Martial God Space Chapter 2857: Lian Zhan 2 masters



The blood kept dripping down, and every time he waved it, he didn’t know how many formations would be broken, and how many experts from the Celestial Clan fell into his hands. Ye Xiwen seemed to be the strongest Shura in the world. The expression, just the constant killing, this is the most terrifying place for everyone.



The successive slaughter of the Celestial Clan had no way to affect him at all.



“Ye Xiwen, you will definitely die!” The old central king roared, and his whole body trembled.



On his body, the Central Emperor’s body was condensed, and a blow pierced through Ye Xiwen’s hole.



“Small worm-carving trick, Six Paths of Samsara Fist!”



Ye Xiwen blasted out with one punch, and all the energy of time all over his body, all condensed together at this moment, and then punched the central emperor.






This central emperor was smashed to pieces by Ye Xiwen on the spot, and he couldn’t stop Ye Xiwen at all. In the confrontation between him and Ye Xiwen, he was already at a disadvantage, not to mention the current state of injury, not Ye Xiwen at all. opponent.



“Roar!” The old Central Heavenly King was forced to the top, and he slaughtered directly at Ye Xiwen, roaring in his mouth, burning the source of life, and rushing over.






The old Central Heavenly King who rushed over didn’t have the slightest chance to make a move, so Ye Xiwen slapped him out and punched him straight in the air.






The blood of the old central king spurted out instantly, and the golden blood was surging and dripping down, and it instantly turned into a vast ocean.



“Ah!!!!” The old Central Heavenly King was angry and roared unwillingly. Why did such a terrifying existence appear in the coalition forces of all ethnic groups?



“Humph, die!” Ye Xiwen sneered and trampled on it with one foot. The big foot grew bigger and bigger in the void, like an Optimus Prime, and stepped down directly towards the old central king.






A tragic roar came, and Ye Xiwen stepped on the old Central Heavenly King to smash him on the spot. His body was torn apart, and countless artifacts shattered instantly.



The old Central Heavenly King reorganized his body in the distance, roaring continuously, fighting and retreating. He was beaten by Ye Xiwen just like Gou, and he had no ability to fight back at all.



However, it didn’t take long for him to be caught by Ye Xiwen again, tearing it apart, the power of the robe of time was too violent.



Seeing this scene, even those top experts of all races who are high in the mountains can’t help but feel a violent cold on their backs, which they can’t imagine at all.






“It’s like the ancient overlord has been resurrected!”



These quasi-emperors were all dumbfounded, only to feel a chill rushing up from the soles of their feet to their foreheads.



This time, the old Central Heavenly King once again reorganized in the distance, but it is obviously not comparable to the previous one. The speed of the reorganization has been slowed down, a lot. Although it was still completed in an instant, those who were present People, which one is the idle generation, they can easily see that the reorganization speed of the old central king is not knowing how much slower.



“Ye Xiwen, don’t be too arrogant!” At this time, the Sun Blaster Beast was spewing flames like the ocean, slaughtering Ye Xiwen without giving him any breath at all. Chance.



“Go away!” Ye Xiwen roared, grabbed the sword in the stone, and slashed it.



“Pfft!” Ye Xiwen’s sword energy formed a huge sea of ​​sword light, which directly annihilated the sea of ​​flames of the Sun Blazing Beast, and instantly annihilated Hua Qiqi88.



Then his deity actually chased after the escaped old central king.



Although the old central king wanted to stop Ye Xiwen, it was already very obvious at this time. This was just a delusion, and it was impossible at all. It was not easy for them to escape their lives today.



He was severely injured by Ye Xiwen several times in a row, and his body was torn and smashed several times.



Not far away, Ye Xiwen stood in blood, with golden light radiating from all over his body, like an invincible demon, standing under the starry sky, almost invincible in the world.



And the person who can stop him is not in the Great Central World now.



He couldn’t help roaring in grief, is it really going to be defeated by Ye Xiwen today?



Ye Xiwen looked at the old central king, he reorganized his body again, Ye Xiwen was not surprised, the quasi emperor is difficult to kill, the ordinary quasi emperor Ye Xiwen may be able to kill with one sword, but for this kind of peak quasi emperor, almost half For a master who has stepped into the legendary realm with only one foot, it is impossible to hit him hard.






Ye Xiwen took one step forward, a huge crack was instantly torn out of his whole body, and he slaughtered the old central king, and the battle started again in an instant.



The entire Central Great World was groaning and trembling, unable to resist Ye Xiwen. Their Optimus Prime, even the old Central Heavenly King and the Sun Beast, were actually hurt by Ye Xiwen’s hands.



Refining and the two top masters have already splattered blood in the sky. What other options do they have, Ye Xiwen is chasing after them, and there is no chance for them to breathe at all.



Ye Xiwen is just chasing after the old central king, and he has an absolute advantage. , how embarrassed he is now.



This is a shocking picture. You must know that this is a peak quasi-emperor. In the end of the year when the emperor is gone, in addition to Da Zi Zai Tian and a group of unimaginable peerless powerhouses, It is already the most top-notch existence, and now it has lost to Ye Xiwen and started to flee. This kind of picture, no matter how you look at it, feels that it is too contradictory. If the opposite is true, then they still think it is normal.



Ye Xiwen has practiced for how many years, and he can actually beat the peak quasi-emperor. Even if he did this with the help of a Taoist tool, it was enough, far beyond everyone’s imagination.



“Is this going to go against the sky? Is it really necessary to gain the Tao?”



“It is not always possible to obtain the Tao, but in this era when the emperors are gone, I am afraid that he will rule the world for a long, long time. You know, he is only a few thousand years old, and his future strength will be It will be stronger, with the help of Taoist tools, and there will be no one to cure it in the future.”



Since ancient times, there have been many invincibles in the world, but at such a young age, it took only a short time to have touched this level, which is still too rare.






The old Central Heavenly King was blasted out again, and he spit out a mouthful of blood. Most people can’t imagine how terrible Ye Xiwen’s punch was.



At this time, the old Central Heavenly King couldn’t even maintain his physical body, and directly let his physical body torn apart and shattered in all directions.



Ye Xiwen and the old Central Heavenly King fought too fast. He didn’t know how many times they fought with a single blow, and they directly penetrated into the depths of the world, above the galaxy.



Behind him, only the Sun Blazing Beast is chasing frantically. If you want to catch up, the old central king will come back.



But it was of no use at all. Ye Xiwen smashed the old central king even faster than he chased.



This made his heart full of shock. He had encountered many masters and invincibles, but it was unimaginable and rare to have such strength and speed.



This time, the old Central Heavenly King wanted to reassemble his body, but saw an astonishing blood-colored sword light splashed out from Ye Xiwen’s hand, piercing the sky, and bursting out an amazing avenue asking for directions, smashing open space.






This sword directly killed the primordial spirits of the old Central Heavenly King scattered across the heavens and the earth in an instant, without giving him a chance to be reborn.



His flesh body has no primordial spirit, and there is no way to continue to reorganize it. He can only fly away in all directions like a shooting star.



At this moment, Ye Xiwen opened his big futon and grabbed the old central king fiercely.



These flesh and blood were caught by Ye Xiwen one after another, and they didn’t run away at all.



All of a sudden, they all became the blood food of Zhao Yaofan, and they were swallowed cleanly.



At this time, the Sun Blazing Flame Beast finally caught up, but when he saw that scene, he couldn’t help but be scared out of his soul, almost scared to death.



The old central king actually died in Ye Xiwen’s Although he was surprised and expected, when he really saw it, he couldn’t help but be scared to death.



He turned around immediately, wanting to flee into the distance, but didn’t dare to stay.



But it can keep up with Ye Xiwen’s speed.



“Want to leave? Stay with me!” Ye Xiwen’s big hand turned into a huge cloud layer, covering this area of ​​the universe, shrouding everything, and a huge slap sound, like a rock pierced through Empty, like the shocking waves hitting the shore, the entire universe was completely smashed into two halves, and countless chaos swept out, turning this place into a vacuum.



And under this blow, the Sun Blazing Flame Beast screamed and ended up the same as the old Central Heavenly King, and its body shattered on the spot.



The flesh turned into countless flames, sweeping away in all directions.



At this time, he really understood the feeling of the old central king, but it was too late.












After being severely injured again, the Sunburst Beast didn’t even have the strength to escape, and was directly blown up by Ye Xiwen a dozen times.



Every time he was exploded, every time he was reborn, he didn’t know how much life source was consumed. Finally, Ye Xiwen exploded it in the air for the last time. turned into nothing. (To be continued) [] If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my greatest motivation. )


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