Sage Centipede.



“Damn, the descendants of the demon master, don’t be too arrogant!” The centipede sage couldn’t help roaring, and his entire body shrank suddenly, turning into a man in a black robe with a sullen face, and there appeared in his hand. A long spear slammed into the big golden hand.



He has discovered that it is too much for him to fight against Xiao Kunpeng on his own body. He is naturally restrained, and there is nothing worse than this.






With a loud roar, the two sides collided again, and it was hard to tell the winner for a while.



At the same time, Xiao Kunpeng also transformed into a human form and greeted him.












The battle between the two sides unfolded fiercely in an instant. The aftermath of the battle shook in the starry sky, and the endless aftermath swept over, but everyone was surprised to find that when they were about to sweep into their space, they would be swept away by a wave of The invisible power was annihilated, silently, as if a mud cow entered the sea, and disappeared without a trace in an instant.



“Let them fight, let’s start discussing Taoism!” Ye Xiwen said indifferently, as if the two invincible masters were not fighting outside.



But he has his own concerns in his heart. This great centipede has become famous for a long time. He fought against the emperor countless years ago. Although he failed miserably and fled, this experience and ruthlessness are not comparable to Xiao Kunpeng. , in comparison, Xiao Kunpeng did not lose in all aspects, even in terms of bloodline, it was outrageously strong, but it was slightly worse in terms of ruthlessness. Obviously, such a level of battle obviously had too little experience.



It’s not like Ye Xiwen, who almost made a **** path in the sea of ​​corpses and blood that he fought with such a top expert.



That’s why Ye Xiwen let him fight. Anyway, he was under his control, and he couldn’t make any waves.



Although everyone wanted to pay attention to the battle here, Ye Xiwen had already spoken, so they naturally couldn’t say anything more.



“Since you want to talk about Dao, then let my class get an axe and show your ugliness first!” The young Supreme of the Great Demon Clan opened his mouth, and his body suddenly erupted with endless magic laws, forming a huge devil soil. , as if to swallow the crowd.



But everyone knows that he is not malicious, just showing his own way. As for whether someone can’t resist his demonic way, so he converts and falls into the demonic way, that is not what he should care about. So unstable, and impossible to achieve.



Ye Xiwen also closed his eyes. Although he had magic words in hand, he had a very deep understanding of magic, but he still tasted something and gained a lot of benefits.



Although the cultivation of these people is not as good as his, who can get here, who is really lucky?



“Look at me next!” Ji Xuanhuang said directly, his avenue unfolded, and the endless black and yellow aura turned everything in the world into black yellow.



Unlike the supreme demonic spirit of the great demon clan, Ji Xuanhuang’s avenue is mighty and mighty, but it carries a kind of domineering of the king’s avenue, a natural emperor.



Everyone closed their eyes and felt, how much benefit they can get from it depends on their own comprehension.



However, no one can be like Ye Xiwen, who has a mysterious space to constantly deduce, speculate, and even restore their avenues.



Originally, they were all cleaning the snow in front of their own houses, and it was absolutely impossible to show their own avenues in front of others. Even if Ye Xiwen wanted to learn, it was impossible for them to learn. However, it is completely different now. Yes, but for Ye Xiwen, it was enough.



One or two is nothing, but when so many talented heroes show their understanding of the Dao, for Ye Xiwen, the benefits are naturally great, which makes him more concerned about surviving the emperor’s catastrophe. confident.



One by one masters are showing their own way. This is a rare opportunity. If it is not because of Ye Xiwen’s relationship, how could they have the opportunity to understand the way of others, and they are more than enough for themselves. Or at least somewhat diligent, so he does not reject this form of Taoism conference.



Time passed day by day, and in the blink of an eye, ten days passed, and the Taoism Conference was held for ten days. During this process, even Ye Xiwen showed his Taoism, although he only showed a part of his martial arts perception. , it has already made everyone feel a kind of high mountain and unfathomable feeling.



Many people are fortunate. Fortunately, they did not choose to fight hard at the beginning. Otherwise, the consequences will be serious now. Ye Xiwen can bear the name of the number one person in the world for thousands of years, how can it be a simple person.



Suddenly, Ye Xiwen, who was not arguing with everyone, stopped his gaze and looked at Xiao Kunpeng and the Great Sage Centipede who were still fighting in the distance.



Both of them have reached the peak of the quasi-emperor, and they are both unparalleled and powerful. Unless one party has overwhelming power, it is not so fast to completely suppress the other party.



And although Xiao Kunpeng has a map of yin and yang, he obviously didn’t want to show it, he just wanted to rely on his cultivation to force the opponent.



“ Enough of the fun, let’s welcome our guests!”



Ye Xiwen said suddenly, and then he didn’t see how he made a move, but a simple big hand suddenly grabbed it, and the centipede who could have fought with Xiao Kunpeng for ten days and ten nights without losing the wind suddenly disappeared. Feeling the chills all over the body, almost immediately, a sense of catastrophe came to my mind.



This is an unprecedented feeling. Even Xiao Kunpeng, who is known as the descendant of the demon master and has a peerless bloodline, has fought with him for ten days and ten nights, but he does not feel so powerless.



He was stunned and immediately fled into the distance, but the big hand was getting closer and closer, almost immediately, it was already approaching behind him, that terrifying force was spreading, and it instantly overwhelmed him. His ambition forced him to show his huge body that was thousands of miles long and fled away into the distance.



“If you want to go, stay with me!”



Ye Xiwen smiled slightly, grabbed his big hand suddenly, and slammed it down directly at the huge centipede.






The centipede was directly shot, and screamed again and again, and his body collapsed on the spot.



Everyone was dumbfounded. One blow, just one blow. This centipede saint who has been famous for countless years actually collapsed without his body. You must know that he can be like Kunpeng. The world-famous super-strong man fought for ten days and ten nights, and he couldn’t stand this blow alone. (To be continued) [] If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. )


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